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Monday, 10 July 2017

Deadly car crash caught on camera as the victims tried to livestream while driving...one died!

Two girls were livestreaming while driving when they got into a deadly accident that left one dead and the other critically injured. The shocking video of their accident was directly uploaded on the social media account of one of the girls so viewers watched online as the women crashed.

The video shot in the Czech Republic shows both young women in a car driving on the road. The drive was being livestreamed by Bílina and they were both laughing and chatting as they drove when all of a sudden they looked mildly alarmed, with the girl filming pointing out something on the road to the one driving.

The girl filming shrieked in mock terror while the one driving laughed at her and veered off the road then rammed into a divider wall. 

The phone tumbled out of Bílina's hand then and the girls' can be heard screaming. All that was seen through the phone camera was quite blurry as the car crashed.

Watch the video below.


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