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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ethiopian maid publicly abused in Lebanon takes her own life (video)


An Ethiopian domestic worker who was filmed as she was attacked in public outside the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut has taken her own life. The video, aired by Lebanese television, has caused outrage in the country, where reports of mistreatment of domestic workers are common. The woman's employer, who was seen trying to bundle her into a car, has denied beating her. Watch the video of her public assault HERE


Ken said...

If this can take place right outside the Ethiopian embassy then that is tantamount to the Ethiopian embassy being culpable in her death.
And all that about her taking her life is horse shit!
She knew that if she got into that car her life was over and that is why she fought till she was exhausted from being dragged into that car.
They murdered her - plain and simple. Then released a stupid story for her death knowing full well that nothing will be done by anybody or even her embassy; since they could freely abduct her right in front of her embassy without the people doing anything.

I cant yab their embassy too much, because I wonder if our own Naija embassy would stick out their necks for their citizens in foreign lands.
May she Rest In Peace!

Anonymous said...

Slave trade still abounds

Anonymous said...

go to arab world u wil fine them their

Anonymous said...

In Libya too was the Ethipian maid that apparently got abused by one of the wives of Ghaddafis sons..

Anonymous said...

are we all not human beings. would we not all die some day. don't the same fate all await us. why is man so wicked to man. does man have power over his day of death.

Anonymous said...

such a pity

Anonymous said...

Idiot go bk to Sch and learn how to spell correctly."Find" not"fine","there" not"their".

Anonymous said...

Why do ppl keep going to these Arab countries where it is known they treat domestic foreign workers worse than the shit underneath their shoes. Better to stay in your own poverty and try in your own land than to be treated like a slave in a strange land. The govts of these countries that routinely send their nationals to Arab nations as domestics should actively seek to develop employment opportunities in their own countries and stop sending their citizens to die and be ill-treated. There has to be a better way, how many need to die before these govts do something about this? I am so sick and tired of hearing about these stories month after month. ENOUGH!

kawasaki said...

Dubai dubai, its happening in dubai as well!

Funmilayo said...

This is so sad cos I can't imagine what this girl was going through to make her fight so hard. I suspect she was being used as a sex slave or something like that cos she was fighting for her life in this video. It's sad. At least she is at peace with God. He always take care of his children.

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