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Monday, 31 January 2011

Ritualists’ camp- Where people are killed for money

For passers-by, Obadore Bridge along LASU - Iba - Isheri road, Lagos is just any other bridge for the convenience of motorists. But the bridge is a personification of evil. It gives a picture of evil on all fours. It depicts desperate wickedness, bestiality, heartlessness and man’s inhumanity to man. Indeed, it shows a picture that diminishes man.

Findings revealed that Obadore Bridge is not just a linking bridge. It’s a slaughter house where people are daily killed and their bodies dismembered for money-making. At the time of writing this report, the body of an unknown person, with some of the vital parts missing, lies near the bridge at Obadore to tell the story of this evil place.
Saturday Sun investigation revealed that Obadore Bridge has become a favourite hunting ground for ritualists and sundry criminals.

There, evil men ambush unsuspecting members of the public, hack them down and dismember their bodies. The area is usually littered with corpses that have missing parts, such as private organs, breasts, tongues and eyes.

It was gathered that agents of ritualists, who operate commercial buses, take innocent passengers to Obadore, where such victims are killed and their vital parts cut off. Also, the killers waylay commercial motorcycle operators and their passengers. Such victims are knocked down the bike and dragged into the forest and killed. Also, some commercial motorcycles collude with the ritualists and take unsuspecting commuters to the place to be killed.

Findings revealed that when such commercial motorcycle operators get to the foot of the bridge with passengers, they would stop their bike, pretending that they have developed mechanical faults. At that instant, the ritualist would swoop on the passenger and drag him or her to the forest, where such a person is killed.

Saheed Musbau, a resident of Obadore, told Saturday Sun that he missed death by the whiskers when he was attacked near the bridge last December. Telling his story, Mustan said that evil operators around the bridge knocked him down from his motorcycle and tried to drag him into the bush. According to him, he was lucky that the blow from a club used by the ritualists landed on his back instead of the head, where they had aimed. He fell, quite alright, but did not lose consciousness. According to him, when his attackers, thinking he was unconscious swooped on him and were dragging him into the bush, he quickly got up and ran away.

The commercial motorcycle operator said of Obadore, he said: “In some cases, you will find motorcycles belonging to the victims, without any trace of the owners. They would have been killed and vital parts of their bodies removed.”

Musbau, who is a commercial motorcycle operator further said: “They usually dump their victims’ bodies in the forest. People usually perceive offensive odour any time they are passing through the bridge because of the decomposed bodies of victims of ritual killings.”

Another resident of the area, Mrs. Goodness Lawrence, offered further perspectives to the nefarious activities going on there. She said: “There is no doubt that the Obadore Bridge and its environs are dangerous spots. Apart from the ritual killers parading the place, cultists from the Lagos State University (LASU) also carry out their initiation there. Thieves also camp there in the night and rob people. In fact, you are as good as dead if your vehicle breaks down near the bridge at night.”

She added that when the second bridge was being built at Obadore, following the dualisation of the LASU- Obadore- Isheri expressway, a mass of human bones were discovered at the foot of the bridge.
Checks also revealed that illegal bunkering also goes on in the forest. The illegal bunkerers operate in the night, stealing petroleum products from pipelines.
When Saturday Sun visited the bridge recently, a group of young men were seen smoking Indian hemp. At the Oko-Efo end of the bridge, some people were seen enjoying roasted (dry) meat and palm wine, while exotic cars lined the roadside.

A source, who craved anonymity, squealed that there could be more to the daily rendezvous going on there than meet there ordinary eye. When contacted on telephone, the public relations officer of the Lagos state police command, Mr Frank Mba, said that the command is aware of the allegation that rutualists prawl the area. He, however, volunteered that the command had intensified overt and covert security patrol of the area area, adding that hoodlums and sundry criminals have been arrestd. He appealed to members of the public to coperate with the police by providing information that could lead to the arrest of enemies of society. He argued that the criminals are not spirits but human beings living in the midst of people.

Source: Sun Newspaper


Big Daddy said...

Right... A sacrificial bridge... Yup... SMH

How about dead bodies of people who got killed in road accidents getting dumped there?


Chilling said...

We need to plead the blood of Jesus over our lives everyday! This is so gory!!

Anonymous said...

Cliford Orji don they operate again

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