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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hi LIB readers; what do you guys think of the new Linda Ikeji site?

Hi guys, as you all must have observed, Linda Ikeji Blog has finally left blogger after almost 11 years of being hosted by the free blog-publishing service. I just felt it was time to move on...lol. Do you guys like our new design? There's so much more to read now, that's for sure. Hehe. But is there something you don't like about it? Any improvements you would like to suggest?

Meanwhile, our LIB comments have drastically dropped over the last few months even though I know you all are still here...why na? Choi! Biko, help us to be commenting nah, it makes the blog more fun. But seriously, what do you guys think of our new site? And if you're using our mobile app to view the posts, please update the app on Playstore. Thanks guys, waiting for your feedback!


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