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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Photos: "They don't deserve to live" Woman stabbed in the face by two black men in South Africa recounts her ordeal

Megz Oosthuizen, from Cape Town was attacked by two black men at a park in Brackenfell, South Africa. She took to Facebook yesterday to share photos of her bleeding face. Read her post below.

Soo today wasn't one of my best days.
I went to the park down the road from me ( which i have been going to for years ) and two black males sat by the bench. I walked straight around and sat under one of the trees. When i looked again the guys had walked away from the park and out of sight. 5 minutes later they came from behind and the one smashed my head into the tree , picked me up and held some type of sharp object to my throat and told me if i make a noise he would end my life. They searched me for my phone , but i had left it back at my house. About a minute later , the guy holding the object to my throat started loosing his grip on me and i saw it as a chance to run , as i started pulling away he stabbed me on the side of my head which left me loosing alot of blood while running home.
I am so happy and greatful that nothing worse happened.

If anyone sees a black guy with dreads coming just past his ears ( very dirty ) and a guy wearing a black beany with a nike logo on , please contact me on : 0609929853
There is a case open for thier arrest.
It makes me soo angry to think that those cowards attacted a girl with no way of defending myself. Fucking cowards .
So if anyone sees them in the Brackenfell area around Protea Heights , please inform me, those guys don't deserve to live"

More photos below...


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