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Thursday, 29 September 2011

T.I released from prison...

T.I's attorney has confirmed the rapper has left the Dismas Charities Atlanta halfway house very early this morning after spending the last year in federal custody and the last two weeks at the halfway house.

Hope he stays out of prison after this...


Anonymous said...


Chikadibia U O said...

King of the south! King of the south!

kkdlegend said...

welcome bak home son and hope u'v learnt ur lessons. We all miss u kinda

Anonymous said...

This is who our Nigerian kids look up to!!!!! it saddens me that the prison system is primarily made up of black men and for what....gun, drugs and other stupid ish.
There is so much hero worship for these fools and as such they believe they are above the law. Disgusting!!
"feels great to be back where I belong ... Back in the arms of those who need me the most"(who was he referring to here?his dealer?) I hope he thinks about this and his kids when he thinks about doing something else that could get him in more trouble. I like him but seriously how many times do you keep making the same mistakes?
i will just say give it a few months before he's back in jail. I hope he cleans up his act and proves me wrong though. He's a talented guy.

Dorothy Zyna said...


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