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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dubai-Based Nigerian Family Disappear On Way To Asaba

A Dubai-based Nigerian family has been declared missing after they embarked on a journey from Lagos to Asaba, Delta State. The family of four has been missing for seven days now.

The Onyeocha family, including Edna, 35, and her three kids, Loveth, 11, Precious, 8, Golden, 6 and Edna’s cousin, Chinyere, left Lagos last Wednesday in a chartered Toyota Camry saloon car with registration number LAGOS KU 108 EKY.

Ugochukwu Onyeocha, Edna’s husband and father of the missing kids, told P.M. NEWS that he and his family came into the country on Monday, 24 January for a holiday from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, their base. The last time the family came to Nigeria was five years ago.

But last Wednesday morning, he hired a cab that came to pick them up at Jakande Estate, Isolo, where they all stayed with his wife’s sister, before their ill-fated journey to the Delta State capital. According to Ugochukwu, an accountant, his wife, Edna, a staff of Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai, and the children left for the trip around 10a.m. in a car driven by a man called Godfrey Emmanuel Inalegwu, who works for a car hire outfit.

Ugochukwu said he last spoke with his wife at around 11a.m. of that Wednesday and later around 3p.m. when he tried to check on them. But he could no longer reach her afterwards as her phone was switched off. Ugochukwu was now disturbed by his inability to reach his family. “I again called her phone to confirm their safety but her phone was still switched off. I later gave up, thinking probably because they were on the expressway, and there was no network. After some time, I tried again and the phone remained dead.

“My kids don’t use phones so I didn’t bother to call them. At a point, I thought maybe she was tired and wanted to rest. So, later I went to bed.” But early the next day, Ugochukwu’s mother-in-law, whom the Onyeochas were going to visit in Asaba, was the first to call, asking after them. Ugochukwu was stunned when his wife’s mom told him she was yet to set eyes on his family.

“After my mother-in-law gave me this shocking news, I quickly picked my phone and tried my wife’s line over and over but it remained switched off. “I then rushed to the Red Cab park in Amuwo Odofin, to look for the driver named Olajide that brought the driver that took my family on the journey, but I didn’t meet him. I asked after him from his colleagues and they said he came around in the morning and left.

“I asked for his number and called him but his number was switched off. So I left and dropped my number with them that he should call me as soon as he comes. He did call me later but had no clues as to their whereabouts.” The missing family are suspected to have been abducted somewhere near Otu Costain – a border town between Ondo and Edo States – based on the record on the map of the tracking device attached to the car they were travelling in.

“The map showed that the vehicle left Lagos around 10 a.m. and passed Ore. They got to a place called Otu Costain, the car stopped there for six minutes and continued again; after that nothing could be seen again on the map. Whatever happened to my family could have occurred at that point,” Onyeocha told P.M.NEWS.

Meanwhile, the matter is now being investigated by detectives at the Force Criminal Investigations Department, FCID, Panti, in Yaba. Ugochukwu first reported the case at the Festac Police Station before it was transferred to Panti. The last time the family came to Nigeria was five years ago.

Source: Funsho Arogundade - PM News


Anonymous said...

Sits back and waits for folks to say why she deserves to disappear because of a,b,c...

Anonymous said...

First anonymous, do you mean after readig such a perplexing syory, thats all u cold vomit out of your mouth abi??Instead of you to think of something to say...Meanwhile i pray that they will be found soon!!this is not funny at all. And I wonder why the guy went to bed without at least caling the mother inlaw to find out if they had reached their destination. Me i no fit carry family play oh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1
You are very stupid for posting that remark. What if that was ur family. Is that the first thing that must come out of your mouth.
You better go and bury your head in your ass before i curse the shit out of you.. Mumu.. I must comment first.
Please God watch over this woman and her kids and may she be found and returned to her family in Jesus name Amen

Chica said...

Anon 1 its ppl like you who make comments very annoying to read sometimes. Im sure you live your life worrying about what dis and dat said. Silly

Damie said...

All of you should chill. Although Anon 1's comment seemed tactless, he/she was referring to the ineri kidnapping where some commentators felt that the they deserved to be kidnapped cos d girl was rude & slept with older men and the boy was pompous.
I cannot imagine how distraught this man is. I pray is famil is delivered to him safely Insha Allah. I would keep praying for them.

Myne Whitman said...

I hope they are found soon.

Linda I sent you an email, still waiting for reply.

Anonymous said...

Was delivered from kidnappers in the guise of mechanics a while back, and because I live in a rented flat at BAdore ajah, and drive a passat, clearly aint wealthy, I can only imagine they wanted me for money rituals. Bastards!! It will never be well for all these opportunists who make this country so unsafe. May judgement be upon them swiftly and heavily

Anonymous said...

I pray they are found IJN
Anonymous 8.22am....n the latest passat?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord Jesus!! They would be found! I actually broke out in sweat reading this....The world we live in; Jesus is our only refuge!!

Anonymous said...

Travel Insurance .... Fraud.
Ugochukwu Onyeocha went to bed while his wife and kids were on naija's dangerous roads. Shocking. The last time the family came to Nigeria was five years ago. The next time the family will visit naija would / could be in another 3 or 5 years. Why didn't he go with is family to see mother in law. How come he didn't phone his mother on law b4 he slept to find out if they had arrived. Maybe the old lady didn't have a phone? While they were in Dubai there would have been a number where him or his wife reached his mother in law. Why did he not call the number. Could it be that he knew where his wife and kids are? I believe they will be found after the ransom been paid. This is an inside job. Ugochukwu Onyeocha. Travel insurance cover. Payout / ransom demand could be at least £250,000. That's a lot of Naira. Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion Insurance fraud is what I suspect. Ugochukwu Onyeocha knows where his wife and kids are.

VonJones said...

Lord please dont let any thing happen to them. Amen

Anonymous 9:03 was misunderstood i guess. If not please dont write if u have nothing to say.

Anonymous 10:13 na people like you dey fight for house of assembly. It wasnt necessary.

And you Anonymous 8:22, after everything you are still giving people your house address abi?

Anonymous said...

this is so sad
pls Lord , make something happen
Guide them and may nothing Evil happen to them
In jesus name i pray amen

Anonymous said...

February 3, 2011 3:41 PM / and ....

I hope they are found on time, safe and unharmed.

"My kids don’t use phones so I didn’t bother to call them."

So, did he bother to call anyone else?

Onyeocha's wife's cousin, Chinyere, was with them in the car. She didn't have a phone? he didn't know the number? No family / relative knew her number?

They stayed at Isolo with his wife’s sister. B4 he slept did he mention to those he was with that he couldn't reach his family? did he keep it all to himself? Was he alone in the house, in lagos, in the world? Is he an orphan? Did he phone anyone or relative or mentioned to anyone that he couldn't reach his family?

< / | \ >

frank said...

I wish say na me kidnapp does people, chei i for don make am for life.

frank said...

I wish say na me kidnapp does family, chei i for don make am for life.

frank said...

We all know they were kidnapped, he should just wait for an anonymous call, sooner or later he will recieve it.

Are you A Judge said...

How dare you people sit behind your computer screens and judge the man. No one knows what really happened.

Only God knows if he kidnapped his own family or not. Why would you judge the man and say he did it?

You don't know what the family is going through right now..

Wow people need to think before they start talking or thinking evil.

You read the article and immediately assumed that he did evil towards his family. What a shame

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Emmm Geee, this is not funny at all. Please Lord, deliver them from evil and guide them back safely to thier love ones!

This is not even funny at all!

Chica said...

@ Frank, I know you are seriously seeking for attention, but I will give it to you. not because you are smart....Gosh no!! But for the 3rd post. If naija was a highly security conscious country, the FBI would be on your case in a second, to find out why you would say a thing like that(if you were involved in the kidnap, even). Go figure....

Anonymous said...

What a shame....
May God help and protect them
@ Chica, you are right.

Fluffycutething said...

The family is known to a friend of mine. she says that they were in an accident and all but the three kids made it though they are still in hosp

Anonymous said...

oh wow
even worst news if it was an accident
Lord Pls

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Ugochukwu Onyeocha who has lost his wife on this fateful visit to his home country.
May the Lord heal your wounds and give you the strength to be a mum and Dad to those kids.
And to Edna's mum...may God heal you and never allow you to witness this horror ever again.

Take heart. Godbless you

Anonymous said...

Hope it wasnt an accident and they are all dead. The car may have failed its brake and fallen into a river, or over a cliff. There are so many likely reasons. It is really a sad and chilly story. The best option, so far is kidnap, at least with that, they will rescued. May God help them.

Anonymous said...

linda I know youre a bit down now
but pls update this story
3 dead ,3 alive
all 3 kids alive
the driver,wife and cousin are dead
it doesnt help that you dont follow up with emails on your site,pls enable it
so that the foolish people claiming travel insurance will eat their words
nuff said

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