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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Obama Tops List of 2011 Forbes Most Poweful People in the World

The Top Ten list below...
1     Barack Obama
2     Vladimir Putin
3     Hu Jintao
4     Angela Merkel
5     Bill Gates
6     Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud
7     Pope Benedict XVI
8     Ben Bernanke
9     Mark Zuckerberg
10   David Cameron

Continue to see the rest...

11     Sonia Gandhi
12     Mario Draghi
13     Nicolas Sarkozy
14     Wen Jiabao
15     Zhou Xiaochuan
16     Hillary Clinton
17     Michael Bloomberg
18     Timothy Geithner
19     Manmohan Singh
20     Warren Buffett
21     Silvio Berlusconi & family
22     Dilma Rousseff
23     Carlos Slim Helu & family
24     Rupert Murdoch
25     Benjamin Netanyahu
26     Ali Hoseini-Khamenei
27     Michael Duke
28     Jeffrey Immelt
29     Zhou Yongkang
30     Sergey Brin
30     Larry Page
31     Ali Al-Naimi
32     Rostam Ghasemi
33     Lou Jiwei
34     Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
35     Mukesh Ambani
36     Masaaki Shirakawa
37     Kim Jong-il
38     Ban Ki-moon
39     Christine Lagarde
40     Jeff Bezos
41     Jamie Dimon
42     Robin Li
43     Lloyd Blankfein
44     Li Ka-shing
45     Charles Koch
45     David Koch
46     Rex Tillerson
47     Lakshmi Mittal
48     Recep Erdogan
49     Robert Zoellick
50     Bill Clinton
51     Dalai Lama
52     Larry Fink
53     Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan
54     Bill Gross
55     Joaquin Guzman Loera (Drug Kingpin) Picture Below
56     Ahmed Shuja Pasha
57     Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar
58     Tim Cook
59     Dmitry Medvedev
60     Masayoshi Son
61     Azim Premji
62     Yoshihiko Noda
63     Joseph Blatter
64     Jill Abramson
65     Bernard Arnault
66     Sebastian Pinera
67     John Boehner
68     Jacques Rogge
69     Xi Jinping
70     Alisher Usmanov

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Anonymous said...

Is Hillary Clinton a man?

Anonymous said...

By the time i got to 30th name i was worried i wasn't on the list but i finally saw my name before i got to the end of the list, so all is well....

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:57, what does that have to do with anything? Only men can be powerful?

fannie said...

Linda! Linda! Where my comment??? Better go find am o! i don't have power to type another long comment.

Anonymous said...

In essence, u have to have millions of dollars in ur account before you can be powerful.

Anonymous said...

Where is Sarkozy? That guy is quite ruthless he should be among the top three.

Charles said...

Wey Gaddafi?

Anonymous said...

was actually looking for Jonathan in the list but couldn't find his name......lol

Anonymous said...

Gadhaffi is tops on the list of the the most powerful in hell. Lol.

CLF said...

Why would a dead man be on the list? Sarkozy in 13th? The guy will be mad if he reads this. With everything going on in the Euro zone, bail out, Greek gifts etc, he has to be top 5 (in my estimation.)

See where Putin is in comparison to Medvedev. That's how you know who the boss is!

Kemiismyrealname said...

No Genevieve?

bbaa said...

anon1;50pm....re u blind?sakozy is no 13...idoit.

Anonymous said...

anon.9;57....so a woman isnt part of people..lol.they said people not men...read d english again..

Anonymous said...

jonathan is the the most powerful of them walking stick.lol

Babydoo said...

D list is not complete

Babydoo said...

Where is Osama bin laden's name on d list cos i think he shld b number 1 on d list,jst kidding lol!

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