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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Prima Rouge: The new ready to wear collection - Rebellion

Prima Rouge started in 2009 with the intention of filling a unique gap in the art of dress making in Nigeria and beyond her borders. The brand encompasses professionalism; quality and convenience. They use their resources, experience and expertise to deliver the best bespoke, off-the-rack and bridal garments to you using our pristine finishing and inventive designs.

They do - Ready to wear, Bespoke and Bridal dresses. Continue to see more...


Prima Rouge believes fashion is an artistic expression that captures the imagination of how a garment relates to the human form.  Our pieces are unique and well-designed; simple yet colourful with a flair for ingenious detailing.

Slogan - Fashioned To Inspire

About their new collection: Rebellion

The ready-to-wear pieces from their new collection are unique and well-designed; inspired by geometry as well as the relationship between form and function. The collection is called rebellion because the pieces are somewhat disjointed do not relate to each other. Instead, each garment is tailored to a certain kind of persona and life-style and in so doing; it tells a story behind the individual who will be drawn to that piece.

 Their entire collection was launched at Fashion Week London as it consisting of 22 pieces; 10 for men and 12 for women.

Prima Rouge is glad to support local communities in the area of donations to motherless shelters and rebuilding of schools.

Prima Rouge is based in Nigeria, Africa. They also operate in Europe as well as Northern America
Photography by Moussa Moussa
Styled by Ezinne Chinkata and Terence Sambo
Makeup by Banke Meshida for BM Pro
Hair by OlaHair


Anonymous said...

Please don't become Bella Naija o. Love your blog and the fact that it brings us what we actually want to read (at least most of the time) not the usual drivel of mindless, samey fashion.

nene said...

For starters it is a welcome development. More so I have to admire the courage and bold step the outfit looks absolutely stunning and classic the ladies are elegant and fab in it, now you see how gorgeous and lovely nig ladies are. However we in the diaspora must make an effort to showcase this attire at will where ever we are and also present it to our western friends as a gift well done folks keep it up.

Anonymous said...

The collection is lovely

Anonymous said...

linda are this dresses affordable ,abi na for only stars like you.

bootylycious diva

Anonymous said...

Love these models. Lotsa legs.

kevin said...

nice designer pics

joei stylez said...

oh my gush i luv naija coz just at the middle of that turbulent water naija stil stay creative.

kyrs said...

lovely designs

kisses said...

lovely designs photography and models miss lacasera nigeria 2011 u rock jare

Anonymous said...

Go Nwando!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wando absolutely rocked d outfits...go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

She has some good designs but heard too many complaints about her customer service. She needs to improve.

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