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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Quick info about The Western Lotto brand

What is lottery?
Lotteries are number based games of chance used mainly for entertainment, winning of prizes and redistribution of wealth. 
Unlike gambling which is impulsive, spontaneous and allows room for high stakes that could cause serious financial harm, lottery is low risk with stakes that are as low as N50. With lotteries, many people win per draw, but gambling has only one winner that takes all.
 With lotteries, wealth is shared.
Lotteries could make dreams come true, as there are lots of prizes that are winnable per draw in addition to the huge jackpots on offer. Lottery is a mild wealth redistribution mechanism.
Lotteries are extensively connected to good causes like building schools, hospitals, supporting scientific and technological research, sports, empowerment and wealth redistribution. In fact, the UK lottery was one of the main sponsors of the London Olympics which held in 2012.
Even if you don’t play lotteries to win prizes, you should play as a mild form of personal philanthropy.

Western Lotto?
Western Lotto offers a bouquet of international games from Europe and the United States including PowerBall, Mega Millions, UK 6/49 Lotto, Euro Millions and Euro Jackport. Our platform provides Nigerians with an opportunity to play derivatives of these international games from the comfort of their phones, pads and computers in Naira. We are starting with five (5) international games and new games shall be included with a view to providing games that appeal to a wide range of Nigerians.
We shall use winning numbers as drawn in the various jurisdictions from where the games are played but the jackpot and other prizes are determined by the plays and entries made on our platform per draw.

How do I play?
1. Log on to www.westernlotto.com
2. Register with your Name, Email, Phone Number and enter your bank card information.
3. Decide which games you wish to play and you are on your way to upgrading your lifestyle.
4. Look out for winning numbers on our website and our various media channels. Also, if you win a prize, a text and email shall be sent to you directly.
Our platform is easy to navigate and optimized for mobile to ensure a fantastic player experience.‎


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