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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Photos: Nigerian boy offered scholarship to the most prestigious school in Britain, Eton College

The most prestigious school in Britain, Eton College, attended by Princes William and Harry, has offered a scholarship worth over £70,000 to a Nigerian youngster studying his GCSEs.
Sixteen-year-old Joshua Adeyemi, who attends Ark Globe Academy in SE1, was picked out of hundreds of talented applicants – all predicted to bag a catalogue of A*s.

"It’s funny because it all just happened so fast," Josh said. “My mum was just thanking God and was jumping for joy.
“Between February 6 and 9 I was there to take three tests and do six interviews. They were all really rigorous. I arrived there and we had an hour to look around, then straight away we were doing a maths exam.

Just three days after what could have been a humble goodbye to the college, Josh received the “overwhelming” news that the scholarship was his.
“I was ecstatic to say the least,” said Josh. “But I was also a bit gutted because I made friends with other people while I was there, who I know didn’t get the offer, and who I really got on with.”
The promising pupil will follow in the footsteps of Eton alumni like princes William and Harry; former prime minister David Cameron; and foreign secretary Boris Johnson.
His chosen subjects are biology, geography, economics and politics – but he is also considering maths as a fifth A level.
Josh added that he only found out about the scholarship after reading about last year’s local Eton scholarship winner, Ahmed Roble, who moved to the all-boys private school after completing his GCSEs at Walworth Academy, with four A*s, four As and two Distinction* grades.
“Seeing that Ahmed got into Eton after going to a school like mine made me realise it was possible,” He said.
Now all Josh needs to do is seal the deal by getting six As and a Grade 8 in English Language.
Source: Southwark News


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Congratulations to him

... Merited happiness

Unknown said...



Oghenetega said...

Congrats Young Man.
Doing Naija proud.

bosede omosebi said...

Blessed child, God u continue to make mama proud...
I tap into this for my little princes..... Amen

Anna CK said...

Congrats to him mine is coming IJN

Unknown said...

Proud of u young man, God bless u. We have good people around d world portrait d good image of our country Nigeria, God bless them all.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

nice one yoruba boy
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Sam X said...

The worlds eye is on Nigeria because they know the fact that a Nigerian will bring about change to the world so they have been preparing for the arrival of That Nigerian. Praise God.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, between Boko Haram and Biafra, the only Nigerians making any valuable contribution to the world, are Yoruba people.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be pressurised to turn gay or become a Buddhist . That school is notorious to be filled with rich spoilt kids who will experiment on anything ? Also the bullying there is on another level. His parents should keep a really close eye on him. These are his 'formation' years. Congrats boy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eton College should not be a big deal. Nigerians and blacks in general have been getting scholarships to the best institutions world wide for decades i.e. even the best prep & Ivy League schools in the USA. Blacks from the poorest of backgrounds get into the best schools in the USA via merit. Everybody has equal opportunity to be the best in life. UK still lags behind, Eton, Oxford Uni still discriminate via class.

Here's wishing this young man the best at Eton.

Unknown said...

Amen and my children too.

Unknown said...

Amen and my children too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, bless you Sam X.
Ignore the depressed anonymous 14:47 please, guess knots in his or her brain also needs to be tightened.

Anonymous said...

Ur an idiot for saying the prestigious Eton College isn't a big deal.
How many people in your family has ever dreamt of going there? Because I know it can never be a reality.
Mgbeke!!!! Nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Cogratulations Josh!!! Stay Blessed Up.

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