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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Five Igbo Traders Shot Dead By Gunmen In Minna

Tragedy struck in Mandala, Suleja Local Government area  of Niger State on Thursday, as five Igbo traders were murdered in cold blood by a yet unidentified gunmen who had since  disappeared, shortly after the act was committed.

The incident occurred between the hours of 7.00 and 8.30 p.m., as a group of   gunmen, suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect were said to have invaded Madala market on the outskirt of Suleja, shooting dead the  victims at very close range for an undisclosed reason.

Investigations by Saturday Tribune  however revealed that the incident  caused some ripples in Minna, the state capital in the early hours of Friday, especially among non-indigenes as they are of the opinion that prior to the killings, their assailants had  allegedly  ordered them to recite some portions of the Holy Quran, after which they were  shot dead.

It was further gathered that no sooner than  distress calls were allegedly made to the Divisional Police Officer, Suleja Police Station, by some concerned citizens, that a team of police detectives ,led by the DPO, swung into action and  raced to the scene with a view to salvaging the situation by taking the victims to the hospital for treatment.

But before the police could get there , the five victims, four of whom were identified by their relations and friends as: Uche Nguweze, John Kalu,Sunday Emmanuel and Oliver Ezemah, as well as the yet unidentified fifth person  were said to have given up the ghost while the hoodlums were said to have fled.

A police source  informed Saturday Tribune that as of  Friday morning, the authorities of the state police command, were yet to ascertain whether  there was any argument between the fleeing gunmen and the deceased traders.

The source who pleaded anonymity said that the prevalent opinion within the police high command in Minna,  as of Friday, was that the gangsters must have gone to the market under the cover of the night  to dispossess the victims of their valuables.

Culled from Nigerian Tribune


Anonymous said...

This just in.. Nigeria still sucks.. hmmm, what else is new? Pathetic Country with some pathetic inhabitants!!!

CAESAR said...

Those guys are really wicked,God have mercy on them.And for the poor traders R.I.PThose guys are really wicked,God have mercy on them.And for the poor traders R.I.P

PoLyMaT said...

Eya! pathetic ds BOKO-FIRE wldnt stop foolin demselves,tinkin killin innocent souls is d way out is jst an effortless-effort 2 acheivin NOTIN!......**sobs**..

Anonymous said...

Madalla/Suleja is abt 2 hrs away frm why does ur caption say in minna? :s May their souls RIP n may their killers suffer eternally. Amen!

Anonymous said...

I have said it. Nigeria can never progress not with the way things are going in that country. Now 5 innocent souls are dead. No respect for human life, I tell you, just no respect. May God reveal their killers.

Ade_Cool said...

So they moved on from killing each other..yet our Slowmo President was making some dumb speech about not being Goliath..not a Lion..we all know you just a mouse!!
Jeez..This 4 years couldn't roll by any sooner

Anonymous said...

Before we know it, this fools are going to start entering the south...What will your president do then?

Kay said...

We are heading to civil war!!!God have Mercy!!!

lush said...

Seriously though, why s ISLAM always associated with violence?

Before I get crucified please think about this well. Don't get me wrong o, I have great Muslim friends and don't hold sentiments against their religion but this is just the obvious nowadays.

Other tribes/religion can not continue running for same reasons.

NIGERIA can not work!!
I think I'll buy the idea given by that pastor that said its high time every Nigeria possesses arms to protect themselves since the government has failed in protecting our lives and properties.

I can imagine these boys being apprentice who were brought from their home town to serve. These were bread winners, hopes we placed on them...

As the say goes, everyday for the thief but one day for the owner.

People will rise against these soon mark my words.

Thank you Linda for putting this up.

Allegra said...

This is not Boko whatever their name is, it is ethnic cleansing. Atrocious.

Anonymous said...

This is the height of all this nonsense! This is definitely leading to tribal war cos I hear the Ijaws and Igbos are ready to attack meaning the militants against boko gangs. Goodluck what are your plans?????????????

Anonymous said...


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