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Saturday, 15 July 2017

J. Lo reportedly hired a private investigator to follow her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez

Trouble in paradise? Recent photos of Jennifer Lopez and her beau, Alex Rodriguez, show them looking so in love but it seems that's just on the surface as a new report has emerged revealing that J. Lo hired a private investigator to follow her man.

Only last month, a woman called Lauren Hunter made some explosive revelations about A. Rod, including claiming she's his mistress and he doesn't love J. Lo. It is not clear if this is what caused the Shades of Blue actress to become suspicious thereby getting someone to tail him. US Weekly reports that A. Rod found out that the singer has someone following him and this led to a fight.

"He found out and they had a huge fight … But they're working through it," the source said. "She's really into Alex and wants it to work … So she's trying to control as much as she can."


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