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Thursday, 3 February 2011

I’ve been moody lately

It’s been going on for a while now. Since December I think. One minute I’m happy and living this great life, the next minute I don’t want anyone talking to me. I’m angry for no reason.

I used to have mood swings back in the day, from my early teens to maybe my mid twenties. I was the queen of snobs; l was so good at making people feel like they don’t exist...I mean I went through five years of University with less than three friends...others I ignored. But as I grew older, I started gradually leaving those moody days behind me. I thought I was completely over it...its kinda back. 

Nothing in particular triggers it, I just find myself not in the best of moods. Nowadays I get easily angry; I’ve become aggressive, impatient, rude sometimes. It's like something is messing with my head. I don’t like it.

I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t know if it’s lack of sex, lack of a boyfriend...I know it’s not money, ‘cos I’m making more money now than ever before. Not only am I making money from my business, which has been really great lately, I’ve also started making hundreds of thousands of naira from this blog on a monthly basis...that should make me happy right? Well, what the hell is wrong with me half the time then?

These days I’m hardly ever in the mood to socialize. I get all these invites to events, but I haven’t been to any... I didn’t even go for the Future Awards.

Yesterday I walked out on a client who wanted me to direct a billboard shoot for him. He was making all these demands and didn’t want to pay much and I just lost it. I got up and walked out of his office. I’ve never done anything like that before. I didn’t even call to apologize.

Today, I was supposed to have meetings with a client my company is organizing the Unilag trade fair for and another client I’m helping to organize a show for next Friday...but guess what? I haven’t stepped out of my house all day. I didn’t even go to the office.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. Maybe I’m stressed? I’m doing so many things at the same time. I’m trying to revive my magazine and I’m co-producing this new show, I’m running my business, I’m running this blog all by myself, I’m responsible for all these people ...I’m taking care of all these people...no one’s taking care of me. It's lonely sometimes. Maybe all this is beginning to get to me? I don’t know, I’m just, I mean there’s so much I’m thankful for. So much! But sometimes I just...

Anyway, just felt like sharing that. Thanks for reading.
God bless


Anonymous said...

Take a break,relax and all will be well

ChiChiluv said...

Nne, this is heartfelt...they do say weary is the head upon which the crown rests. My advise to you is that you must learn to delegate some these duties before you lose the firm grip you have on all the leashes you have in your hands. No man is an island. Hire people with strong skills for each wing of what you do, find a strong editor for the magazine, find a talented/created event planner/coordinator to assist with your shows and focus on the blog. And might you not want to get an assistant?

Just my little bit, I hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

you needa man linda ! end of ! aint a bad/easy thing to admit what u've just done and i applaud you for it.loneliness na disease and i pray you find someone to share your experiences and successes with. chin up girl. betta dey come .

Lola said...

Hey babe. I've never commented on your blog before but this particular post touched me because I'm going through the same thing. A few weeks ago, if you asked me, I would have just said: "Ah, that's life". But ask me today and I honestly encourage you to PRAY. I have had a very shaky relationship with God and I finally came to the realisation that my problem was that I was trying to do things ALL BY MYSELF. We can't! Let it go and hand it over to God. This isn't some "religious message" because as far as I'm concerned, that's institutional and people sometimes 'preach institution' not relationship with God. What I'm encouraging you to do is take time out and LISTEN TO GOD (not your pastor who claims to know it all, not your friend who is friends with the pastor, etc). Go to God DIRECTLY. Back to my main point, seriously, just ask God to speak to you and listen to him and He will give you the peace you need.

Prism of an Immigrant said...

Eya, pele o. Based on the emotions and feelings you described, it looks like you're slightly depressed. I wish I could offer help, but I can't. I can only say the cliche "I'll include you in my prayers, dahleen." I hope you get your happy back.

Chilling said...

Linda, take time off and go on a holiday. When you work nonstop you start to get cranky! I always work for 3 or 4 months and then take at least 5 days off. Since you are making a lot of money, just splash out, stay in a hotel, go to the beach & discover new cuisine when you are there. They are all very calming. It's not all about shopping and shopping. Going away is very cathartic. Also, pray in the morning so your day goes well and so that when people annoy you, you over look it. Take bubble baths, drink camomile tea and try to sleep a lot. This is my recipe and it works for me. You’ll be fine!!

Anonymous said...

U should see a doctor. A little dose of Zoloft will probably help

Anonymous said...

u need a man....u do, I met u at the Mtv Nominees party...Tall dark dude...I was interested, i stil am :)

David said...

Sorry about how you feel. You should take some time off and also learn to delegate. You can't do everything by yourself, if you try it u could get weary and tired.

Keywords- Pray, Relax and Delegate.

Wish you all the best.


Joy Akut said...

i used to be miss moody too, i still am sometimes, when i feel it coming, i just talk to God and ask him to help me get through it...like lola said, prayers help, alot, more than you can ever imagine.

and you probably need a break.since you're making enough money, its time to spend on yourself, go to dubai, i can hook you up for a good deal. seat by the pool, walk through the malls...just chill.

it is well with you.

mary D said...

Linda dearie, this is the first time i'm dropping a comment here despite the fact that i come here daily. You probably need a vacation, all these work can be overwhelming, beside it could or not also be the absence of a man in your life, i often go through the same thing and the moment i misinterpret the whole thing to being man related, i end up in a lot of mix up. trust me if you are feeling this way you certainly do not need a man, get away to some where nice, it doesn't have to be outside the country, just change cities, take time to meditate and spoil yourself, you'll feel much better then that positive energy will attract Men, good men towards you who will spoil and pamper you the way you want it to be. hope my words cheered you a little.

Anonymous said...

You need a relationship with God, beats any relationship with any man. You have many posts bashing men of God and most things "religious". I suggest going to God direct with your problems; if you are so sceptical
"men of God" dont let that stop you from building a relationship with God.

No matter how much wealth you get or how many great job opportunities you have, it is all worthless if you have no joy and are discouraged. If anyone knows about discouragement, Jesus does. That is why he is the best person to help.

Romans 12: ".....I plead with you to give your bodies to God, let them be a living and holy sacrifice- the kind he will accept. When you think of what he has done for you, is it too much too ask?....Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. They you will know what God wants YOU to do (to bring you joy and live a better life etc), and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will is."

When you are right with God and we acknowledge that he is our father, we can be comfortable that as his child everything will work out for good, because a father wants the best for his children. And with the knowledge of that we learn to endure what ever tribulations we may face, and endurance develops strenght of character in us, and character strengthens out confident expectation of salvation. (Romans 5)

It is not easy to turn to God, but it is through faith that a righteous person has life (Romans 1:17)When people refuse to acknowledge God he abandons them to their desires; so no one is to blame but yourself. God is ever faithful, and he is ready adn waiting for anyone who wants to turn to him, he cares for everyone of us, afterall he sent his ONLY son to die on a CROSS.

I suggest you read the book of Romans, it is very good for those who need encouragement and need to learn about the love of God.

Finding a good church and not being spiteful towards "men of God" will probably help you as well instead of struggling on your own, as were 2 or 3 are gathered, there God is.

GOOD LUCK! I dont know you but i come on your blog frequently. I cant wait to see a blog post saying you have given your life to christ. It will be the best decision you ever make, and trust me you will NEVER look back.

Anonymous said...

Linda, u make me feel so sad as I read ur comment dis night, I am a single male banker from Imo and in same circumstance but hv decided to take my burden to God as suggested by Lola, trusting God will help me get over it soon with at least a wife. My message is for u to be closer to God now and your life would change instantly.I appreciate ur frankliness and pls reduce the standard that u set for urself as in husband b/c u can get it all.

Anonymous said...

relax and see a gynaecologist if you are woman. you may have severe hormon imbalances that need to be checked. you may have pcos or fibroids. once the female hormones are out of synch, you become moody and touchy and infact u may cry sometimes too for no reason at all. doo

NaijaScorpio said...

Pele...u need a break. Yes, u do sound depressed. Take a vacation and come back refreshed and maybe with a hot guy :)

Anonymous said...

23b12d82 my bbpin,anonymouis banker from imo.

RarePoster said...

First off, I want to recognise that I'll be talking to you from a perspective of having experienced what you've talked about at a pointe in my life.

"U'll get over it when you get a man, have more sex, get married, have family, when u go on holiday, when you delegate your job, when u get more rest..."

But you know what, I'm sorry to say that it will not go away...U get to those dream places and they don't mean a thing. That "feeling" yet comes back at a point.

First of all know one thing, you are not alone in this, you just voiced out what goes on in the closets of MANY...But solution most time starts from an acknowledgement of the problem.

Why do you think stars/ordinary people do drugs, get into alcohol, sex, addictions,deviant behaviour ... Why is it that some people who have it all still can't put themselves together? do you think it's simply because they are stupid or bored with their wealth?? Well perhaps the laer.

THERE IS A GOD-SIZED HOLE IN EVERY MAN WHICH ONLY HIM CAN FILL. Linda dear, cliche or not the TRUTH stands, it doesn't change and in life or in death, all will finally come to know what the TRUTH is.

I know you're thankful, I know you acknowledge GOD in your life, but..... NO SOUL ON EARTH CAN FIND REST UNTIL IT DRINKS DAILY FROM THE WATER OF LIFE. Yes I am preaching and I will preach, cos I was once a socialite like you.

The joy, the peace, the contentment you crave is in the arms of Jesus and not just by mouth, but a life lived daily intimately with Him.

You see we are not puppets we were created with free will. God can allow you to be thrive in the works of your hands and all you need/desire...but at moments like this, this time in your life that made you post what you'd rather keep to yourself and dress up, party up and act like everyone else, like it's all good and handled...Moments like this is God speaking. You are nothing without me. You cannot have rest and you are nothing without living for me your Creator. You are nothing without coming into the LOVE that made me give myself for you through my Son, the Way, the Truth and the Life and surrendering your nothingness completely to Him so that you may find TRUE LIFE.

See stop concerning yourself with what "pastors" do. Salvation is a very personal thing and yes there are people whether pastors or not who are truly living in the untold joy of forsaken the world and it's ways and living in and for the LOVE of the Creator. It is a personal thing. No one will be able to stand before God and say, "you did not do this for me, you did not give me this, you did not tell me this",,,that is the grace you see upon everyone who's alive and successful at one point or the other, regardless of whether they believe or not. The message of the gospel ETERNAL PEACE, ETERNAL LIFE, and it starts right here on earth.

You don't have to be depressed, downcast, fearful, doubtful, if you have JESUS, if you get to know JESUS intimately, He will always refresh you through all the trials and tribulations of this life.

I challenge you to believe with your heart and make a conscious decision and say "Jesus, admit I can't help myself, I give everything about me over to you, reveal yourself to me in a way I've never known before, come and live in me and walk with me". Say this from your heart and mean it, pick a bible and start reading daily if you can...and you can start from the gospel of John. Worship at a bible believing church....LINDA, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME...FOR THE GOOD.

Linda you are doing very well..walking in the permissive will of God but I tell you, what you are and can become this way is NO WHERE NEAR what you COULD BE when you start walking in the Perfect Will of God.

May you find His Perfect Peace.

Read and hear Him talking to you here:

Matthew 11:28-30. John 3:16. Jeremiah 29:11-13. Matthew 6:33.

Tee said...

Linda dear, you DO NOT need a man to make u a happy person. This feels like depression. I av been feeling dt way too and have booked a flight to go away in two weeks time for 4days. Pls take it easy, delegate, get a P.A, go on vacation, get ur bubbly and funny self back. You want to be YOU when u meet dt special person dnt u? Chin up honey, it happens to the best of us. Time OUT Linda. Go away for a while and post pictures when u return. MWAH! God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Know that you are a great person, and i love you even though i do not know you. its easy to tell you you have a lot to be thankful for, and you do. When you feel like this, take a trip to a public hospital, and you will have more to be thankful for. Pray too.

ejike said...

Dear Linda i noticed lately u seem to get more love from people on this blog than before. I know cos ive followed u for years now. What im trying to say is dat u shouldnt start hating urself now dat u seem to be loved by many. I admire ur stregnth alot but dont forget u still human. do the right thing for urself, but be ready sacrifice and conpromise a little.

U still remain a mystery to me cos sometimes u trike me as a person dat does what ever she wants to do irrespective of what anybody tinks or says, but ive also sometimes seen u take the advice u recieve on this blog and act on it. I want to beleive youll take some of the advice u get here today and act on it cos the last call is definitly yours.

I pray someone comes up with a funny comment to cheer u up cos u need it.

I also think u*er elergic to niceties. People are just being too nice to u lately and the whole tin is getting at u. What do tink?

Unknown said...

Oh Linds dear, you just need to relax for a few days. Take your mind off things and take things easy. I get mood swings myself. You will be okay. You are just stressed.

RarePoster said...

...and oh yeah,,,

The devil will probably say..you'll get over this soon, you'll be fine...

You probably will, but over what and how permanent will it be..the more you seem to do, the more your heart hardens.

Give it a try and start walking with Jesus.

Love u.

Anonymous said...

You are a great girl with a lot to be thankful for. When i feel like this i take a trip to d public hospital, try it. And pray too

omosharon said...

Linda,we appreciate and respect your work...just hang in there,you are a strong lady.Miss please take breaks as needed,we believe in you and your work...should you need any help ask the public/fans.I know most people are willing to help and it would be great opportunity for young and old people of the society to work under your supervision which also will reduce your work load at the same time......To cut cost you could list your requirement and make people apply like a sort of Internship(non-paid) with any compensation if can.Hope this helps.stay strong

Unknown said...

I feel ur pain it reminds me of when i was in that same situation.
Something is unconsciously bothering you, believe me cos i've been there. There is something about you that you are not too comfortable with, search yourself and accept whatever it is; if you can make a change in that issue do it, but if you cant, the best source of JOY and Internal PEACE OF MIND is GOD. Talk to GOD in the best way you can cos he is waiting to meet us at the point of our need and that way you will have all the strength to face Tomorrow.
This song might also help (One More Time-The Katinas) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qv_44wBOEc. It is Well.

Anonymous said...

OMG Linda my love, you need serious HOT SEX....Like for real, you need to have mind blowing, earth shattering mad sex. It calms the nerves and releases hormones that clam the body and mind.
Talk to God too, there's nothing he cant fix and he knows how you feel, even better than you know it yourself.

Anonymous said...


Abike said...

Hey Linda ooo!! My darling, please just relax. Take a week off or something and learn to DELEGATE. Get trusted people to take up some of the projects (apart from this blog cos it needs ur touch). Just go somewhere with a friend (preferably female) and u guys should talk about anything and everything away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. And don't forget to count your blessings as much as u can and pray.

Pele dear, you'll be fine. (((HUGE HUG)))

Anonymous said...

linda, i am happily married and still go thru this feeling too. its just the devil n not because of the absence of a man. pls stay strong n encourage yourself in the lord just like david.

Chi Chi said...

Hi Linda! I read ur blog all the time. Concerning ur mood swings, it is not a very safe condition so please don't buy the "it's life" thing. A lot of things could cause such problems and the most important key to solve this is to try to have a good relationship with Chukwu, God. He can do a lot! Trust me, He can.

Let's not get too religious even more than the Bible itself. While u develop that r/ship with God, I highly recommend u get urself a man. U r complete without a man, of course! But u will be shocked on how the impact of a good man will affect u so positively.I mean when u think of ur man alone, ur heart lights up. This is not refering to sex in anyway. Even tho' sex is inclusive, it is not the major point. Two heads r sure greater than one. U need a company, someone u can play with, gist with, laff with and even cry with. Also, someone who can assist u with his heart without asking for a pay meaning he ll do it 'cos he loves u dearly. Please dont be like Gnevieve Nnaji who thinks she has got it all together when she knows deep within her that having and maintianing a solid r/ship is necessary.
Linda consider the men around u and dont feel that they are all after the money u r making(cos I knw that's what people like u all say). Sometyms, just sometyms, money is really not everything as u hr experiencing for urself. Happiness and joy is very important in life.
Jisike! U ll be fine in no time if u implement this two important keys. They are a portal to getting u to where u need to be in terms of happiness and joy in life.
God bless ya and be good!

Anonymous said...

Linda Ikeji needs a PREEK!

deeflamez said...

So sowee Linda,wish i culd help but i understand how complicated it can be when you have inexplainable mood-swings. I'll be praying for you. In the meantime cheer up okkies...

Anonymous said...

well simple since u r making money go to chidi Nmokeme's Sex store, buy a dildo and play with your self you will feel fine

TheJunkie said...

awww Linda, we love you!!!


I read some of the comments and they are on point. I don't have any advise to give out, I just want to love you on. You are beautiful, you are special, you are strong, you are amazing, I mean every word I say, and our Heavenly Father loves you jealoussssssly!!!! Be at peace, in the Name of Jesus.


If you have time, please check this out. If you don't have time, make time for it and then check it out :D Please :)

http://churchwithoutlimits.com/downloads/mp3s-notes/ click on Week of Sanctification: Friday Night (Prophet Yul & Jane Crawford), it's the 2nd to the last one. Wait it out, you'll get a lot from it. Try downloading it and writing it to a disk so u can play it in your car or while gyming (if u do)...I'm just a multi-tasker lol

Anonymous said...

Linda, I know everyone is saying you are strong. And you are but even the strongest person feels down sometimes. I find support groups and peers very helpful in maintaining my sanity and happiness. Surround yourself with people who can listen to you and give great laughs. I am a refugee in a foreign country and I just can't tell you how grateful i am for my friends and bf who always give me a different perspective of life whenever i am down. I am a very jolly and bubbly person but i feel down sometimes and these are the things that help me:
1-God- coz i know that my downtime is a way to reflect on how good he has bn to me. I am grateful.Reflect on your past and you'll smile at how far u've come.
2- talking to those who care.tlk, tlk , tlk.
3- comedy and music.
4- Sleep: yes, it rejuvenates your energy.
Hope you feel better hon.


Be strong Linda. I am going through the same situation and to me it's a series of events that I'd carried inside of me and even things happening now. My advice to you is pray the hardest you've ever prayed. At first you might feel too stressed or moody to pray and you might think God is not listening to you. He is always there with you, He is just waiting for you to start talking so He can start changing things in your life.
You are here because of Him and He is ready to lift you to the highest of your dreams...Just pray and you'll find peace, love and success.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hun,

I think it would be good if you fast and pray. Ask God for directions, wisdom and understanding. Wait on God until you get an answer and feel at peace. In all things put God first and continue to give him thanks regardless. Confess to him how you are feeling and admit that you don't like that attitude in you, and just wait on God while you humble yourself before him. By the grace of God u'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Linda darling, I experienced some of ur snob days and believe me i had different twisted ideas abt the kinda slut i thot u were( am sorry abt that) but i absolutely love u since i started reading ur blog..... take a loads off ok? see its not common in 9ija but here in UK its more like a normal practice!! u dont want a boyfriend?? find urself a bootycall no strings attached u soooo need to get laid(like u rightly said no one is taking care of u) get some dick in and allow ur toes curl up lol.... have some fun honey boo, i know dis cus am going thru d same phase right now!!

Uche said...

Linda, I don't believe you. I guess you are just sampling people's minds especially the haters.It is amazing how folks are suddenly pastor protectors here.It also shows the kind of followers you have trying to label you as depressed. Hahaha.I know your functioning is not affected and you are not suicidal. Anyways , I like your wit...keen and sharp with some half truths.

Anonymous said...

Linda, one word DELEGATE. You can't run that many companies by yourself without running out of steam. You are already burnt-out. Take a COLD shower! Focus. Re-energize: Workout, dance, whatever. Just do something that doesn't pertain to your business/work/office. Heck! take a week long vacation with limited use of cellphone, computer...You are a strong girl and this too shall pass.

By the way...Men are not all they are cranked up to be. So don't waste your energy worrying about not having a man. Unless of cos you want to be mooder than you already are lol.

((((((((Cheer up dear))))))) We all love you and appreciate your blog XXX.

UCHANGA said...

Get Married Linda,you need a man in your Life.

Anonymous said...

It seems like u stressed d burnt out,u need to take a vacation and learn d act of delegation...u need to find a way of releasing some endophines as well.. which can be realease by sex, laughing ..etc U need a man, i knw they are hard to manage with all this ur schedule but trust me u wil find one that will understand you and accept u for who u are.

MindPlus said...

Hi Linda, am a regular visitor to your blog but never dropped a comment. This post touched me so much. I understand how you feel. Take this simple steps and act on it's simplicity like a child. Invite the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and accept Him as your Lord and saviour, your all in all. Don't forsake the gathering of His people, look for a bible believing church with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit be your dependable guide,dependable help and companion. He is the He that will guide you to the man that will complement you.
By wisdom delegate some jobs to capable hands and take some time off. You will be just fine in Jesus name.

DIMJOE said...


zooomzoomzoom said...

Linda Sweetie, i have left one-liner comments on your blog before now,but this touches deeply.Please take some time off work and rest.See a Dr or some specialist in mental health.Last but not the least, cast your burden upon the Lord, for He cares for u.He is a friend that never forsakes one, u can tell Him anything without feeling stupid, selfish or crazy.Talk to Him today.

Anonymous said...

wowww....this is shocking...i dont know if its just me but you always sound jovial and happy in your blog posts..anyway my advice for you dear is too relax..listen to some very good music...it really helps...it works me for all the time...dont worry u'll be ok...luv you

F-loves Linda said...

I commend you for being so vulnerable and letting us into your struggles. I will pray for you tonight before i go to bed.

Being moody sometimes is almost inevitable sometimes in life... however like you said.. look around you and give praise to God.. dance to HIM, sing to HIM, talk to HIM about how your feel...

Say it like you mean it to HIM... if he has blessed you this much already... he is able to get you out of the mood you are in.

I love your blog and all the things you talk about.. more importantly i love.. youu... you feel and sound like a fun big sister to have.

God has just started with you girl...I hope to meet you one day in person.

Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
From your younger sister - from another mother in a far awayyyy.. land... trying to stay warm .. and not freezeeee!

Take a trip here.. like they are all suggesting.. you need itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt....

God bless you Linda.. . He loves youu.. more thank you can imagine:)

Emmanuel P said...

All you need is a good man. Someone who listens. Maybe afterwards, good love-making. (Grand ma says, when a woman makes good love to a listening man, it pours out her soul). Hold on Linda

Jobs in Nigeria said...

Try to see a doctor! Maybe you are pregnant, its causes lots of Mood changes.lol

Dont get ursef too worked out girl.

Anonymous said...

Dearie, dis'z my debut commnt on ur blog. @ dis momnt, u need God and A MAN in whom u share MUTUAL ADORATION.

Anonymous said...

You are a gem. I've seriously an admirer. Honestly, i've bin wonderin y u've broken down b4 nw....dis yr work is jst 2much 4 onli 1 persn though it is manageable 4 a strong n young persn lyk u.
Research hv shown that 9 out of 10 succesful young pple suffer wat u r feelin.
Jst take a brk, pray n see psychology n more importantly get a lovely soulmate to share yr burden. It wil do d magic.

Anonymous said...

2 options

Seek God or get drugs like weed, crack that srt of thing.

But I prefer the first option sha will give you wisdom, peace, grace, strength, a man, etc

Look forward to seeing you on the other side, you are almost there, my prayers are working.

Anonymous said...

Linda, What you need is a GOOD relationship with God. He's the only sure friend anyway. Not just being a church goer but having a very personal relationship with God......You could also do with a holiday somewhere outside the stress of Lagos.....Dubai is a good location if you have the money.

Finally, you need a good relationship. A good Male friend will do. Its not about Sex or anything but you just need a shoulder to lean on and someone that will make you laugh wellll.....

Anonymous said...

You know one thing I like about you Linda is your frankness
You mean the shoes didnt at least make you excited for a day lol (ok I kid!)
Its time to sit back and think!
youre here for a reason
take my cue and Put your life in Gods hands I was once like you and God changed that and I am happy not because I feel like but because I choose to be happy
when I look around me I am thankful for where I am and when I think of the people that have things bad
1st in this order renew your relationship with God,take a vacation to meditate and come back refreshed with the attitude that says I will be happy no matter what!

Anonymous said...

You need to get laid big time

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.10am is right. See a Doctor
Pray like everyone is advising.
Slow down. There is an imbalance, you are pouring out more than you are receiving.
You can only cheat nature, so much.

Anonymous said...


HAVE U HEARD OF OUR DAILY MANNA i.e ODM, pls get a copy and uyse it daily.



Lily said...

My prayers are with you dear and I hope you feel better soon!!!! I guess sometimes, women can be hormonal and these things just happen. I've seen some good advice here. I agree prayer is the answer.

ULTRABEEMboBItchie said...

Lindz sweetie....u got me all emotional, crying and shiizz....gurl stop it right now!! I hate to find out that the one person that keeps me happy and entertained daily is having a rough time.... i feel guilty cos I know how much u care about WE the readers and ur quest to give us fresh gist daily.....PLEASE take time for urself.....

Gurl - take a week to Obudu Ranch and give urself an EAT*PRAY*DETOX weekend.......its a very calming location....

WE ALL LUV u Linda....despite our razor sharp moufs.....stay strong sis.....

PS: give us warning next time.....some cry babies dey ur blog...lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I quite appreciate ur straight forward nature, only a few people would voice out their predicament like you did. Majority would rather die in silence.

The solution to ur problem is simple; get closer to God, delegate responsibilities, get yourself a man that will play a supportive role in your business and also provide you with emotional satisfaction. Funny as it may sound; research has shown that a good dose of sex is necessary for a career woman like you to function optimally. Cheers

Anonymous said...

From Gambia.....May God grant u the strength to keep on smiling and shine everyday as you have made us smile daily...

doll (retired blogger) said...


Anonymous said...

Since you have had this mood swings way before now then maybe you have a mild form of bipolar disease. see a good doctor. you are not doing yourself any favours by keeping all that money to yourself either. try and invest in a good PA.

NwaOma said...

I agree with the commenter who said to delegate. Do that = successful managers and CEOs can teach you a thing or two about that. Wonder how they have time to go play golf? Then, sign up for exercise or dance classes at your sister's studio. Do it regularly and stick with it. It's a great mood-lifter. I no be doctor o, just things I practice myself when I start feeling moody.

Open up to new friends. They do help ward off such feelings, even if you don't share your feelings, say a word or whatever. Listening to useless gist and gossip can cheer you up. Sure does for me.

Not a sermon, just a thought. All the best and nne takireasy o

Anonymous said...

Linda dear. Sorry. It will pass. At first reading, thought your blog's been hacked or a joke. I've added a few links from my old blog. I don't update the blog anymore - no time. The blog deals with health, wellness and transformation.

An imbalance in serotonin levels can influence mood, emotion, sleep and appetite in a way that leads to depression / unhappiness. Foods with a good ratio of serotonin include leafy greens, beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetable, nuts, cottage cheese, eggs, turkey, poultry, chicken liver, black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, dates, spirulina, walnuts, oats, papaya, mangos, banana, melons, oranges, strawberries, leafy greens, lentils, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus. http://secretdiary.posterous.com/serotonin-happiness-mood-emotion-appetite-mus

Listen more to chillout music like these http://secretdiary.posterous.com/brahms-lullaby-by-kenny-g-relax-journey-withi

Mind your happiness; avoid negative thoughts and emotion; relax your mind; be happy for no reason. The reading list can help you: 

[1] "Hidden Power for Human Problems" by Frederick W. Bailes.
[2] "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne.
"Creative Mind" by Ernest Holmes.
[3] "The Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes. 
[4] "Living the Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes.
[5] "How to Use the Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes.
[6] "Prospering Power of Love" by Catherine Ponder.
[7] "The Creative Process In The Individual" by Thomas Troward.
.....,, More http://rfourbiz.blogspot.com/2010/09/secret-law-of-attraction-books-reading.html

< / | \ >

ugo said...

@ some of the comments, i'm still trying to understand why having a man would get linda out of depression. that would be plausible if the main reason for which she's depressed is the lack of a man. but if it's just general depression, i think she needs a root cause rather than a quick, momentary, fix. lol @ the idea of having a man solving her issues =) so why do we have psychologists? why does Dr Phil make good dough when he can so easily pair every single woman with a man and vice versa... voila! problem solved. but woe betide you if you are already married or in a relationship because your are a goner.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just be cool and pray, it's well with u. Love ur blog.

Anonymous said...

Depression = Living in the PAST; Anxiety = Living in the FUTURE: Wellness / Wholeness = Living in the PRESENT. Be happy for no reason and for what is.

"Do not waste one moment in regret, for to think feelingly of the things of the past is to re-infect yourself." - Neville Goddard.


HAYOR said...

4real u need man in your life.Pls, dont rush into it,relax and take your time.Pray to GOD for direction, and all will be well.l'm from ATL,l visit your blog everyday.You got GOOD stuff,keep it up.
God bless.

praisediva said...

Man was created for co-existence. You simply need a FRIEND. Someone who can just sit and listen to ALL you've got to say. Someone u can pour it all out. I will be spiritual and realistic as well because I ve walked d roads before.

The bible says in Eccl 4:8-9

A man who is all alone with no companion, he has no children nor siblings;yet there is no end to all his toil, and he is never satisfied with riches. He laments, For whom am I toiling and depriving myself 5 of pleasure?” This also is futile and a burdensome task! Two people are better than one, because they can reap more benefit from their labor.(NET)

It's good you acknowledge u re comfortable and making money, but all of those can not take the place of true friendship. The bible also says there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.God designed us not to be self-dependent. He so made us incomplete that we have people to complement us. He made the quiet mand and made the talkative too. He made us all to need somebody at every instance of our lives.

Ultimately Linda, the essence of our existence is to worship God, the only one in whom we are made complete.The only one that complements us so perfectly!

I pray that God will help u and perfect all that concerns you in Jesus Name.

Anonymous said...

I no sabi wetin all of una de talk for mouth. Linda you need a man in your life, period. Lack of action and too much kongi in your body can lead to a chemical inbalance that has affected your psyche and mood.
The simple healing therapy of hot sex and a mind blowing orgasm will get you out of this lousy mood in a jiffy.
For clarity sake again, i am 6 Ft 2in tall, weight 200 - lbs with fabulous abs that would get you melting at the slightest sight. PS, the third leg is 6" in idle position, i leave you to imagine when my gears are engaged. Acknowledge my comments and we can hook up. Mr. 1daful.

VJ said...

Yes people like us sound jovial and happy but there is this one thing missing in our lives.
I am one of Linda's type. I need a partner i can talk to,trust, laugh with, pray together with. Not just the sex. Some one that will fill in that gap. Some one after God.
But the wrong people keep coming.And everything gets boring.

Tell me I am telling lies.

Anonymous said...

@NwaOma, i certainly agree with you...

TKB's thoughts said...

Just take time off dearie, you need to clear ur head and refocus on those things that actually bother you. You have to be able to pinpoint the issue, so you have start addressing it/them. I wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

Linda, take some time off work, come over to United Kingdom. It is cold, no doubt: and it could be a change from the naija weather. Naija weather is nice though; hot and one perspires... London is just different. What do you think? :)

Unknown said...

Sorry ooooooooh. i feel for you. if u need good sex i can help. if that will make u happy & feel like a woman. am all yours. seyi4right@gmail.com. cheers.

Unknown said...

i feel for you. but i am all yours if you need a sex partner. i am very good at that. seyi4right@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

could be depression. i get it a lot! i wont say it will pass, cause mine can last for up to 2 months, you just have to push through it.

Anonymous said...

My darling I hope this puts a smile on your face. I just want to say 'I love you so much' and have never met you, you inspire me and am sure alot others, so proud to be Nigerian because of people like you. What you are going through is just all part of life, and happy days are coming. Try to go somewhere relaxing, take a break from the whole stress. In time you will be back to your happy self. You have already conquered the feelings with your Loyal readers and Judging by the response, People love you. Please add the Imo guy that sent you his BB, you might never know. Just go on a few dates, It might help to restore your confidence in terms of men. You are beautiful, Intelligent, and any man will die for you. Love you and stay strong. U are a superwoman. :-)

Anonymous said...

in my usual manner, i wanted to say one word;KONJI.
but on a serious note, you need a good break somewhere calm and natural.Just you and baba God.There is something indescribable about a warmth embrace from God.You will still have unanswered questions afterwards but you will come out knowing that irrespective of the answers that you have experienced something more important.
Just spend 4 or 5 days somewhere calm and secluded and lay yourself bare before God through his son Jesus.It is an experience that will realign your life for good.
Don't be deceived no man can reach the depth of your soul and heal your ailing heart.Man comes with its own wahala and sex is often over rated.
Take it easy and come through,intact.

Anonymous said...

one more thing Linda, I will pray for you today.
Pls have a look at Exodus 18:13-27.
Okay, lets return to some gossip:-)

~Sirius~ said...

Say it with me. "V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!!"

That's what you need.......go shopping until you drop! or just go window shopping, eat all the wrong foods, wake up and lay in bed.
No work, No blog, No caring for other people- it's called ME TIME

10-14days is all you need away from your normal everyday life.

You'll feel rejuvenated.....and ready for all the sanity.

9jaFOODie said...

.....eyahhh..all These people throwing the word "DEPRESSION" up n down... pls oo, It takes a lot for someone to be CLINICALLY depressed. I forbid it for u Linda.

anyways.. I THINK U r stressed n lonely, u r missing that "it" factor that makes you feel fulfilled and contempt.

I don't know if it's a man you need, or a great support system or simply friends you can be totally crazy with.

either ways i think you need a VACATION! a break from it all, it doesn't have to be anything elaborate, just "switch off" for a week or so.

come Visit CANADA :D, I cannot guarantee that it will be the best vacation of ur life, but u will be well fed and rested :D.

NeferTITI said...

Baib,YOU are not DEPRESSED!!! you need a holiday, a long vacation somewhere beautiful. If you still have those 3 friends from Uni. call one of them and go have fun some place where no one knows you and them come back and give us gist and show us pictures. On no account should you add that Imo guy that cant spell 'anonymous' :-)
But the "tall,dark but obviously not handsome guy from MTV thingy.....think about it.

NeferTITI said...

Baib,YOU are not DEPRESSED!!! you need a holiday, a long vacation somewhere beautiful. If you still have those 3 friends from college call up one of them and go have fun some place where no one knows you and them come back and give us gist and show us pictures. On no account should you add that Imo guy that cant spell 'anonymous' :-)
But the "tall,dark but obviously not handsome guy from MTV thingy.....think about it.

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

it's hormones it happens to everyone.u just need to look on the bright side even if it's hard. i think u r suffering from depression and the truth is that most people dunno what makes them depressed.

Big Daddy Dickum' Down... said...

Lordy. The woman is getting burnt out because she has too many things on her plate, you guys keep on saying it's sex, sex, and more sex that's the problem.

It isn't. If it was, then married women and men would never get burnt out, definitely not celebrities who get all the tail and pipe they want...

Linda, you need to shut off all those things that are business related, and relax for a week or two. Then come back and hit the ground running...

Linda Ikeji said...

wow, thank u so much guys, ur words have been so healing. thanks for all the love and concern...really really appreciate it. God bless everyone.

Servy said...

U've already started d healing process by admitting u hv a problem. If it's really depression, u could adopt d 'writing therapy' since u r a blogger. Write down those things that piss u off. They could b ur innermost fears; things u r afraid to admit even to yourself..Sometimes, when we live in self-denaile, we incur undue stress..But mostly, establish a good relationship with God..Servy

Annie (cos i ain't scurrrrred) said...

@anonymous, February 3, 2011 11:16 PM
u need a man....u do, I met u at the Mtv Nominees party...Tall dark dude...I was interested, i stil am :)

& yet u post wiv no name. how is she sppsd 2 find u? oh wait, i'll jst hand her my crystal ball...

Unknown said...

am sorry u are depressed. it's not about a man, it's about taking time to love urself. Wish i had the money that you had, i would have been touring the world and the thot of a man might not crop up; even for a second! on a trip, may i suggest a visit to Victoria falls at Zambia, the serengeti migration at Tanzania, or the Alley of the Baobabs in Madagascar?

Anonymous said...

Take a break! Travel out of Nigeria thrice a year. Make new friends and ignore people that make others feel less worthy.

Go to London, Paris, New York etc. like you used to as a model. Get out of Nigeria!

Avoid Abuja by plane because of the 'doom' prediction by a pastor, jo oooo!

I wonder if that was why Actress Rita Dominic says she will only travel to Abuja by road.

Unknown said...

Finally i get to see someone that is going through exactly what i am going through.i just feel like my life is paused and God has totally abandoned me but the truth is i am the one that has distanced myself from God and thats why i am experiencing such things.The only solution is to go back to God ,seek him,and i am sure God will set our lives on the right path again.HE is always there for US.

Gisele said...

hi Linda,i have very little perspective on matters like these,hence i can't advise you. However,I have a question; When & where is the unilag tradefair? I will appreciate a reponse from you.
Feel better.

Anonymous said...

hey yo...for all of y'all taking shots at the Tall, Dark dude from the Mtv Nominees parry, HE just wants Linda to acknowledge first before he drop a means of contact...

She gave me tat look, I m sure there was Chemistry...I just need her to acknowledge tat...:)

Anonymous said...

I love love and i enjoy reading your blog.I really admire your courage and boldness to speak out on an issue like this.Linda,being moody has nothing to do with lack of man or affection.its a thing of the mind that only you can fight against.try and occupy your mind with things that makes you happy.Spend time with loved ones and of course delegate your duties to someone you trust and can work with.Go on holidays, have fun and also open your heart to love.take care dearie.

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

I felt you when you said it can be'lonely'

I am quiet an ambitious person and I can get very possessive about anything I create.

However, I am the first born child and I have always felt responsible for others.

This combination (failing to delegate + wanting to control everything) can leave one feeling overwhelmed.

Honestly, I think that is what you are feeling now - OVERWHELMED.

I cannot tell you to hire a PA etc because, this is the wrong time to offload stuff on a newbie. They have to work with you for some time.

In the meantime, try and go away for weekends, start interviewing postential PAs and thinking of ways to delegate to other competent people.

Take it slow.....na one life!

Anonymous said...

Pele o Linda, this one na wa o.
As some say na man you need, I am the bald, plump yellow man you drive past at masha bus stop every day, make you stop carry me one day now, the okada boys are charging too much this days, i fit be your Romeo o. I will wink you down tomorrow.

Kingsley (0805543717)

Anonymous said...

Hope this cheers you up ..... Enjoy.

Boy says to girl, "U heard day joke about my cock? Never mind, it's too long." Girl replies, "U heard dat joke about my pussy? Never mind, u will never get it."


Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.

If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.

If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.

If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.

If you are depressed, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.

If you are delusional and occasionally hallucinate, please be aware that the thing you are holding on the side of your head is alive and about to bite off your ear.


A psychologist was walking along a Hawaiian beach when he kicked a bottle poking up through the sand. Opening it, he was astonished to see a cloud of smoke and a genie smiling at him.
"For your kindness," the genie said, "I will grant you one wish!" The psychologist paused, laughed, and replied, "I have always wanted a road from Hawaii to California."

The genie grimaced, thought for a few minutes and said, "Listen, I'm sorry, but I can't do that! Think of all the pilings needed to hold up the highway and how long they'd have to be to reach the bottom of the ocean. Think of all the pavement. That's too much to ask."

"OK," the psychologist said, not wanting to be unreasonable. "I'm a psychologist. Make me understand my patients. What makes them laugh and cry, why are they temperamental, why are they so difficult to get along with, what do they really want? Basically, teach me to understand what makes them tick!"

The genie paused, and then sighed, "Did you want two lanes or four?"

ThisChickRightHere said...

Linds, seriously...check this out. If you don't get your laugh on, then delete my comment.


Cheer up darling. You're beautiful and nothing wrong with being moody, but don't wallow in it too long. No one's perfect!

toyosi said...

d healing process has started since u disc dere is actually a problem.
dere a luv dat only God can give n dats what u nid... toyosi

skankmypeaceofmind said...

you need three things Linda, A PA, PSYCHIATRIST and A VACATION.

PA because from what you are saying you don't have 'me' time. you need someone to organise your time/life, take the burden off of you and maybe she/he can end up being your friend.

PSYCHIATRIST because of your mood swings and to vent to. that would help a lot and he may prescribe some drugs for you.

VACATION because you are very stressed out and you are your breaking point. you need to go to a place where you can vanish, make new friends, take up a new hobby or learn something new. i suggest maybe generating an interest for photography or painting, music or drawing and other things you think might be nice and you can get into.

my brother has a book on emotional intelligence which talks about how loneliness can result to moodiness and unhappiness so they suggested making new friends, getting new hobbies or even going out clubbing like once or twice a week. that is a very nice place to meet people and ease off.

religion is good because it helps to improve POSITIVITY but if its not your forte, then there are always other ways to help yourself. like i always say, its better to thank God than to ask/take from him because he has already provided the resources for us to help ourselves.


Anonymous said...



oyibo said...

linda 4d first time in 3years i started reading ur blog ive broken my "i will never comment" promise i made...truth is i do not know wat solution to offer 2ur problem,but i tink wat u nid is 2find a new frend(girl),u ppl shud hang out alot&dont b afraid 2pour out ur heart to her...its smthh i do most times&i feel refreshed after it...u can send mi an email if u feel like talking or hanging out with mi,am game!!!lol

P.S. the reason i said i will never comment is bcos ure always pickin on mi and my husband...try and figure out who i am...will inbox my email addy to ur mail box

Anonymous said...


Wumi said...

Linda love I and I'm sure many other people really appreciate your work and everything you do. I come on your site every single day so I'm pretty sure I'm hooked. I can't believe you run all this by yourself still. I think you need a timeout from work even if it's just for a weekend. You also need to let others assist you as others here have mentioned. Don't wear yourself out. Get great with yourself first that way you don't have to feel like you need a man or anyone else to make you feel better. When you are fine you should also make yourself go out more. Besides you won't meet men sitting at home. Also going out at least for me relieves stress. Don't forget to also pray and meditate. Even 10 mins of meditation a day is great. You'll be fine I have faith in you. Thank you for continuing to do this blog and also for sharing your feelings. I know it can't be easy and I don't think I could be so open but by you sharing this, a lot of people that feel the way you feel will now feel like they have a voice.

"The most important relationship you have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself because no matter what happens, you’ll always be with yourself." - DVF

Anonymous said...

Trying to cheer you up :)

NORMAL PERSON: There's no use crying over spilt milk.

Chris Okotie: It is fruitless to become lachrymose of precipitately departed lactile fluid.

Anonymous said...

My love Listen to Joshua Radin, You will be okay soon. You are such a beautiful girl, you are so amazing. I love you, and yes I can totally relate to your situation, most people can. Its okay to be vulnerable sometimes, it just shows no one is perfect and there is strength in falling and rising up again. Get well soon love. I love you. P.S. Take a short trip, even if it means outside of Lagos. xxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You just need someone 2 talk to..., dat'll listen to d tales of yur struggles and not necessarily comment... if yu dont av someone yu ar comfortable enuff to do dat with.... go 2 some local area where yu are not known and hang out with some everyday people eg dat woman dat roasts plantain, dat woman dat sell pure water... just let go of ur world and share there's 4 a day or 2... it'll work, yu'll see

Anonymous said...

This is to the "Anonymous Tall dark dude" that met Linda at the Mtv Nominees party......You said you're still interested; be a man and give her a call..... her number is right in the blog. I think she's simply cool. Go for what you want. Goodluck


Surprise said...

My one and only Linda, where was I when you went through this mood swings. Sorry I was not there the time you need me most. I only came in after over 110 comments. Thank God your capable readers have proferred solutions to the problem. In your case the problem is very simple Like most readers said, you need a personal relationship with God (you have what it takes to do this. At least you have abstained from sex for quite a long time, you don't do drugs, you don't take alcohol), you need to delegate more, you need a vacation. And the last but not the least is that 'IT TAKES YOU' to control the mood swings. If you are determined to remain happy whatever the situation you find yourself, then nobody or situation or circumstance can change that.

I beg to disagree with those who said Linda should get a good man, I would rather say a good man should get Linda. Yes, Linda is available (even if she is not searching or ready) a good man should get her. We men know how we get something that we are in dire need of.

Since it seems you are already getting over the problem, please let me stop here in order not to bring back the memory.

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