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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

OMG! Whitney Houston can sing again.

Whitney Houston was a surprise guest on BET's annual "Celebration Of Gospel" event which aired Sunday. The singer joined her friend, Christian vocalist Kim Burrell on stage for a moving inspirational rendition of Houston's "I Look To You,", Burrell opened the song alone before Houston joined her on the stage.

She's nowhere near what she used to be..(dem drugs and all) but she's coming back
Watch Whitney Houston's performance at the 2:05 mark when you continue...


Anonymous said...

aww..very sweet and emotional...still the whitney no more less love u girl.

Emmy P said...

Linda, I had tears in my eyes watching this. My Whitney will never come be the same again, no matter what. Bobby Brown destroyed someone supposedly destined to be a legend.
She was even high on drugs on while on that stage, it was obvious. I used to have a crush on her, I still have 12 of her old songs in my phone, and each time I listen to it I go nostalgic, always sweet memories. Watching her now, just leaves me with pity for her and hope that she can conquer her drug problems and just be a woman with respect again. because you can tell she's still using. I wish I could turn back the hands of time for her sake. "You are still my man" is still my all time favourite song.

Anonymous said...

not d same....but still gave me goose bumps.......cocaine oh cocaine where art thy sting?

Big Daddy Dickum' Down... said...

Linda her voice is not the same due to drug use?


How old is Whitney? How old was she when she was able to hit those high notes?

Show me one person who as an accomplished singer can maintain the same strength of voice over a 30 year career...

Heck even Mariah who came after her peaked b4 her, and this is without alleged drug use.

Whitney is still great, her voice is not as strong because she's older...

As for the person who said she could have been a legend, what do u think she is? A contender? SMH

Anonymous said...

Kim Burrell is hot.
Her voice and otherwise.

Dindu's Mummy said...

I see a bulge. Is Whitney pregnant?

Abike said...

I agree... It's not the same... :( but we'll continue looking to Him

pamela said...

@big daddy (ahem)
her voice IS gone due to the drugs.
She was moking crack for petes sake.

Mariah was drinking her voice away.

Voices can be preserved, even druggie musicians know which drugs wont screw up their voices and stick to that (im not condoning any drug use o!) Eddie Ruffin was a notorious addict but died golden voiced

examples of long lasting voices
Chaka Khan (and she admits she used to shoot heroin)
El debarge - drugs, jail almost 30yrs later the mans falsetto is impeccable
Patti Labelle - i get goosbumbs listen to her hit those high note STRONG!
Eddie levert
Aretha (lost a bit of her tone but not much considering)
I listened to Anita Baker the other day on tv and she was amazing... even disco diva Donna Summer

Crack is a shocking choice of drug for a singer... I want Whitney to get back. I do

The list is long...

Unknown said...


ToksVisions said...

Don't know what y'al talking about, pales in comparison to her old self. Can she sing better than me, Yemi. She didn't sound better than the other lady i don't even know her.

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