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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ifeoma Williams and Omowunmi Akinnifesi get it right in red



Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

ifeoma williams is soo pretty but i hate how 90% of the time she dresses like an old woman and she is young. linds u have to post rihanna's S&M video it is crappy. i liked the song, then i saw the video...crappy shit. and she looks like an albino and a man in the video. she's soo not original trying to be a bad ass girl...mschew!

aYoMIDE said...

Please Ifeoma Williams did not get it right o!!!!!!! the dress is awkward on her joooo.....boring.
on the other hand Mowunmi did the dress JUSTICE!!!!

chichiluv said...

Omowunmi has got her beat hands down in style, hair, make up and poise! she looks vibrant while Ifeoma looks like someone is pointing a gun to her head to take the picture. I am sorry her dress is boring, no va-va-va-voom, she has her hands behind her back like house girl waiting for madam's instruction. There is NOTHING glam about Ifeoma while Omowunmi screams, I AM A STAR! She can stand next to Angelina Jolie on the Oscar red carpet and hold her own because she comes of SELF ASSURED!

Ifeoma, read these comments and try again, hon! Practice makes perfect, indeed:)

tolu said...

omowunmi needs to tone down the bleaching.her hands are dark her face come white. this ifeoma woman ehn she is fine but she is aging herself with boring vintage look haba

alma glamorous said...

@ tolu. plsss whoever said that omowunmi is bleaching.? why cnt people on dis blog ever see something and admire without hating. .

Chilling said...

I think Ifeoma has lost her mojo. She used to be such a stunning dresser. Maybe she's going through a demure phase and who knows what next. She's pretty so can get away with it.
Omowunmi always looks nice especially in maxis.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ifeoma is a married woman maybe that explains here conservative attires?....dunno. All I know is that Omowunmi ROCKd that red dress!

Anonymous said...

omowunmi nailed it
but pls ditch al the knock-off designer bags and shoes in your wardrobe already!

Anonymous said...

Neither of the two.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

She is still ok, but Ifeoma used to so much more goodlooking and had this inner glow before she got married. Now she can barely crack a smile.

Omowunmi looks gorgeous, she smiles from within and is glowing --she is single at the mo

which brings me to a question, why do some Nigerian women loose their va va voom, in marriage?? No seriously it has happened so many many times. And please I dont mean loosing their figures, I mean; that spark, that inner glow, that joy, that ablity to laugh uncontrollably or just plant a beaming smile at the camera, that peace within which they had as single women just seem to dim in married life.

I just wonder WHY? :(

Anonymous said...

Alicia says...

@alma glamorous
Omowunmi is bleaching. i guess some people would call it "toning" because she is not exactly trying to make herself light skinned, but she is trying to lighten her skin.
compare her to when she first won MBGN to now. the difference is very clear.
she even looks younger now.
my two cents...
she is still pretty to me, nonetheless.

doll (retired blogger) said...

na wa. the bleaching gist has reached here again! na wa! na die!

Are you people the ones that bought cream for her? Rita is bleaching! Genny is bleaching! Stella is bleaching! OmoT is bleaching!

I too Know People


Omowunmi looks good

Anonymous said...

@mena, some married nigerian women and their wahala. Maybe they hold unto their own institution of marriage/s as their own idol/s, who knows?

Anonymous said...

its not easy to be a married woman with kids,running a business/working
being able to juggle all of it is so overwhelming and really hard
it takes the grace of God to be able to balance it all and still have the time and effort to always look good and smiling
my 2 kobo

chichiluv said...

@Mena - I think some of these women lose their glow, that inner spark and joy because some find that they married the wrong person i.e. they settled for someone who is not compatable to them because of either social pressure or because the man has a certain socio-economic status that might enhance their situation. Also, it could be that some of them went into it with certain unrealistic expectations and the fight had left them worn out.

I do have to say that I find that some of my Nigerian sisters tend to think that "I am married" now means that they start dressing like "mama", they just start developing these ultra conservative views, e.g. they stop hanging out with their single friends, they must only attend "couple" friendly events etc. They seem to forget that you must be a wife AND a girlfriend to your husband.

Sha, that's my menial attempt at dissecting your question, Mena. It is not to say it is TRUE but just an educated GUESS.

Anonymous said...

no, I don't like this dress on Omawunmi- it is too conservative and makes her look a bit older than she really is. Anyway, I have never been a fan of her clothes.

Anonymous said...

oh plss shatappp who dsnt know omowumi tones! its obvious! and her knuckles are black! sometimes shes dark n sometimes shes light, yeah its called TONING big deal?

Anonymous said...

Omowunmi is stunning!!!

At the same time, sometimes it's unfair to compare a mother or wife to just a young hot chick.

I know Nigerians are obsessed with bleaching, but dang, it can't be everybody bleaching right?

What's wrong with wanting to eventone your complexion, and I will hope that everybody should look better than years ago.

Anonymous said...

@the last anonymous
she isnt trying to make her skin tone even, it was already even, she has LIGHTENED it!
it was not like that when she won MBGN, it seems she has gone up 5 shades.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I concur
and she will never ever reveal her beauty secrets
so shes suspect

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