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Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed By US Forces

The most prominent face of terror, Al-Qaeda Leader, Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US Forces in a raid in the early Morning of May 1st, 2011 in Pakistan. His two wives and six children have been arrested.

Watch the video of the announcement below from President Barrack Obama

Great victory for the US. And justice for the victims of 9/11


1960chick said...

Linda that is't Osama's body...that is a badly photoshopped picture LOL. One picture has been released check it out on daily mail...It hasn't been fully verified as Osama's body though, but it bears a strong resemblance.
They finally got the bastard after a decade they finally got him.
I just fear for the reprisal attacks.

Alicia says... said...

ALL SOUTHERNERS IN THE NORTHER PART OF NIGERIA, GO HOME NOW!!!! GO BACK TO THE SOUTH, NOW!!!! we know what those Almajiris are getting ready to do. we do not want to shed tears any longer. GO HOME NOW!!!! GO HOME NOW!!!!
all Southerners in the North, this is your time, go home!

Anonymous said...

Finally, they have got the man- what took them so damn long? Let us hope there won't be other people to replace this monster. He was found in Islamabad inside Pakistan, of all places, among ordinary people!!! I just hope there won't be retaliatory attacks on Christian and US targets- we are being asked here in the UK to be extra vigilant

Team Obama said...

OBAMA - 1, Osama 0.
yu hooooooooooooo!

Unknown said...

So now we know what Jack Bauer has been doing since the end of 24 season 8. By now I think Jack Bauer, will be in the de-brief room, a single tear running down his cheek, whispering, 'I just..had..to do..what was necessary...' Lolzzzzzzz!

Anonymous said...

useless conspiracy theorists! hu believes this rubbish,.,show us prove!

Muse Origins said...

I heard. At last they can get past that


Waiki said...

The photo is fake, here's why: http://twitpic.com/4sapm5

Anonymous said...

u sound just as stupid as Americans do. I'm an American and its so sick to know people are rejoicing over the death of a human being. Yea he was a terrorists and orchestrated the killing of thousands of people yet just because somebody is over there fornicating, stealing or lying doesnt mean that they are better than Osama, the punishment for sin is all the same, which is death. We are all sinners therefore we deserve DEATH. God is just too good. Instead of celebrating we should be asking ourselves: if I died TODAY this very moment, where would i go? heaven or hell?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.34pm:
You are obviously daft!!!!
No one is claiming the wages of sin isnt death but does that give a leeway for people to kill unnecessarily? Do u know the number of families he ruined in the quest for fame and his stupid Al Queda quest? Please get a life jo. Anyone down for drinks to celebrate can meet me at Movida at 10pm.

Surprise said...

May peace please return to the world.

May his soul rest in PIECE.

sick and tired of shit! said...

i'm suprised how this dude will confidently come infront of the tv and lie to millions... i blame the people who believe all this bull shit.. obama is 1 million times worse than osama.. now lets see if he will stop killing innocent ppl in iraq and afganistan...

something funny is how they threw his body in the sea.. you would have brainstormed and thought of a better lie than that... fuck illuminati fuck obama....


9ice said...

....it's just ''bad guy''that has been caught, what about "the bad guys" who killed millions in pursuit of the bad guy?! Wake up please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Annon @ May 2, 2011 4:34 PM:

Please proceed to HELL, dummy. With your point of view, you will not be missed.

This OSAMA nearly put us in hot water by training one our own as a terrorist bomber.

All you sympathizers, how would you have felt if it was one of your family members that was killed in a terrorist attack? (think corpers)

Jay said...

This is the reason the rest of the world respects America. Sorry but its hard to mess around with a US Citizen, and get away with this. While this may seem silly to some, for the 3000+ people who died in 9/11, their family and loved ones, plus the many others who were injured, this was a type of justice.
This is another reason why even when I go to visit naija (I do it for my dad who also has Yankee pp and lives in Naija), I register with US Embassy, letting them know my moves. This is because if I am ever stranded or katakata burst, if I can reach US Embassy by phone (not just physically), they'll find a way to get to me, and get me out of the country. Even if money no dey for ticket, they'll borrow you money and get you an immediate tix out ASAP, and all one will have to do is pay back once you are back in the US (If not you cant travel outside the country with your pp).
There has to be a value of a human life. Has it dawned on anyone where the Nigerians who were stuck in Libya when wahala started are??? Were they really evacuated as claimed, abi it was all talks, kinda like the one that happed with Ivory Coast wahala.

@Anon 4:34, abeg the devil lets evil spirits corrupt the mind of many. I see it as the enemy being defeated and cause to give God the glory!

More chaos still to come though, this season is one of crossing over.

hater said...

until the corpse is brought to the doubting thomases house before they would believe huh?


I REJOICE and to hell with the bloody self-righteous anonymous! if you had loved a lost one 10years ago, then would you open your mouth to spew self-righteous talks!

Any barbarian in the name of a northerner that dare to raise a finger to strike down a southerner, should be sure to face the wrath of the waffarian militants! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

Dont always believe what you see or hear

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Jay- don't be so confident that your American passport will get you somewhere- if the Americans can avoid it, they will leave you to the sharks! Just ask those US citizens who lost their loved ones in the Lockerbie attack- after Libya paid compensation without admitting liability, the US government quickly forgot about the whole matter even when some of the victims' families protested. Also, you forget, in America, if you have no money, you are a nobody, more so if you are black . Remember the Biblical warning- do not store your riches on earth!

Anonymous said...

@Hater u are truly a hater... go and hug transformer!!

Anonymous said...

Useles Guy. They should have burnt him alive, mshcewwww...idiot.

Please, southerners, Americans/European in their countries, Please, go home, I'm sure some muslims are furious right now and ready for jihad war because their hero has been killed. May God of the Bible help us all.

JONI said...

@ jay and u point is what???? to tell us that u are an american citizen. Really????? OLODO!!!!!

Femiluv said...

Linda, that picture is fake oooh lol

Anonymous said...

There was a time that Bin Laden was a respected friend of the United States, then became a enemy. So there is a why....
Bin Laden has been executed. He knew he was to die to full fill the Faith of that of which he was born unto.
I fear this was a serious mistake. Because as a Freedom Fighter, a hero among his people, for the President Of The United States to order his execution and not arrest and trail, only placed a enemy in the silence of the night.
You nor I respect the miss-use of Faith in God, but for you to defeat a enemy with what is used as a Holy War, you must only allow yourself to understand the mind within that Faith.
President Obama, how are you today ?
One must open their mind to a void created, and reach in and sense that of which you do not understand. Bin Laden should have been been arrested and executed by the hands of his own people, or brought to Court in the United States. Not Executed by the hand of the President of the United States Of America. This has only full filled the fears of these people as they fear oppression from one to another.
It does not matter what the true intent was for, it is what has been built into the hearts and minds of a people that you are disconnected with. I have watch News Reporters and Government Officials speak in lack of in site of the Faith we are at War with. And now their Faith has been full filled.
So welcome to a 100 year Holy War by a people who will die because of the Faith of God within their world.
The building block of the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire was in part to speak to a people of which you do not have a clue of how to speak to.
Henry Massingale
F.A.S.C. Concepts
International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire Phase 4

Anonymous said...

Now I will share the Fifth Element / byMassingale, a Where Is The Money Bolo Alert / by Massingale,
Just a little tid bit that has America Looking at our Governemnt different.
So I dare to ask, if Bin Laden did not act like a Drug Lord / or Terrorist and strike the Tower twice first around the 90's then 9/11, and filed a Law Suite instead ganst our Government, for violating a Drug Deal, well at least we would not have to see all them people die on TV and this has a lot of people upset.

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