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Monday, 10 July 2017

The most potent natural way to reverse peptic ulcer

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The days when I had to worry about going about with Gestid and Mixmag are finally over but the experiences then weren’t funny. Whosoever suffered stomach ulcer would agree with me that there couldn’t be any more discomforting situation as rolling in pains after taking in protein or pepper. It was for the grace of God and http://naturalhealthclinic.com.ng/ulcer.html that I had my breakthrough.

I was in 200 Level in the university when it all started. My hundred level days in the University of Ilorin was a very hectic one I usually have some lectures as early as 7am so this means I had to rush to school every morning skipping breakfasts often times. The lectures theatre are usually filled to the brim since most of the courses then were faculty courses more like GNS. Getting a good view up front closer to the lecturer is the usual struggles that make me rush to LTs. My poor eating habit soon caught up with me as it was becoming habitual of me to eat at odd hours which when I do, eventually resort to soft drinks and donuts. Most evenings I return home too tired and might not be able to cook. Most of these nights, I settle for biscuits or worst garri.

One evening after settling for beans an hostel mate offered me I felt serious discomfort afterwards; initially it was the feeling of heart burn then later stomach upset. I believed it was because of the excess pepper in the food. Subsequently I discovered I became picky when it comes to meal selection I couldn’t eat boiled eggs and beans always because of the way I feel afterwards. It deteriorated and even when I eat little pepper it means I was inviting trouble as I will end up rolling on the floor for several hours with extreme pains most times I would drink up a whole tin of milk of large quantity of palm oil hopping for a relive. Thank God http://naturalhealthclinic.com.ng/ulcer.html was my recue. I was rushed to the school clinic in the second semester of my 200 level days when my friends were getting scared. It was then I got to know I had gastro duodenal ulcer.

My parents demanded I come home immediately for further treatments. In the hospital the doctor ran further check ups and confirmed my ailment. He said my abdominal pain was triggered by Helicobacter pylori bacteria which can actually cause gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers and peptic ulcers. He said I was becoming anemic and that explains why it was difficult for my system to digest proteins since it contains iron. It was after his analysis that I understood why I suffer constipation a lot, purge sometimes and suffer bad breath.

According to the doctor’s prescription I was placed on H2 receptor antagonists and antacids but when I did not respond to the medicine after 8 weeks I was to undergo vagotomy a surgical operation for gastric ulcer. I was relived only for it to re occur again few months after. It was then I began to make research I was lucky to find the best possible natural means or getting rid of this discomfort; natural supplements from http://naturalhealthclinic.com.ng/ulcer.html did the wonder. If you suffer any kind of ulcer or know anyone with the condition please I encourage you to save a soul today by visiting http://naturalhealthclinic.com.ng/ulcer.html it is 100% guaranteed.

For general awareness you might need to go for check up if you feel the following symptoms

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Fatigue or low energy

·         Headache or migraine

·         Skin problems

·         Pre menstrual stress

·         Sleep problems

·         Weight issues (gain or loss)


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