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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Toyin Lawani slams shocking allegations by an Instagram user that she stole her son Jermain

An Instagram user is accusing Toyin Lawani of stealing the son she had with Trigg, Jermaine. The woman claims the boy is her own biological child and she's ready to fight for his custody.

Toyin has since fired back this morning in a series of post via Instagram. The fashion designer replied, saying;
"This woman is so confused,stick with one lie na, she said the baby was stolen through nhs in UK in the theatre, second she said the baby was stolen from Ngeria when she went on holiday. Cant you see how fresh my baby is? Too far from your regular, looks like his dad and me. No bump but I did a cover for exquisite magazine, and guess they are stupid ehn. Had my child in UK, stayed there till he was strong enough to fly 4 months and have evidence of the baby I birthed ,from baby till date. My dear only a stupid weak ass hater like you will believe in your stupid lies.

Apologise before it goes too far. I'm not going to take sorry when they nab you,think twice,it's funny now until you realise you messed with the wrong person,i don't play when it comes to my kids.you have been warned,useless mental patient, your pikin lost you are still there sitting down speaking grammar, you can't distract me. I'm too strong for that,na.. just had to let the world know we have mad people out here,so they can protect their kids from you,please,I will post my lawyers number here,setup a meeting and make sure you show up. 0805 688 6561."
See their posts below...


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