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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Man, 37, turns run-away girl, 12, to sex machine

 All hopes were virtually lost for the family of Richard Omaligbe, when their 12-year-old daughter, Philomena, disappeared from the house. Philo, as the Junior Secondary School (JSS) girl is fondly called, left home on November 12, 2010, and was declared missing by the police on November 13 after she failed to return.

Her sudden disappearance, Daily Sun gathered, actually traumatized her family, who thought something tragic had happened to her. “We went from school to school, everywhere, including mortuaries, but she was nowhere to be found, her guardian, Richard said.

According to him, they didn’t restrict their search there, as they also went to churches, inquiring from prophets on what might have happened to her.
Daily Sun gathered that the little girl ran away from the house, after her uncle’s wife threatened to report her to her teacher, for failing to carry out domestic chores. It was during the period that the suspect saw and accommodated her. But he later converted her to his wife, The cat was, however, let out of the bag when some detectives from the Festac police division, traced her to the house of the 37-year-old Timothy Udochi.

The minor, gave a graphic account of how she was allegedly adopted by the man from Abia State. The victim disclosed that as she stayed near a shop in a street at Festac town, she saw Udochi, who approached her and inquired why she was downcast. She was said to have told Udochi, who she referred to throughout the interview as “uncle,” that she was running away from her uncle and his wife.
She said: “Uncle (Udochi) gave me N10 to buy sachet water for him. Immediately I collected the money, I did not know what came over me. The man held my hands and took me away.”

The girl, who wept as she narrated her ordeals, said when they got to the man’s house at Ajamgbadi, he told her how he would train her to the university level and marry her when she grew up. “He warned me not to tell anybody that I was his wife-to-be. He said if people asked me, I should tell them that I was his kid sister,” she said.

She alleged that the man changed her name from Philomena to Faith James, which she started bearing. “The uncle told me that he is God-sent, designed to rescue me from the hands of my relatives, who he alleged wanted to destroy me. He now registered me in a primary school and I started bearing his name.” According to her, on the second day in the man’s house, he told her he wanted to discuss an important issue with her. Hear her: “But he started kissing and touching all parts of my body. He pulled off my clothes and warned to kill me, if I did not allow him to have sex with me. So, when he held my neck and threatened to twist it, I allowed him to have his way.

“As he was doing it, blood was gushing out from my private part and I was crying. He did it the second time. The following day, he continued and I became tired of what he was doing to me every night and very morning, before he went to work. If I refused, he would beat me. So, he did it always, such that my private part became too wide.” She revealed that it was Udoch, who deflowered her. “I had not slept with any other man before uncle had sex with me. When he did it for the first time, he put pampers on my private part. He explained that the blood gushing out from my private part was because it was my first time.”

She said she was thinking about what to do before policemen stormed the house. “I thank God and the police for saving me, because I was tired of the whole mess,” she said. The suspect, who begged for forgiveness, said he thought he was a good Samaritan. “I thought I was helping her. She had no shelter and I offered her one. What is my offence,” he queried. He corroborated the little girl’s story on how she was running away from punishment before she met him. “I offered to take her back to her parents, but she refused. I started feeling for her. I took her as my daughter and decided to take her home.

“I am a human being with flesh and blood. One day, I was watching the girl, I did not know what came over me. So, I had sex with her. I can’t say the number of times I slept with her. She only stayed with me for 22 days.”
He said rather than blaming him, the girl’s family should commend him. “They should appreciate me for saving her from being killed by some hoodlums. I did my best for her, such that I registered her in a school.

A detective, who spoke to Daily Sun on condition of anonymity, said when the news of the sudden disappearance of the young girl reached the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo, he ordered the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Festac, Mr. Usman Ndanbobo, to fish out the alleged abductor and to rescue the girl.
Mr. Ndanbabo was said to have used some policemen in mufti to trace the residence of the suspect, after some people revealed that they saw him with the girl the day she got missing.

On the day the girl was rescued, Udochi had finished making love to her. He was naked, relaxing on the bed when policemen forced the door open. The suspect would soon be charged to the court for alleged abduction, defilement and other related offences. Meanwhile, the medical test conducted on her showed that she is HIV negative and not pregnant.

Source: Daily Sun


Anonymous said...

the man should be purnished for what he has done accordingly.instead of taking the girl back to her house immediately, he took advantage of her.he's now saying that he was tempted by a girl of just 12 years old.what is this world turning into? he should be pay dearly for what he has done!

Prism of an Immigrant said...

This man needs a lesson in reality. What does he mean by he was saving her, and that the devil took control of him? Please, he should spare us his lame excuses and take responsibility the rape he consciously committed.

My heart goes out to the innocent minor. I hope she finds peace, genuine comfort, and is able to move on with life without issues.

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda, why did you publish a picture of an abused 12 year old girl with her face covered but exposing her pant? This is a bad picture.

tplusf said...

God, what has the world turned into?!

Lizzy said...

So saaaaaaaddddddddddddddd Linda!!!! From frying pan to fire.It is a lesson to every parent do not threaten your children,talk,advise,punish them if it warrant it and love them back immediately do not let it get to the next 30 minute before you begin to love them,in that way they know you are scolding them in love and not out of hatred.

Anonymous said...

Did he ask what is offence is?...he dey craze no be small! Commend him ke?....if he was a good Samaritan, he should had insisted & taken her back to her aunty or go & plead on her behave!...IDIOT!.

Ha! the poor child.....i commend the police for a job welldone.

9jaLife said...

What manner of sensational headline is this?

Sex machine? Hardly. The man raped her repeatedly, nothing 'sexy' about that. Plus she's a minor, so makes it even worse as she's below the age of consent.

For her to be a sex machine, she must have been a willing participant who was of age to make such a decision, something she definitely wasn't...

Anonymous said...

What is this world turning to? How on earth would a man be attracted to a little girl of 12years, obviously the man is a phedophile. He's not new in the game, he should be charged to court and i'm sure he wont escape being jailed.

Babie said...

wat a pity!!! wat is dis world turnin into.
oh Lord!!! hv mercy.

Anonymous said...

That HIV test was conducted too soon... they need to test her in another month and a half... They're some sickos in this world sha

Yimiton said...

What is Nigeria turning into? I hope this man is thrown in prison and serves a long term there. He should be castrated.

Domkatbali said...

Too bad..too bad..Mr Timothy Udochi too satanic 4 ur sho of shame on dis helpless girl!
May u rot in 'HELL' bastard!

Plz i beg Olopa to pass me dis God 4saken man make i mix cement & giv him to shack....! Infact me feel like cuttn him Penis wit a hot Plier!
Guud Samaritan u no see Ashawo 4 mazamaza adopt and kip 4 house? Shameless man!

...Finally, Linda abeg help us cover or sensor dis gurl white pant..E no thing dey sho..incase of some perverts like Mr Timothy udochi dey hia..!

Anonymous said...

Wow. African men have reached the lowest of the low. I'm so disgusted. Wow.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! At leat she is still alive. She will survive. Thank God for Naija, the environment will make you pick up yourself and move on...
She will be juuuuust fine. God's grace is sufficient for her. She justs need support and a change of environment. Her pic should not have been displayed.

It is well. This is just the one we now about...what about the ones who dont have anyone speaking for them :(

Ade_Cool said...

na wa o!..Every rape and paedophillic act is the work of the Devil...shame the Devil is not here to defend come in this cases women are not tempted by the devil to commit the same heinous crimes..castration would be in order...he probs be a hero in some parts of the country where a Senator can marry a 13yrs old...actually since that case broke there has been a steady rise in the abuse of very young girls..

Anonymous said...

What a wicked man he is and i hope he is put in prison and the key thrown away. let him receive some good beating in jail. Wicked evil man!!!!

Anonymous said...

pa pa shot to his head
over and out
Lord forgive me. Amen.

Lollie said...

This absolutely breaks my soul.

Wild Boy said...

Bastardo! Idiota! Animalia!

Anonymous said...

child sexual abuse needs to be taken seriously at all levels of society and in particular Nigerian parents need to be on their guard constantly. It is now no longer enough to walk your child to the school gates- get to know your children's teachers, friends, their friends' parents, your neigbours and ask lots and lots of questions- child abuse is far more rampant than we realise- it has been going on the north for decades under the guise of marriage (very young girls marrying men the same age as their grandfathers) and in some parts of southern Nigeria, incest is apparently a cultural tradition (remember the fattening room? all sorts of things happened there apparently). Be careful with those domestic helps too! The evil man in the article needs to be dealt with harshly- he has taken an innocent girl's childhood from her. Please please don't leave your child of either sex with your neighbours and be very careful with members of your own family too.

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