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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Man arrested for giving In-Home Butt injections that left a woman hospitalized

A Florida man was arrested after a woman said she ended up with an infection that left her hospitalized, after she received injections at a home in Miami. According to Local 10, the victim told police she met 49-year-old Carlos Mendoza and his girlfriend in May 2016 at their home for a consultation about getting injections in her butt.
Police said the couple told the patient the procedure would cost about $4,300 and advised her to book three sessions to make sure they achieved her desired look.

The woman was injected with a substance that she thought were vitamins that would make her butt harder and something to help it get larger. The woman contacted the authorities after having complications from the procedures and ended up at Kendall Regional Medical Center. Police found Mendoza at his home, plus a large amount of lidocaine, botox and bacteriostatic water.

He was arrested and charged with performing medical procedures without a license and illegally possessing prescription drugs with the intent to sell.


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