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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

One dead, two BRT buses burnt, as LASTMA and Okada riders clash in Lagos

It happened this morning @ about 10:30 am around the Mile 12 area of Lagos State. An okada rider was crushed to death by a BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) while trying to escape from being arrested by the Lagos State Transport Management Authority, (LASTMA) officials who had been pursuing him from Ojota towards mile 12 for violating a traffic law.

After discovering that the Okada rider had died in the pursuit, the LASTMA officers took to their heels and ran towards Ketu for safety.

Okada riders and and angry youths who witnessed the incident set an empty LAGBUS and a BRT ablaze.

Yeah, things like this happen in Lagos. May the Okada man RIP.


Anonymous said...

Did you mean take to their heels?

lycan said...

R.I.P to him, but its not good to run for justice..i hope it serves has a warning bcos he might have killed innocent ppl too

Anonymous said...

Linda not "took to their hills"..the word is "heels" darling

Linda Ikeji said...

thanks for the corrections my dears.
I was tired and sleepy when i did the post around 12midnight...

u guys should be used to my nonsense spellings and grammar by

doll said...

why did he violate the rule and run>? well

Anonymous said...

see heres what I have a problem with
why on earth do people have to destroy infrastructures that was provided to make life easy for them?
whats the sense in that?
next thing theyll open their dumbass mouths and start saying that the government does not provide enough infrastructure yada yada yada

even if it was the driver that hit the okada man on purpose(which is clearly not so)
all they had to do was bring the driver down and beat him or hand him over to the police

theres too much lawlessness around us
are people this frustrated?

I also hope all okada drivers,taxi drivers and even everyday people can learn that running from justice especially when youre clearly wrong could have grave consequences like this

nuff said

bawse said...

i love gidi mehn...jungle justice!!!

michael said...

na wa o!

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