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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Photos: Woman goes live on Facebook to slash her wrist after fight with boyfriend

Emergency services were called at around 01:30am on Friday April 21, to a housing estate in Pattaya to help a 32-year-old Thai lady who had slashed her wrist live on Facebook.
The incident occurred in the victims house on the outskirts of central Pattaya. When the emergency services arrived, she had already lost a lot of blood, and was crying uncontrollably.
Emergency treatment was needed at the scene to stop the flow of blood, before it was considered safe enough to transfer her to a local hospital for further treatment and recovery. She was found with her boyfriend at the house.
After interviewing the boyfriend, police found that earlier in the night, the pair of them had been fighting and after a few abusive words, the boyfriend stormed out. Not long after, he became aware that his girlfriend was live on Facebook and was slashing her own wrist for the world to see.
He rushed home to find a blood stained mattress and his girlfriend in a lot of pain. He immediately called for emergency assistance.


Dupsy B said...

Nonsense! For what nah, you die another go take over. Shikena

Anonymous said...

People have lost their minds

Unknown said...

she get energy!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Here Is How To Get A Big Penis said...

What is it with this facebook live and using it to stream gory situations?

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not going to become a new trend? Facebook CEO should doing something about this. This world sef

jaymin said...

rubbish! !

Qawlah said...

Way to know Linda isn't the one posting this. Dude forgot to add read more tag, that mistake hasn't happened in years on LIB

Anonymous said...

Arrant nonsense!!! Foolish woman

Anonymous said...

Nobody should judge her...sometimes loving the wrong person can make us do stupid things when they hurt hurts so much and everything isn't a joke ...God help us all

#D¬T3fL0n said...

Na online suicide wan dey reign now O.. Hehe.. D boyfriend Don jam.. Oga must marry am o😂😂

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