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Monday, 7 March 2011

How To Get Rid Of Stretchmarks On The Boobs

I have stretchmarks on my boobs after breastfeeding for almost a year. How can I get rid of it? Pls help! 

A reader of this blog wants to know...but meanwhile, you can actually breastfeed for a year? Which one the husband go com dey sucki sucki? Lol

Ignore me abeg and reply the lady who wants to know...:-)


Surprise said...

It is actually possible to breast feed for 1 year. When we had our first baby, my wife did exclusive breastfeeding for 1 year. What I did was to reach an 'agreement' with the baby. She would have uninterrupted access during the day while at night (she was supposed to be sleeping)I would have an uninterrupted access. But occasionally during 'show' at night she would need access, in such a situation, she would take one while I take the other (thank God they are two).

As for the treatment of stretchmarks on the comment.

Anonymous said...

(Drum roll please) Introducing…Linda Ikeji's breast.,,,..,, sheet,....,,! No! No! No! Its not Linda's. I thought I'd finally seen Linda's boobs. Oooooooo, what is this now :)

Anonymous said...

It is possible. I used to doubt it myself but when the course of my research on stretch Mark for CORANTO Community Newsletter, I came across some medical experts who claim local shea butter (ori in Yoruba parlance) work quite well. All you need is constant application of it on the affected parts. Cheers!

chichiluv said...


Anonymous said...

A mix of shea butter, olive oil and vitamin e totally cleared ma stretch marks. But u need to keep using it because stretchmarks don't go away...

Anonymous said...

I had on my boobs n trust me it was a big worry i used local shea butter (Ori) n Bio-oil n its cleared away still dre but ull ve to look very closely to notice it now.Dedication is thoroughly needed to achieve desired results.All d best

Anonymous said...

did u mix the bio oil wit the ori.

Anonymous said...

linda thanks so much for this I really appreciate it

You guys cant be serious that shea butter works for stretch marks?
Ive been using shea butter and vit e on my body for about a year except of course I skip my breasts cause I dont like using anything on them.

I noticed it cleared real scars,I had the cure all along
na wa o
thanks so much people

now does anyone know how I can get my breast tissues firm again?
it seems its sagging a little
what exercise can I do,any links plssssss
thanks all


Anonymous said...

@suprise, ure realy a suprise, u always suprise me wit ur suprising comments, ure indeed a funny man! Hv stretch marks on my breast n body too, now i've got d cure! I luv dis blog, linda dear, pls do keep it up

Anonymous said...

@surprise rofl.i breast fed for 2 yrs and yes the shea butter does work not just for stretch marks but for almost anything but persistence is the key word.

Chilling said...

Anon March 7, 2011 11:23PM/Chidinma; like the other posts, Shea butter, Bio Oil, Olive oil (I mix these 3 together) and Vitamin E oil all work on stretch marks. You have to use the mixture continuously to see an improvement.

Re-breast tissue. Did you wear a bra everyday when you were breast feeding, even at night to sleep? That helps once you stop it. After that, you are OYO! Lol. Nature has taken its course. If you want to resort to cosmetic surgery, you are also OYO. Do not believe any cream or tablets that say it’ll lift your boobs. If you are small, they may work but if you are heavy on top, don’t waste your money.

Anonymous said...

I put the shea butter(Ori) in a jar and melted it in d microwave for a few seconds added the bio-oil and mixed it all together and use Morning and night and wen am home during d weekends i apply more thann twice.

For firming ur breasts try Clarins - GEL BUSTE SUPER LIFT.This product sure works

Anonymous said...

how sad
I never wore bra to sleep o my sister
I am 34dd I was 38ddd when pregnant and i have lost so much weight its incredible

pls someone tell me theres some exercise that can work even if its just to tone it up a bit

can you yeye men see what we go through for you guys!


mariaah said...

The most know stretch mark remover: Mix of Sheabutter, Extra Virgin olive oil and bio oil..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Ever since i had a baby, the marks on my tummy have refused to go! Now i know exactly what to do! Big problem now is where on earth do i buy original ori from?!

Anonymous said...

the breast was created to sucked by babies so husbands back of. u can't get rid of it on ur breast or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Linda, you won´t kill me with sucki sucki husband o! Linda do you want to tell me you won´t breastfeed for long because of your husband? If he loves you dearly, he will not think of himself when that times comes. I breastfeed my girl for 2 years and 2months ´cause I read that mother milk is very good for children.

Anonymous said...

how long do u start noticing changes?

Anonymous said...

does the clarins gel super lift buste also work on sagging breasts?

Anonymous said...

Strivectin works too!

Anonymous said...


* where a bra even at night to support breast/skin. You may take off bra to do your business (you know what I mean and then put it back on)
* You can use Mederma for stretch marks or a similar generic (with similar ingredients).

* If you do not have access to Mederman you can use a glycolic/lactic acid based moisturizer to help smoothen the raised stretch mark. Follow with vitamin e/cocoa butter/and/or shea butter. Some of the mixes suggested by other commentators using the above ingredient are good.

* Be patient, for some, it might take a year to see improvement.

* It also helps to drink at least 6 cups of water per day, take a good multi-vitamin every day and additional Omega 3 supplement and Vitamin C. If you do not have access to Omega 3, then eat lots of fish with the skin, which is the best source of Omega 3.

Anonymous said...

Laser surgery,GBAM!

hater said...


you are so funny!

you have it in other part of your body apart from the breast, i believe, because breast feeding does not cause stretch marks unless it is already in you, just like varicose -veins. Let nobody deceives you to use any cream or tablet. Like what i tell pregnant women, they should be using olive oil to be rubbing the stomach and breast whilst pregnant so as to help reduce the extent of stretch marks after delivery when the womb would be shrinking back to it's former shape.

Don't let it bother you, it has no health implication.

Anonymous said...

you have it in other part of your body apart from the breast, i believe, because breast feeding does not cause stretch marks unless it is already in you, just like varicose -veins.

which kain yeye statement is that unless its in you?
how can stretch marks been in you?
try stretching any part of your body inflating and deflating several times and see if you wont get s/m or wrinkled skin whoever you are

lets start with your dick 1st

Anonymous said...

What actually removes this stretchmark of a thing. I heard abt dr zoh cream, don't kn if it works

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Adam Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

U sure it works?

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