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Monday, 29 November 2010

Genevieve Nnaji, Don Jazzy, Bella Naija, 7 others for The Future Awards Young Person of the Year!


The Central Working Committee for Nigeria’s most respected youth event, The Future Awards, has decided to unveil the long list for the biggest award, Young Person of the Year, one week before schedule!

The nominees when you continue...

The Young Person of The Year Nominees:
1.      Genevieve Nnaji, 31                                 – Actor
2.      Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu, 28                   – Advocate
3.      Uche Eze, 26                                            – Entrepreneur
4.      Psquare, 30                                              – Artiste
5.      Ojoma Ochai, 29                                      – Intrapreneur
6.      Michael Ajere (Don Jazzy), 29                  – Entrepreneur
7.      Nneka, 29                                                 – Artiste
8.      Debo Olaosebikan, 25                             – Scientist
9.      Blessing Okagbare, 22                             – Artiste
10.  Makinde Adeagbo, 25                                – Innovator

Genevieve Nnaji – Actor
Genevieve Nnaji is an international star, representing the very best that Nollywood has to offer, and one of the best faces that the country can present to the world. The 31 year old multiple-award winning actress, who has been so credited on CNN and Oprah, is a global role model.

Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu – Advocate
Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, 28, has received global acclaim for his work with communities in South-eastern Nigeria where he has promoted sustainable agricultural development and environmental conservation beneficial to rural poor farmers, with recognition that includes becoming a Laureate of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise – Young Laureates Program 2010.

Debo Olaosebikan – Scientist
25 year old Olaosebikan (also a rapper under the stage name Levelz!) is currently completing a PhD in Physics at Cornell University where he is working on the world's first silicon laser with Dr. Michal Lipson, one of the world's leading Nanophotonics pioneers, groundbreaking research that will introduce the world to an era of much more faster computer processes.

Psquare – Artiste
Across Africa, the 30 year old twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye have become huge superstars showing what Nigeria is capable of, winning everything from the $1 million Kora All Africa Music Award prize to a multi-million naira telecom endorsement deal.

Nneka - Artiste
No one saw her coming! 29 year old Nneka Egbuna arrived in Nigeria from the world and soon went back to conquer it, becoming one of Nigeria’s most prominent global voices, winning the BET Awards and performing across the world.

Don Jazzy - Entrepreneur
Born Michael Ajere, the almost mythical Don Jazzy is a now-legendary Nigerian music entrepreneur. With Mo-Hits, the 29 year old has done nothing less than revolutionized Nigerian music and the capacity of the Nigerian music industry, creating a string of stars including D’banj, Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, and D’prince. 

Ojoma Ochai – Intrapreneur
Ojoma Ochai has distinguished herself with a storied career at the British Council, rising through the ranks to become, at 29, the Assistant Country Director for the international culture organisation, becoming a powerful symbol – in a country with a now-pervasive celebrity culture - that one can stay within and still shine bright and make a mark.

Blessing Okagbare – Athlete
22 year old Okagbare has been referred to as one of 2010’s most important athletes in the continent. A long and triple jumper and short sprinter, the Olympics medallist scored a 100 m/long jump double at the NCAA Women's Outdoor Track and Field Championship for University of Texas at El Paso, and won the Nigerian 100 m title in 2010.

Uche Eze – Entrepreneur
Known by her famous brand, Eze is a pioneer in every sense of the word. is now the gold standard for online media and others can now do it because the 26 year old dared to quit her job in Corporate Nigeria to champion New Media innovation – becoming a TEDAfrica Fellow in the process, and featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and on CNN International.

Makinde Adeagbo – Innovator
Facebook has changed the world, and 25 year old Adeagbo is one of its frontrunners. A Software Enginner with the company for four years, amongst other things the whiz-kid is famous for being part of a 2-man team responsible for reducing over 1 MB of Javascript to 2 KB, making the site load twice as fast worldwide.  Nominees in the 20 other categories will be unveiled on Monday, December 5, and voting on all categories will begin immediately on that date. More information on the nominees is available on We can’t wait!

Who do you think deserves to win?


NakedSha said...

Genevieve is phenomenal but I met Nnaemeka and he is beyond phenomenal.

He needs more in-house recognition. What he is doing is crazzzzzzy!

Nnaemeka for young person of the year!

Anonymous said...

If Don Jazzy is 30, then im 12!

Anonymous said...

what about Amara Nwankpa, the guy behind light up Nigeria? i think he deserves encouragement for such an initiative. don't u think?

Ultimate Bass Fisher! said...

If i were bias, i'd choose genevieve, i just gbadun d babe but mefinks that the award is based on your works not amount of recognition won for the year.

Formerly stealth reader said...

P square 20 yrs? don jazzy 29yrs? come on!!!!!!! i think debo or d ikeagwuonu dudes should get it.

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

don jazzy is more than 30..hey c'mon. p square...i believe their age but not don baba j.

Anonymous said...

I strongly feel Genevive deserves this...seriously. Not sure why Bellannaija is on that's just a website jare. it's like nominating for an award...nothing pioneering here really. Yeah she makes money fine...but nothing groundbreaking.

Anonymous said...

I'm still reelin' in laughter, P-SQUARE 20Years old? oh dear....ok wait i need to get a grip, i ll' be right back hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

LINDA you made a mistake! psquare is 30! why u come put 20 for the second comment na? edit plz!
plz d psquares are not 20! lmaoo!!!!!! are u guys kiddin? would u actually believe that? naa linda made a mistake! im sorry don jazzy should stop 21? O_o

doll (retired blogger) said...

beautiful picture of Genevieve

CC said...

Amara is that you? Sorry running your mouth on twitter about lighting up Nigeria and using it to get into girl's pants, isn't really changing much, when you come up with an idea and implement it like Evans Wadongo, then you can toot your own horn. For now you're just a noisemaker with internet access.

Doff my hat to the rest of the list, well deserved recognition for changing the landscape of Nigeria in their own individual ways.

Anonymous said...

lol @ if don is 30, am 21.

BEST luck to ALL of them.

helen said...

heheeheheheeh ewwwweee, i laugh in swahili if DON JAZZY is wa oh d guy for try small na, which kind cameroun pepper d guy chop wey make am reduce im age like dis self.....lolz me i go always go 4 Genny duo i like Nneka.

tplusf said...

all of them deserve the award... but in my opinion, Bella Naija (Uche Eze) stands out... well thts how i found out bout Linda's blog and others....

Anonymous said...

Bella Naija (Uche Eze) stands out for me toooo....

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