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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Facility manager, top 5 reasons to engage one

Have you ever thought about engaging a Facility Manager to help you optimize returns on your facility? If No! Then, this may just be the right time to consider.

Yeah! I know….. a lot of us feel – myself too, though I used to- that facility management starts and ends with the girl engaged to mop the floor during work. The catch is, it goes way beyond that.

The job of a Facility Manager is to organize and make stress-free the working environments of his clients, and this goes way beyond cleaning. The duties of facilities managers can vary depending on the nature of the clients business, but their main focus is to build and improve efficiency and to reduce operating cost through best business practices.
Some areas of responsibilities are:
    Property management
    Building maintenance viz electrical installations, plumbing and air conditioning
    Health and safety
    Space management
    Utility maintenance and management
Below are top 5 reasons why you should consider engaging a Facility Manager for your business. 
1.    As earlier mentioned, your business relies heavily on your assets and facilities is one of your major assets. A Facility Manager has the skills and expertise to manage maintenance and installations and to also maximize the value of equipment and fixtures.
2.    The Facility Manager ensures that work-oriented environments are kept clean and a smooth flow of operation is maintained. Efficient systems and smooth flow of operation will definitely improve the overall productivity of your organization.
3.    The burden of managing facilities effectively by yourself can take its toll on your business resources. A Facility Management Professional takes on this burden and enables you to fully focus on what makes the company successful by delivering on its core business and generating profit.
4.    The Facility Manager can develop a strategy; the main plan as well as alternative plans, to mitigate against challenges that may arise in the course of using the facility. Contingency plans to manage natural challenges such as fire disaster can be drawn up and managed by the Facility Manager to allow for timely and cost saving intervention.
5.    Sustainability has been a major point of concern for modern-day businesses. Asides your clients, the internal organizational environment is also affected by this particular factor. In order to sustain as a successful business, you need professionals at stress points in the business. Engaging a Facility Manager will ensure that sustainable professionalism is maintained in the management of your facility.
Welcome to MP facility management. We ensure quality and progressive maintenance on all facilities and equipment.

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