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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Chris Brown clears the air, girlfriend not pregnant

From Mediatakeout some days ago: told you last week that R&B superstar Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrauche Tran were expecting their first child together. Some of y'all ain't believe us .But we've CONFIRMED IT. And we have EVIDENCE - check out the baby bump pix (above, girl on the right)
Chris Brown went on twitter to debunk the rumour...he ain't going to be a baby daddy!


Surprise said...

@Chris Brown....Why is girl friend not pregnant? Are you not doing it? or do you wear RAIN COAT when doing it?

kkdlegend said...


Anonymous said...

When she won't suck belle and make the shirt (she's wearing as a dress) fine nko?

Bee said...

lol at anony 4:50....i'm with you

Buzzer! said...

so did the babe swallow fufu before posing for that picture? i no blame person wey mistake am for baby bump ooo

Anonymous said...

am i the only one that thinks dis babe looks like rihanna? #okbye

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6.17pm

Yes you are.

Dee dee said...

If she's not pregnant, please, what is she carrying in her belly? Curious

Anonymous said...

This is photoshop done wrong.
That's what MTO is good at

chichiluv said...

two things you cannot hide - age and pregnancy. make we wait and see now.

@ anonymous 6:17 PM
You are the only one who thinks this chick looks anything like Rhianna. Get your eyes checked, boo!

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