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Thursday, 10 February 2011

See how a mother keeps her son quiet

An African American mum posted this on her FB Page. If the mum was just messing around...then it's not funny. I hope someone contacts child services. This has got to be child abuse...not cool at all!


Anonymous said...

she sure needs to be gagged herself
stupid akata people

Anonymous said...

Trust me....dont judge her till you have kids

Surprise said...

This is child 'assault'. The mother's head should be examined. The woman is not normal at all. She should be sent to psychatric hospital for rehabilitation.

therealworld said...

Very barbaric I would say.

Madame Sting said...

She and her boyfriend were charged for it. This is kinda old.

babz said...

children are gifts from God,even the bible says let the children come up to me... no matter what they do, we got to love them and take care of them not punish them.
@anonymous 9;00 what do you mean by dont judge her till you have kids? is that what you do to your child?

Chilling said...

Don't judge? This is a clear case of child abuse. Why have kids if you cannot look after them and control them?

Anonymous said...

@anon 9am i was the anon before you
I have 3 kids and counting
even tho am not the best mom in the world
I WONT do that

skankmypeaceofmind said...

She's as bad as a child fucker. Very sad
serious or not, she deserves to be behind bars

Dindu's Mummy said...

I'm looking at this picture, and all i'm thinking is, How's she going to get those tapes off that poor child? It's really going to hurt.

Anon 9:00am, no matter how many kids u have or how much a handful they can be,it doesn't warrant such treatment.

I have a Son who drives me up the wall sometimes, but i can never NEVER do that to him.

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