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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

CNN's Anderson Cooper, crew attacked in Cairo, Egypt (video)


  • At 3 February 2011 at 02:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    People are running out of Egypt and Anderson Cooper is going to Egypt to get gist, Amebo. Now I guess he understands y ppl are running for their lives :)

  • At 3 February 2011 at 10:58 , Anonymous Chilling said...

    It's his job so he has to be there live. Besides, he's not the only reporter there. Christiane Amanpour was there too and her car was attacked but she got away safely to her hotel. It's the perils of such a job but i know they wouldn't do it another way. Kudos to them and thank God he's safe.

  • At 3 February 2011 at 19:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It is well with them but he should come to JOs and do coverage too


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