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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Majid Michel in Somewehere In Africa

Did they paint his face or what? Too light skinned for the role?
The new movie is about the current state of affairs in Africa, I really don't know what it's about....but watch the trailer after the cut to have an idea. The movie will be premiered on July 31, 2011.


Femiluv said...

Interesting look...

Anonymous said...

This is so racist on so many levels. There was no dark person to play the role? Africans can be so ignorant sometimes. Majid himself is such an idiot to have agreed to do this

# My one kobo said...

It looks like its going to be an interesting film. And it looks like the type South Africans always act and produce for freedom.

missjackee said...

is he having an east african accent?
I wanna watch this one

Anonymous said...

This is so funny, i guess the producers are trying to take a cue from Robert Downy Jr. in tropic thunder, Africa copy copy too much.

Anonymous said...

no comment @ all of you... when robert downey jr wore body paint for his role in tropic thunder, did u cry?

@anonymous copy copy, free them joh

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