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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Photos: Young man brutally beaten and stabbed in the head with a broken bottle by vigilante in Onitsha

A young man was left with serious injuries after members of a vigilante group, who accused him of being a "MASSOB boy" allegedly stabbed him on the head with a broken bottle in Onitsha
Below is the account of the incident by the victim's employer, Nzeh Nneji....

"On 12th of July, we were coming back from office,all a sudden there was a traffic before i could realize what was going on, the occupant of cars in front of mine left there car running for safety,me,MY WIFE and MY boy left our car for safety.ah i thought IT was the usual onitsha hoodlums trying to steal again, but this time IT wasnt the innocent misinterpreted people,rather they were the massob boys breaking bottles along bata brothers new market road by venn road.

When the situation was arrested,i waited for MY boy to come so that we can go but he is no where to BE found, I called his number, he was crying that I should come and rescue him that they want to kill him(vigilante) When I got there ,MY boy have been beating and one of the vigilante used a bottle and stabbed him on his head.

I rushed him to estate hospital where he was treated and immediately we were done with the stitches they came back and took him away to CPS onitsha, saying he is one of the massob members. when I got to the station,the dpo said I should take MY boy home and come back the next morning to see him.

This boy have only stayed a year with me and I have spent much on this but the dpo have been begging me not to press further,

please MY people,what should I DO,I need the human Right to intervene on this because that BEAST might someday kill innocent soul


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