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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Excitement and a crowd of fans as 2face signs Y! Magazine! Minister for Youth drops in

Minister of Youth, Adebola of Y! Magazine, and Tuface
It was a convergence of fans, well wishers and supporters as Tuface Idibia and the Nigerian Minister for Youth Development, Bolaji Abdullahi, visited at Chocolate Royale beside The Hub Media store at the Palms for the signing of the sixth issue of Y! Magazine.
“I never miss an opportunity to mingle with my fans”, 2face said. “They are the ones that have brought me this far and I owe them a lot in terms of loyalty. I can’t thank them enough. It is also an opportunity for me to know how they feel with respect to my next release, so that I can know what they want and give it to them the way they want it. I thank God for them, you know now!”

2face is the cover star for Y! Magazine’s Celebration Issue, released to the public last week, and which features a spectacular photo shoot chronicling 15 years in the music industry. The magazine also features interviews with some of the brightest superstars across Nigeria, including entrepreneur Hassan Rilwan, photographer Aisha Augie-Kuta and How to make chocolate, a feature on Chocolate City led by Audu Maikori, MI and others. It also features an exclusive interview with the new federal minister for youth development. 

The minister, who visited the signing as part of activities during an official tour in Lagos, congratulated Y! for its impressive work in constantly emphasizing youth culture. “I really appreciate what you guys are doing here and am always excited whenever I am in your midst,” he said. “It is an opportunity to help in solving the nation’s problems, feel the pulse of those who constitute the bulk of the nation’s active population and also identify with your successful efforts to make a difference.”

Fans and other guests joined 2face in the crowded Chocolate Royale, with the superstar taking the time to craft special personal notes for everyone who got a magazine from the story or brought theirs – amidst pictures and lot of laughter! 
“We are excited that 2face Idibia was able to do this for his fans,” Adebola Williams, managing editor of the magazine, said. “He is easily Nigeria’s biggest music talent at the moment and undoubtedly an inspiration for millions of Nigerians across the world; we are glad that he headlines the Celebration Issue and even more excited by the reception that edition has had over the country since it hit the market.” 
Y! magazine has, over one year now with spectacular covers and envelope-pushing content, established itself as the nation’s premium purveyor of youth culture, as the flagship platform of the Y! brands, which include Y! TV, Y! Radio, Y! In D’ News and YNaija, the popular online portal. More information is on www.ynaija.com.


KissMySausage said...


You call this news?!

I once opened a kebab shop. The opening ceremony, of which I was ( "the high table person of the day" ) - the chairman of the occasion. never made it into Metro News - a free newspaper. 2Face signs a bloddy magazine and it's news?

There's no justice in this world. Life sucks, really. lol.

Anonymous said...

Yes O! 2 Baba one luv my bro! Always a step ahead of the pack and ontop of ur game! Very much like me. No wonder I am a fan.

Anonymous said...

really i think 2face is more luckier in P/R,dan the song he sings.kudos bros.

Anonymous said...

From the left, those two look as if they have just had a very heavy meal of Apu or hard Eba2Baba.

Tuface looks fit. Nigerian foods 'must' be fattening, so we shouldn't really don't blame our fat ones.

my eyes are red hot . said...

Mr minister what kind of role model is 2baba , you guys seem to get you priorties very wrong in this sorry country of ours , na 2face wey done born all over nigeria you dey celebrate , hhve you taken time to visit all parastatals under you , Nysc for instance is poorly managed their staff is underpaid , you dey denge pose all over the place . aaabeg shine your eyes and to think i was sure you'd be different awon oloriburuku awon oloshi , yeye dey smell , pple wey dem suppose to jail na 2face dey trip unna .

sharif said...

Nice to see. Thanks

chibaby said...

Is dis how d minister of youth tends to take care of d youth, by celebrating 2Face? Hmm dis country don yawa.

Anonymous said...

I no send for tuface but i'll rather have him as my kids role model than any of the politicians in Nigeria and 95% of the artistes in the country.
He has an obvious talent, works hard at it and is reaping the rewards.
He has sex without protection and the results will be evident for a lifetime.
wetin again you want?

Anonymous said...

2face cannot sing.i attended his last show at London troxy.he looked terrible on the night.Hope he looks same as in this picture now.I do not see how he can promote any magazine.I have one advice for 2face.next time in london please dress very well and do not try to sing raggae.

Cece said...

Linda, how can I meet Ajibola pls??? Guy in the top middle.. I have a crush on him.

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