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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Nigerian Nurse's Licence Withdrawn In UK For Calling on Jesus For Help

A 51 year old Nigerian-born UK resident nurse, Omolayo Abayomi, has had her Nurse's licence withdrawn by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council for throwing her hands into the air and begging for Jesus to help, as a baby she was supposed to be taking care of suffered a heart attack.
According to Daily Mail UK, Omolayo Abayomi 'panicked' when the child, who suffered from a chronic lung disease, turned blue and stopped breathing in his cot at home. The nurse called for divine intervention more than 20 times before the vulnerable boy's mother told her to 'shut up'.
The nurse was constantly saying "Jesus help him" and waving her arms around,' a hearing was told.
What is wrong with these oyibo people...don't they know in Nigeria, we can't do anything without calling the name of Jesus?...:-). Continue reading...

The nurse 'provided wholly inadequate care' by leaving the frantic mother to resuscitate her lifeless son, while the father dialled 999.
Abayomi was found guilty of a string of charges by the Nursing and Midwifery Council at a hearing in central London.
Sydney Topping, for Abayomi, insisted his client's behaviour had represented no more than a 'bad day at the office' and urged the panel to let her off with a caution.
'Once in a while you have a bad day at the office,' he said.

'I would suggest that on April 8 the registrant had a bad day at the office. It was no worse than that. She has bounced back since then.'

The hearing heard that the child, referred to a Patient A, and his twin sister were born three months premature at Homerton University Hospital in Hackney, east London, and as a result suffered from a number of serious illnesses and so required round-the-clock care.

Joanna Dirmikis, for the NMC, said Abayomi had been employed by private nursing firm Paediatric Nursing Link to look after the infant, who required 22 hours of nursing care every day.
The parents were woken by a knock on their bedroom door at 5am on April 8, 2007, to find their son lying lifeless after suffering respiratory cardiac arrest, the panel was told.

'While Mrs A was trying to resuscitate the child, Mr A called 999,' said Miss Dirmikis.
'The twin sister of the little boy was also present during the incident and can be heard crying in the background during the call.'

'She panicked and at one stage even summoned divine intervention, calling for Jesus,' she added.
Paramedics rushed the boy to Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, east London, before he was taken to Great Ormond Street Hospital on the same day for further treatment.
Giving evidence, a tearful Mrs A said Abayomi had effectively 'abandoned' her during the incident.

'The nurse was constantly saying "Jesus help him" and waving her arms around,' she said.
'She said it more than 20 times. I felt I had to do everything - at that point she was doing nothing to help my son.
'She never offered to take the lead at any point and at no point did she suggest calling 999.
'I can't change what's happened to my son, I know I did the best for him but the nurse just completely abandoned her duty.

'If I can save just one other person from having to go through what we have been through, then that's what I want to do.'

The panel heard Patient A, now aged five, made a full recovery from the incident but is still totally dependent on others for his care. 

Abaymo claimed the mother had pushed her away and refused to let her help.
She denied calling out for Jesus, panicking and failing to provide care or basic life support.
The nurse further denied failing to properly handover the case to paramedics and making inaccurate and false notes about the incident. 

She was cleared of specific charges that she suctioned the child's tracheostomy tube or that she failed to record observations taken but was found guilty of misconduct and ruled unfit to continue working without restrictions.

Striking Abayomi off, panel chair John Williams said: 'This was a failure to accept responsibility for her role in the events by the registrant.
'She has shown a lack of empathy with the parents of the child and there has been no admission or apology, and therefore no insight.
'This failure is incompatible with her continuing to be a registered nurse.'

Source: Daily Mail UK


Jesus Christ said...

Typical. Trust white society to lay down blame on a black person. At no time would this Nigerian lady have intended for the sick child to die or come to harm. The Nurshing Council, National Health Service, the Police, the Fire Service, the Courts and the Crown Prosecution Service are racist. United Kingdom is a racist country, but they are experts at hiding their racism and low toleration of black and ethnic minotity people. You can only experience their racism when you have lived here in the UK long enough as a black person. As for racist DailyMail and it's racist white British readers, you all can burn in hell. White people still have the same white supremacist attitude and mentality as their racist, rapist, murderous, deceitful and thieving white ancestors that raped Africa. Had this same Nigerian-born (British citizen) nurse been white (even white Albanian or South African or white Zimbabwean) the outcome of the misconduct hearing would have been different. The highestest punishment should have been a slap on the wrist. Its always been white people's practise to apply one rule for their fellow white people and apply the harshest and stiffest penalty for black and ethnic minorities. Damn this stupid and racist white people. The punishment handed to Omolayo Abayomi wash racially motivated and damn too harsh and she must appeal.

uche k. said...

Poor woman, she forgot that she wasn't in 9ja;where we believe in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

The title is very misleading. I'm sure that you came up with it Linda. She did not get her license revoked for shouting to Jesus; she got it revoked for failing to do her job. While the punishment may be a bit harsh, stop misleading ppl. This nurse definitely needed to be reprimanded. It had nothing to do with her praying to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

It is the same in all western countries on Jesus fit to save us. They have completely taken God out of everything done in the Western world. I can believe it that the woman called on Jesus and that the parents didnt let her help because that is the way most parents will be, wanting to help their child. Anyway taking away her license was horrible, she could have been given warning and have stipulations on her license but not taking it away. The racism in the western world is palpable. Too bad...

Anonymous said...

Well deserved, why didn't she do her job or at the very least find someone who could!

Typical Nigerian mentality, that's why the country is such a mess, everyone is happy to sit back and call on God to intercede instead of applying their God given brain!

That's why the country will forever be full of churches, streets full of potholes, university degrees worthless, hospitals empty of medicine and no ounce of human kindness freely given.

Anonymous said...

linda biko is not only 'nigerians' who can't do anything without calling on the name of Jesus, No one on this earth can TRULY achieve anything without calling on His name.In a world full of atheist and unbelievers I'm not surprised.If the nurse does not loose her faith in Christ,she will surely come back with a testimony

Obiageli said...

As much as I don't support her license being taken away, the nurse should not have done that. It's like a muslim nurse shouting allah or Buddist nurse calling on buddha.
Nigerians need to learn to be accomodating and respect other people's views even if they don't believe in Jesus Christ! Nigerians can be so judgemental and that's why ww have religious wars and conflict in Nigeria. We think becoz the next person doesn't believe or agree with our personal religious views, that means they need to be killed!
In a hospital, the nurse should have not continued to shout what she was shouting and as a nurse she should know better. Think about it for a second if it was ur child and the muslim nurse was shouting Allah or buddha?

MissJay said...

Her license was withdrawn for her misconduct and not for calling on Jesus for help. As an experienced nurse she shouldn't have panicked the way she did, obviously she was in such a panicked state that she couldn't help the child thereby neglecting her duties. This is why her license was withdrawn and not because she called on Jesus for help as your topic header clearly states linda. If it were your child, would you want an incompetent person to take charge? I believe we all know the answer. And even if there is racism involved, I believe the misconduct took precedence.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. Can we not yank out the race and religion card every single time? She was grossly irresponsible. Instead of doing her job as a nurse by administering medical care to the child, she freaked out. What stopped her from treating the child while praying? (And no, she wasn't praying. She was freaking out.) You may think her punishment was a tad severe, but does she have to actually kill someone before getting her license pulled? She's not an accountant or corporate lawyer; her professional conduct means life or death for her patients. This is one of the reasons why Nigeria's medical care is atrocious--our so-called medical professionals are incompetent, with some using God as a crutch.

Her dangerous negligence is to blame for her situation. Blame racism when it's actually to blame.

New High said...

Chei! Another incompetent Nigerian export. This is how they've been murdering people down here in Nigeria. Mixing religion with clinical reality. Giving 100% oxygen which is readily available by the bedside with a little cardiac massage would have gone a long way to save this child. I commend the UK NMC for prompt withdrawal of the licence of this incompetent Nigerian nurse. Let her fly back home to practice her abracadabra nursing here. What a shame!

galore said...

oyibo pple,,,,dem silly

Anonymous said...

nigerians in diaspora need to stop being stuck in Nigeria mentality. think about it. i serve God almighty, you serve God almighty but the rest of the world does not necessarily serve God almighty. that said, live and let live. seriously, would you not be pissed off if someone was asking Guru or Shango to safe your child? exactly, and that's why this woman was wrong for what she did. just cos you and i are christians and believe in the God, doesn't make absolve her of the fact that she scrweed up. the world comprises of people of all creed and faith, including atheists. in the US she would have been fired too.

Anonymous said...

That is white people for you. They are the same everywhere. Here in the U.S, they are no different. I keep saying it, if not for our shitty leaders back home, there really would be no need to keep living in white countries. Look at the way their economies continue to sink like the titanic. Anyway, as for me, I will keep saving my money for the most part so it could be spent in Africa and not in the west. It is well. God is watching.

Anonymous said...

They did the right thing in striking her off!!! I am sure if it was your child she was attending to and then you later finds out that the life of your child could have been saved if only she had performed her professional duties as required.

Anonymous said...

Well I am a doctor and even though I believe that she may have called Jesus while working which is typical for anyone with more of a Nigerian background, I do not think it warrants a striking off from the register. She was obviously afraid of her future and did not own up to some parts of what happened which has been described as a lack of insight by the Nursing council- sad. Working in the U.K can really be tough and full of nonsense!!!, but I guess they have a more developed health service than many parts in the world. Anyways, we should know by now that Religion really has no place in politics, government and the work place when abroad. These guys thrive on human hard work and evidence based practice and that is why their economies are advanced while Nigeria thrives on stupidity and being backward with Yerima and Boko Haram flaunting Child sexual abuse and murder respectively as norm.

Anonymous said...

Living abroad is not easy I tell you. Its best to just work hard, save your money and then live back home. I see pain, stress and probably suffering written on her facial expression. I wish we had good governance and a society that actually functions so people will not need to migrate abroad. Mtshew!

karen said...

Uhhh...NOT Jesus, WTH are you on about? What does your entire thesis have to do with the fact that a baby was having a heart attack and she started praying instead of trying to save its life? Nigerians scare me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

@Jesus Christ.Racist society indeed! so you are saying that she should have kept shouting Jesus when she should have focused on the child. that is the problem with you Nigerians and Jesus. Road no work, na Jesus, hospital no work, na Jesus, no light.. Jesus, No work, Jesus, No husband Jesus, No Pickin.. Jesus...infact no fuck sef na Jesus. you fail to understand that some people do not believe in Jesus. let me educate you Mr Jesus Christ, we have other religions and besides, Nigerians are the biggest HYPOCRITES in this world. you claim that the white raped africa. nooo we are still being raped because we are stupid!!! SIMPLE!!! you have all enslaved yourselves and yet you abuse the white man. as a Nigerian, I spit on your ways of people are so narrow minded it hurts. I see Nigerians come abroad flaunting money like ignorant arseholes and yet their people are dying. so if the oyibos let her come and work, she should do her fucking job and not shout like someone having an epileptic fit! yes its ok to be religious but you have to remember that they had a right to do what they did. go and face boko haram and leave the so called white people alone. I rather be stoned to death and move back to Nigeria.

Emeka said...

That is good for her and this is a lesson to Nigerians in general who always shift all their irresponsibility to God. A nurse is not supposed to show panic in an emergency situation but perform some CPR procedure on the dying kid instead of playing to the gallery. She does not deserve her license period!

Anonymous said...

She has been harshly treated. Hope she gets a better job.

Anonymous said...

Do you think if she had done the right resuscitation process and her actions had contributed In ensuring that the child recovers she would have been indicted even if she was calling Jesus?

She was wholly incompetent, lost control of the professional level headedness required of someone with her training and contributed negatively to a chaotic situation with her rancour.

Thank God the mother knew what to do or the child would
have died!

You religious Nigerians with your holier than
thou attitude should take a chill pill! More concerned with
outward appearances of piety than anything else.

You need to call Jesus less and put your hands to the plough, let your heart break for the suffering children in our midst and let your ACTIONS heal the broken hearted. And yes I am a born again Christian.

Anonymous said...

The woman should drag the hospital to court. As long as she can prove that she is a Christian and that the hospital knew that before employing her then she has a good chance of getting her certificate back.

Of course they are racists. Maybe the baby should have died and the woman shouldn't have called Jesus... Sometimes I don't pity them when calamities befall them because some of them are very cruel.

They hate outsiders whether black or white. Britons are the most pretentious idiots (AKA British pigs) in the world. In most neighbourhoods, they always plan to oust immigrants.

Their tea parties are just to record your voice and info and laugh at you behind your back.

Useless morons! They are so lazy that Indians and Nigerians are better medical doctors and nurses. Even most British people prefer to be treated by Indian doctors in the UK.

They are better and don't refuse to issue medication. The British ones try to help the government to save money by failing to prescribe drugs. They are very heartless people. All they do is consume alcohol like water everyday.

In any workplace, if you don't join them to waste most of your salary in the pub, they will hate you.

Anonymous said...

she shouted the jesus and when she was asked if she shouted she denied.. it was on that ground (integrity) that she was dismissed.. judas oshi

Anonymous said...

4:18pm, I totally agree with you. They will reap the fruits of their reprobation.

abisola said...

one thing i kinow about most nigerian nurses in d diaspora is dat they are not into d profession because of d love of life or d love of saving pple,most of them are bloody into it just for d money.they are not nurses from d me.

Anonymous said...

Every damn thing in Nigerian has been tinted with religion.No one doubts the marvels of God in intervening in our life situations,God always works his miracles through man/woman. But, i find it depressing when we fail to heed to the bible's teaching of Faith and Work. The nurse in the story has an ethical responsibility and was trained to handle situations like that.Why can she put what she knows to work and ask for favour from God.

R-C said...

@jesus christ or whatever u call urself,the UK is a racist country and bla bla bla...what are u still doing there? what is ur point exactly? of course the nurse did not intend for any harm to come to the baby but what did she do to help apart from calling Jesus? be objective,if it was ur baby in the same situation and the only medical professional around is busy calling on the Lord when she has the physical skills to save ur baby wouldn't u be upset? we know racism exists but lets not blame every single issue on racism and if the UK is getting to hot for u to live in-go the hell home!!

Anonymous said...

End times....this should not surprise any true believer, the bible tells us how xtian will be persecuted in the final days, there will be a time soon when the name of our Lord and savior will become offensive to mention in public places. In the states, some interest groups are already lobbying for the phrase "in God we trust" to be taken off the government insignia and logo, saying that it violates the fundamental rights of those who do not believe in God....I de laugh, any wonder why owu wan bury their nose? But we serve a mighty God and if them repent, pepper go rest once again. With that being said though, the nurse should have shown professionalism by caring for the baby first and praying silently. God has not asked us not to work or do what we are meant to. The truth is Nigerian xtians always feel we know God more than anyone else in the world which is not true at all. That is what we are truly good for, only to shout the name of Jesus without knowing Him. What made her shout? Panic which is a result of fear and the bible says that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind...." If you really know God, you suppose not to fear. As for oyinbo, them de do wetin God want even if them no go church, that na why God still de bless them, you might ask like what? See how they run thing in, that's the way God wants us to be, take care of sick,old, children and disabled, until we do this, we can have a church with tongue blazing bible quoting Christians in every street corner, we will not touch the blessings of God, nor be curse but reality, God is a God of principles and obedience. Do what God wants and get blessed, not by shout Jesus or build $100m church, you cannot impress Him, "the earth is the Lords"....See as God de bless Linda Ikeji even though her way nor too clear *cough*? but she de do wetin God want, she truly cares for disadvantaged people in society, abi I lie Linda? Keep on doing that and see what God will do for you in the months and years to come, you are a gem and look forward to seeing you again after such a long time (mystery man)....xoxo

Anonymous said...

@Jesus Christ said...why you guys always tie everything to racism??? Be color blind for once in your life men. Do you know for the heck of it, I think blacks are more racist these days, we are too sensitive to the issue which I understand was brought about by slavery, but spare me, how did slavery happen? we brothers sold brothers for what? mirror and gun powder so he can oppress the next man which is still what most black societies are about till today!!!mystery man

watchman said...

The question here should be, was there any established case of abuse or neglect or both? If yes on what grounds were such conclusions reached? Was she privileged to have legal representation? Jesus Christ is capable of defending Himself and His followers. God is still the healer!

Anonymous said...

Oh please spare me the racist line, it's highly unethical of her as a nurse, how can she panic like that? What then does she want the child's parents and sibling to do? Jump off a bridge? The least she could have done is mouth to mouth respiration or call 911 for pete's sake! Mchteeeew

Anonymous said...

Loosing her licence is far too severe of a punishment, she should have been given a warning or maybe suspension. In Naija, you can be pleading the blood of Jesus over a dying person, this is freaking UK, you are paid to provide medical services and not spiritual services. If i were a mother and some nurse started chanting some religious crap i'd be upset too.

Anonymous said...

i hate UK.They are racist.I prefer US.God will help her.

Anonymous said...

People, please. You guys know nothing about lying white people and white British society. This woman has been stitched up. The media and white people don't tell the truth when it comes to dealing with black people who are in a situation or "cornered". Believe. If the woma was at fault, how come the child's parents were not awarded compensation? This Nigerian woman was made a scapegoat. The parents of the child was hoping to exploit the situation and apply for a windfall. Their demand for compensation was thrown out. They have a sickler child and the Naija woman was not at fault. I don't believe that the Nigerian nurse sat on her hands, without touching the child or assisting - and just shouting or praying to Jesus Christ. They lied and stitched up the Nigerian woman for financial gain that could have been above £5 million. If they have a valid case how come they've not taken their claim for compensation to the High Court or Supreme Court? They wouldn't dare cos they know they'd be exposed for the scammers they are. The outcome of the hearing was heavy handed and racially motivated.

New High said...

@Anonymous's people with your mentality that are keeping Nigeria the way it is. Losing her licence is the least punishment she can get in this situation. She should be cooling off in jail for dangerous negligence.

Anonymous said...

@ new high, you cannot give 100% oxygen to anyone more or less someone aving a heart attack, you will cause more harm then good. you only give 100% oxygen when the person is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. hope you are not a medical professional because you are on the path to killing someone

Anonymous said...

@anonymous nov 5th 8.28pm, hope you went to school, ceasing someone's license means dat you cannot practice in that field again, ok???

Jesus Christ said...

@Anon November 5, 2011 8:50 PM .... God bless you constantly and abundantly. As for the daft, ignorant and confused fools who made negative comments about my honest comment, if I catch you! Ha! I pity you! Now, here's my reply. I'm black. Nigerian. British. I was born here in London, England. I have no allegiance to Goodluck Jonathan, the Queen, British flag or Nigerian flag. For those asking what I'm doing here, kiss my black arse. Where else should one be :) What are you doing in your country, Nigeria? Why are you not in Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or Chechnya? You're not cos Nigeria is your country and home. England is my home and my country. I don't like weak minded people and I don't like black people who give in to racism. I do not believe / accept  supremacy of the white race. No way. Be you white, black red or green, we're equal or my rights comes before yours.  I live here and always will till we change this country, for good. This is my country. Know that. I know white British society like the back of my hand. I do. I know how they think. I know what majority of them think about Nigerians, Africans and black people. Not nice. UK was developed from what was loited from Nigeria and Africa. Wise up. Know your history. Though, I've never faced racism, maybe because of how I look or because I won't give it (even if I was white) or accept it from anyone (even if I didn't know my rights), but I see a lot of black people, especially Nigerians and Africans treated, harshly, badly and unfairly. Believe me, the Nigerian woman was harshly treated. The punishment handed to her is excessive. Mark my word, if she appeals she will get her licence and job back within 12 months, because even decent white folks will tell you that the punishment handed to her is extreme. Why should she suffer lifelong ban? For a similar offence, a white person would not suffer lifelong ban. The baby did not die. The baby had a pre-existing ailment. No lasting / lifelong damage was done to the child as a result of the Nigerian woman's action or lack of action. The Nigerian woman's INTENTION was not to harm the child. Her so called lack of action was not premeditated. She (probably) panicked - out of love / good intention, not out of badness. No. She hoped and intended for the wellness of the child. The English law is constant; no shifting of the goal post for black people. Equality means everyone is treated the same in all circumstances. It means black people should be treated as white people are treated and white people treated as black people are treated. Thats fairness. There should not be a different / harsher rule for black people. The Nigerian woman has been treated how black people are treated and that's racial discrimination. I pray she gets justice. I pray she gets her job back. She probably have been in the nursing profession all her life. It could be her only means to a decent livelyhood. To take it all away from her just like that was just too harsh. In this country even those sentenced to life in prison have rights protected by the English Law. This Nigerian nurse did not cause permanent damage to the child. She's not in anyway a threat to future patients. Her mistake was once, not all the time. If there had been previous misconduct issue or issues in her nursing record, surely, it would have been all over the two-faced and racist (predominantly white /caucasian) British press who sees nothing good in black people and too quick to crucify black people. As for the naïve and ignorant ones foolishly casting judment and condeming the Nigerian woman, be careful of what you accept for others or it will be done and accepted for and to you and your own people. I have spoken. May God forgive anyone who supports the evil done to Omolayo Abayomi, the black Nigerian born British (citizen) nurse. Amen.

becca said...


Anonymous said...

@ Jesus Christ...huh?

New High said...

@Anonymous 12:42PM,

I commend you for bringing your ignorance to the open place. I will do my best to educate you.
Before I proceed, let me express something that I noticed about you. Do you work with fire service, NEPA or are you a generator merchant? 'Cause only those occupations explains your preoccupation with carbon monoxide.

Back to the lesson class...

Firstly, permit me to review some important highlights from the child's history.
-Born 3 months premature(born @ 6mths)
-Suffered a number of serious illnesses(I suspect respiratory distress syndrome "RDS" to be no.1)
-Child suffered from chronic lung disease(complication of RDS)
-Turned blue(cyanosis)
-Stopped breathing

These are the:
1. Central cyanosis(blue colouration of the mucous membrane or any part of the body originating from the lungs or heart

2. Inability to drink due to respiratory distress

3. Chest in-drawing

4. Respiratory rate of 70breaths/min

5. Grunting sound with every respiration

Below are the:
1. Heart failure
2. Bronchial asthma
3. Hypoventilation caused by events in the heart of lungs
4. Severe malaria with acidosis
5. Complicated pneumonia
6. Bronchiolitis
7. Congenital heart disease
8. Severe anaemia
9. Carbon monoxide poisoning(how many of them makes it to your clinic?)
10. etc

The commonest clinical condition in premature babies is respiratory distress syndrome. This is due to poor maturation of the lungs. Which, over time gives rises to chronic lung disease if the baby survives.
Anyone who taught you to exclude administration of 100% oxygen in the face of the above clinical scenarios or conditions must be high on cheap ethanol. Please erase the tutors lesson off your mind 'cause he might have infused you with some dangerous and deadly practices. As a matter of fact, the nurse who called on Jesus is better off than you. lol

P.S.: pay Linda for providing a platform used to fight your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

@Jesus Christ

You have spoken well. Let he who has ears hear. Nigerians are known to suffer some deep inferiority complex issues that stem from what...I don't know. They worship any pale creature (white, arab, chinese, you name it). Maybe, that is how they were brought up by their parents.

All those running their mouths and condemning the Nigerian nurse, if that was your mother, sister, or other family relative, will you still stand firmly by your judgements and convictions? Retarded worshippers of mere white mortals who live and die just like the rest of the human race!

Anonymous said...


Well said. Nigerians and their inferiority complex disgust me! It's no wonder that white heffers come to Nigeria and are treated better than the locals. The day I choose to live in Africa again, it will not be Nigeria. Nigerians and their inferiority complex are a pain in the rear!

Anonymous said...

@Annon November 6, 2011 3:03 PM

Which one is "huh?" Was Jesus Christ writing in french or what exactly is confusing you about his or her well articulated post?

Anonymous said...

@'jesus christ' [please change your user name,thanks].
I totally agree with u again, Becca - u dont mince words, call a spade a spade; one day the truth will prevail.
Lastly, I suspect 'Munchausen syndrome by proxy' in the parents. This is not the end of this case.

Docia said...

They withdrew her license for calling on Jesus, they told us to allow same sex marry before they will offer us help. these whites, what do they take us for? God have mercy.

Anonymous said...

first of all, the person who commented as Jesus christ, i pray God forgives you and gives you wisdom......who gives you the right to comment on a blog as jesus christ,what level of disrespect is that? what is wrong with people can you do such a thing?dont you have any respect at all?.....and linda you approved this comment, arent you a christian?

EBEKUO said... says it appears that the gist of her firing was lost on many commentators who branded it racism instead of lifting the veil to see the real reason why her license was yanked away? Atypical African woman, she failed to take responsibility for her inaction and instead tried to insult the intelligence of the panel by denying culpability whatsoever. First it is common for Yoruba people and Nigerians in general to hysterically call on God's or Jesus's intervention whenever they are in a fix - the o'kpario syndrome; so for this woman to deny calling on Jesus flies in the face of the available facts. Second, the only way a desperate mother could have taken over control of the situation is where she sees that a supposedly qualified professional was not doing her job as no parent would wait and see her child turn blue before her eyes without intervening. So the pushing away is possible but the refused help is exaggerated. Reading panel's chair John Williams dictum clearly states the grounds for her dis-licensure, that she failed to take responsibility for her inaction and tried to cover it and did not apologize for her conduct. Icheoku says such obtuse defensive stance is what cost the woman her license and not her failure to act primarily as it could be excused as panic. But her defiant claim of no wrong doing made it impossible for her to see where she erred with a view to not repeating it in the future. This is why the tire met the road and her case was foreclosed. The lesson here is for people in general to learn how to be humble, admit responsibility, apologize and move on. Icheoku strongly believe that were this woman to have said sorry for her inappropriate mannerisms during a supposed emergency, she would have walked away with a simple caution; but the panel felt insulted by her inept attempt to outsmart them, hence the descent of the heavy hammer. But how experienced a nurse is this woman who did not know the proper thing to do in cold-blue situation was to call for help - EMERGENCY!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, Nigerians sha, everything is a conspiracy,even white medical practitioners loose their license for gross misconduct or negligence. we always think we are the smart, or ost religious in the world yet it doesnt show in our lives, na people wey dey go church everyday sef poor pass. God wont come down and do for you what he knows you can do. and if the white countries are so racist, why the hell do yall keep flocking ot go there

Anonymous said...

@Jesus Christ.....I understand what you mean bu I think you're taking a little bit too far. Trust me I know everything you're talking about. I'm British but I was raised in Nigeria. I've been back in the U.K for a while now and to be totally honest, what the nurse did was wrong, unprofessional and totally unacceptable.

My roommate from Ukraine who is a British citizen got dismissed as a nurse for taking a PICTURE of a patient, this happened only two months ago. He knows he was wrong and has accepted his fate, and has moved on.

Now on the grounds of this lady in question, definitely the fact that she's black and Nigerian COULD be a reason for her licence being withdrawn, however, you would never know because she put herself in that position. I can actually picture the scenario of her panicking in the way that was described, and trust me no parents in the U.K, let alone white parents would find that encouraging when the life of their child is at stake.

My roommate used to tell me of how he had so many Nigerian women as course mates while he was studying his Nursing course and how they would tell him different stories about Nigeria. The case is unfortunate but it just goes to show that one needs to be more professional in this western society and prove to the western society that we are indeed intelligent and competent enough to work in any capacity.


In the comments I made, I used the name of Jesus Christ. I'd do it again cos I have God given right to use any name I want. I don't believe the woman did anything wrong and neither was she wrong in calling the name of Jesus. She committed no crime or sin and neither was she incompetent. 

Would the outcome been the same if she called the muslim name, Allah for divine assistance? No. The outcome would have been different. 

I don't believe she was in anyway incompetent. Maybe she, momentarily, panicked, but I don't believe she sat in a corner calling the name of Jesus. She's a human being and a trained nurse and even her natural instinct as a human being to save life did kick in. I believe it did. The truth in the matter was never allowed to come out at the hearing or in the white dominated media. She was overwhelmed and outnumbered. They ganged up on her. They stitched her up. She was outnumbered, and didn't fight her corner at the hearing or in the media. 

In my comments, I didn't use the made "Jesus Christ" to offend anyone. I don't believe it was blasphemy to have done so. I'm not claiming or ever claimed to be Jesus Christ. I wouldn't want to be Jesus anyway. There are too many problems on this planet and I hate problems or drawing attention to myself. I'm not a Bible bashing Christian. Y'all, probably, go to church more than I do or ever will. I was, probably, too upset and caught up with the glaring and obvious injustice done to a human being. I would still have felt same even if she was white. My argument and frustration was based on equality, fairness and justice. She was deliberately and systematically denied. It's the system - the status quo. They want it that way, but we gon change it in my lifetime, even through ugly means. Regarless of what you think, know or have been told, be you male, female, white or black, we are all equal before the law and before God. It's not always so cos people twisted it to their advantage and victims are often too preoccupied with existence, etc, to fight for their rights. I'm not a civil liberties activist. I'm not a white hating black person. I'm not a black hating person. I hate injustice, regardless of who the victim is. I'm done on this topic. BYE :)

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with racism, inferiority or superiority complex . Let us put race and religion aside and try to reason objectively. Imagine your house getting burnt and the fire fighter shows up and starts screaming, Help! Help! Help! Or you are being robbed in front of a police station and all the police men run for cover. Or you are on a plane that develops a fault and the pilot runs out of the cockpit screaming for help. I am sure many of us would suggest that the professionals in these examples should be sacked. I once read about a Nigerian flight that developed a fault mid air and a member of the cabin crew started screaming , “Oh my God! Why did I take this job?” while running back and forth in the plane. When I am on a flight with bad turbulence the countenance of the cabin crew staff gives me some level of comfort and they are trained to do that. Please lets admit it, the nurse was wrong. I cannot determine what gravity of penalty she should get but she acted unprofessionally and the child could have died. I am not saying that racist don’t exist in England or that we should not serve God! But that is not the issue/topic here. Please let us not be sentimental.

Anonymous said...

@November 7, 2011 4:19 PM there's a clear DIFFERENCE between shouting 'help help help' and calling the Name of Jesus in time of need!

Antonia said...

Typical Nigerian, Instead if shutting up and try to make a bad situation get better they laze around calling Religion to come do it for them, the biggest bunch of religious loud mouthed hypocrites on this planet. Maybe if we spent less time in churches and making noise how much we love Jesus and started acting and thinking more like Him Nigeria will be a better place. :)

Anonymous said...

Why are Nigerians so self-centered? One patently smells it in the acrid comments of Jesus Christ and Anonymous, along with their fuzzy logic and poor command of written English. A woman repeatedly calls up an invisible force instead of applying her medical skills which requires a calm disposition and professionalism. It is pitiful. Should the Nursing Council wait until her negligence kills a patient before they withdraw her license? Of course not. No nation develops when people only think of themselves. That is why Nigeria is stuck in a rut, and Britain coninues accelerating forward. Attitudes detemine altitudes. I hope his sends a clear and ringing message to any charlatans in Britain, whether they are Nigerian or not. I had to take my 6 year old daughter to A&E last Thursday and I can only shudder at the thought of being attended to by a nurse like Ms Abayomi.

A psychiatric evaluation as well as a nationwide DNA exercise of the Nigerian population is required. Two things that will enable us achieve greatness. We literately interact with certifiable individuals every few minutes in Nigeria, and when we are in the UK, those from Nigeria. Perhaps the Nigerian sun is too hot and we need to analyse its impact. I am reading a thread where a Nigerian pastor prayed for a foetus that had died, and it apparently "came back from the dead, and has since been born". But what do you expect? Post-mortems are a luxury, so the imagination is simply the wild wild west.

Anonymous said...

@Anon November 8, 2011 2:56 PM

"A psychiatric evaluation as well as a nationwide DNA exercise of the Nigerian population is required."

That's insulting, you fat cow. How dare you? Stick your racist comment up your stupid backside. How dare you insult Nigerians, you fool.

"Perhaps the Nigerian sun is too hot and we need to analyse its impact."

So the hot weather in Nigeria and its impact on the brain of black people makes Nigerians act in a certain way? Trust me, you're uneducated. How low can you get? Is Nigeria the only country where the weather is hot, you silly and illiterate cow.

"Attitudes detemine altitudes."

Pleaseeeee. Save you tacky catchphrase for your kids - they are the only stupid ones who might swallow your garbage.

Your comment is a meaningless waffle and a cheap attempt to sound informed or educated. You are not and you know it. Quit the pretence, please. Make you comment and piss off. Don't attack anyone's comment. I've attacked your comment because you attacked other people's comment. Take that.

Anonymous said...

Chai!!! Naija people are too sentimental. She was wrong, she was fired. Shikena. God forbid I have a medical emergency and the nurse is panicking for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

why the hell are you all soo backwards! the problem here isn't that she called Jesus but she failed to do her job. Don't be ignorant!

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