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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Female corps member gang-raped in Kano, two arrested

The police in Kano State, yesterday, paraded two of the four men who allegedly gang-raped a youth corps member.

One of the suspects has confessed to having allegedly taken part in ‘’gang-raping’’ the youth corps member with two others now at large.

The suspects who identified themselves as Abba Garba, 18, Abubakar Suleiman, 17, Nazeephy Malam, and Ali Wara said yesterday they raped the youth corps member serving at Durumi Secondary School, Kurna in Kano municipality.

Garba, who reportedly led three others to rape the lady, told Vanguard at the Kano State Police Headquarters, that the incident occurred penultimate week in a classroom in the college at noon when the victim who was unaware of the strike by civil servants in the state reported for duties.
Garba said they were in the building because of the torrential rain on the fateful day when the lady in her 20s who spoke her native language which they did not understand, suddenly approached them to enquire why there were no activities in the school.

The suspect, who claimed to be a battery charger in the area, further told Vanguard that: ‘’I relocated to the premises of the college with my friends when it started raining on that fateful day. While we were having fun, a lady suddenly approached us and was speaking a language none of us understood.
‘’I was moved by her beauty, and immediately drew out a sharp knife and in concert with others commandeered her into one of the classrooms, where we forced her to undress and gang-raped her in turns before policemen on patrol apprehended two of us while two escaped.’’

The second suspect, Abubakar, said: ‘’I never violated the lady in question, but was roped in by my friend, Abba Garba, who lured me to the school premises, where the ugly incident happened.’’
The state Police Commissioner, Ibrahim Idris, declined to disclose the identity of the victim ‘’to avoid stigmatisation,’’ pointing out that two other suspects were also apprehended by the police in connection with raping minors in the city.
Meanwhile, the Abia State Police Command has also confirmed that it arrested two members of the gang that raped the university student in the state, few days after the state government described the incident as fiction.

Source: Vanguard


Polymat said...

Wats ds turn-off-d-flesh..*rape?**when dere r many h-les out dere..men r becumin cocks nd goats dat chase deir female counterparts 4 S*X..DIS IS sickenin..geeez!

Olanne said...

I am so tired of this rubbish happenings in Nigeria and men thinking they can get away with such atrocities. You know, a great question to ask is where is security in that country? I don't understand why in the case of ABSU, the suspects wouldn't have been apprehended in less than 24 hours. They are students. I might be naive on how security works in higher educational institutions in Nigeria BUT haba! In the case of this Kano rape, i just don't know what to say. I hope the rapists are given the maximum amount in jail and i hope these ladies are counseled. I just don't know where to begin. Where the fuck is security in Nigeria for goodness sake and these are just cases that get reported. In a country like Nigeria, women are less likely to even report such cases for fear of stigmatization. Women have a lot and i mean a lot to do in that country. We have a long way to go but we will get there. Now, CASTRATE those bastards!

Anonymous said...

I honestly wish Nigeria will just fall off the face of this earth. I am not saying that rape cases don't happen in other countries but the judicial system in other countries penalize sex offenders to serve as a deterrant to others trying to do the same. However, in Nigeria men and even some women get away with everything including murder.

And then someone was claiming in another post that "Nigerians are cultured". Cultured my foot! what a bloody pathological lie! If we are so "cultured", why is incest (the act of a father sleeping with his own biological daughter) so rampant in Nigeria? why is rape so rampant in Nigeria? why is child sex abuse and molestation so rampant in Nigeria? why is the abuse of women both verbally, physically, psycologically, and emotionally so rampant in Nigeria? Why are Nigerians generally known the world over to be a bunch of dishonest, fraudulent individuals? As a people, we have no respect for ourselves or for others. Westerners don't care much about us (except for our oil that is) and neither do our fellow African brothers and sisters from other African countries. Every bad thing on the face of the earth, we are sadly known for.

As a people, most Nigerians make more kids than we can conveniently take care of and then tomorrow wonder why our daughters become the future prostitutes of italy or aristo babes who date old, wealthy, married men in Nigeria. Tomorrow, we are shocked when yet another Nigerian male is executed like a damn chicken in Asia somewhere for drug trafficking. We wonder why we make international headlines again for one 419 fraudulent activity after the other. My brother is a prison ward here in the U.S He tells me of the many Nigerian men languishing in U.S jails for spousal abuse and murder. As a people, we cannot protect our girls and women.

I was initially considering moving with my family back to Nigeria but I have changed my mind. I have daughters and fear that they will be sexually molested or harrased since Nigeria is crawling with perverts, paedophiles, rapists and abusers who go scott free almost all the time while the victim remains scarred for life.

It shall NEVER be well with Nigeria as long as you men continue to sexually abuse women and girls in that country. You will know no peace Nigeria and boko haram will continue to deal with your wicked asses because the cries of all the women and girls that were and are still sexually molested at one point or another right there in Nigeria will not fall on the deaf ears of God, our creator!

LINDA, please post this. Gracias!

Dee dee said...

So if you're moved by someone's beauty the next thing is to rape them? Animals in human skin! I SMH for Nigeria and Nigerians, so lawless and no fear of God. Love your neighbour as yourself doesn't feature in a lot of people's lives. I really wonder what can be done about these issues...

Ade_Cool said...

Yes 9ja is cultured!!..we can't be accountable for the action of 150 Million people esp when some carry on as sadistic animals..actually animals are more decent that this beasts..yes women get a bad deal out there..some of this creatures can even rape your wife if you employ them..
And why??..Just because she looked attractive..u had no chance with her so decided to take her pride!!..
9ja needs a firm hand..4get democracy..never works

Dan said...

These issues have been going on for years and with increasing frequency. And this is all due to bad leadership. We've had dysfunctional leaders who have committed greater crimes than rape. And so they couldn't be bothered with it. Besides most of the rapists were employed as political thugs and so they couldn't be arrested. Times are changing. All Nigerian women and men should be on the streets protesting against this madness or else it will soon get worse.I forsee a time when women will be abducted in broad daylight and molested. I am not a prophet of doom. I am realist. I saw this coming a long time ago. We need to give these leaders no sleep until they start taking our security seriously.


Dogs in human clothing, what do u xpect, ... they will continue one day and rape a spirit and be doomed!...Stupid northern male goats!...Nansense!~

Anonymous said...

For those who support NYSC, what this lady went through, is it necessary for the development of the NIGERIA? scrap this program. too much bad news.

Buzzer! said...

Its a pity that the law makers and other authorities are rapists themselves so cannot stand up and deal with their fellow scum of earth. They dont see anything wrong in getting in b/w a woman's legs whethere she wants them to or not cos truth is, they do it everyday.
if not for the internet riot about the absu gang rape, NOTHING would have been done about that (lets hope they are ven doing something now sef)
but that thot us one thing - that we can get these beasts in authority to act when we rise up in one voice!
why dont we keep welding this our new found power whenever we can, whenever it is needed-and get the justice this society so urgently needs.

please people, how do u suggest we form a 'masses voice' of our own and get things done? (rather than just come here to fling insults at one another and celebrate frivolities while our country is melting away under us)

Anonymous said...

C'mon people, this has to stop. Enough of these RAPES on our women. If we do not do something about it, we won't know who the next victim could be. it could be Me, You, our sister, our mother, our daughter, our cousin.



Anonymous said...

Most men r just like animals even in their marriages. They shd learn to take NO for an answer. The world does not just belong to them alone. Infact mothers shd start early to train their young boys to respect d opposite sex.

crushman said...

ladies beware of your dress codes that reveal most crucial parts of ur body, and walk in groups dont be too secreative to yourself.
I believe if she had observed all this rules she wondnt have most likely been a victim but as for those rapist,authorities should pass a jugdement of castration on them.

Anonymous said...

To God who made me this fools are made to tron into lions mouth if am the police that is handle this cause

mariamah said...

Nigerians need to be re- orientated, cause a lot of them are clue less when it comes to what is right or wrong. Can you imagine that i was talking about the rape case that happened in ABSU in my office, and the next thing a use less young woman would asked me was how was she dressed, and if she was out late, meaning it might have been the girl's fault, and that is how an average Nigerian thinks

Anonymous said...

crushman you must be a very big fool for that statement. women shoud watch their dress codes because there are no prostitutes for garba and his mates to fuck. men dont need to watch their libido right? what of all the hawkers on road wearing the biggest skirt and looking dirty and scruffy, dont nigerian men still rape them? or the 3-13 or 14 year old girls that get raped everyday, they dont even have breasts or anything to expose, dont you stupid men still rape them. hiss. what an idiotic comment you put up

Anonymous said...

Crushman is a fool and an example of what's wrong with the society.

Anonymous said...

Crushman are you ok. What has dress code got to do with anything. i served in Kano 2009,Batch B and my fellow corps member(4) of them, for asking their students(secondary school)to kneel down(11 guys). its really sad because nothing serious was done till we left. Its sad that some men think women are their commodity.

Anonymous said...

Oh pls!!!Y r u calling crushman a fool?? Nigerians r so daft and so quick to conclude and abuse people. Hissss. Ofcourse dresscode has everythng to do with someone getting raped not probably in this case. Imagine a lady dressed scandalously and u miss ur way and u see a guy on d road to ask him questions. U don't knw him? He might be a bad guy...Don't u think he will be aroused and probably corner the girl? Let's face fact here. As for absu case the girl knows the people that raped her that's y so far as she's still in hiding! The case can never been solved. In this case is it not the vicitim that identified the rapist?? Plus why will she even be saying shey I dey try in the rape video?? Try how? Until she comes out then she can be helped and justice will be done if not God will judge all both her and all her rapists. Plus dress decently ladies..we can never be americans we alwys copy copy and end up landing in hotmess!!! Micro minis everywer mschewwwwwww!

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