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Monday, 5 September 2011

Photos from the London Premiere of Anchor Baby

Edward Kagutuzi, Ebenezer, Princess, Ayo Shonaiya& DJA
Charles, Valentine, DJA, Obi Emelonye, Sam, Lonzo & Moses
More photos when you continue...

Valentine Nzekwe

E4 PR's Egor Efiok with Actress Monalisa Chinda

DJ Abass.
Bespoke Make-Up Artiste Yeti Roberts with friend

Actor Tony Monjaro with Afrika Rising's Lola

Edward Kagutuzi from Mirror Boy with M&N's Keni Ogunlola
Elizabeth, Helen Young, Adebayo Jones & Nike Tijani.

Fusion Plus' Tola with Ayo Shonaiya
HITV's Tunji Amure, Moses Babatope & Dj Abass

Lonzo & Valentine

Julius Agwu, Lonzo & Sam

Nollywood Movies' Alfred Soroh with Actress Victoria Inyama
Princess Deun Solarin (L) with actress Ellen Thomas.
Tboy Gabz, Olivia, Ace Adegoke & Abbey Gabz
Wale & Lanre Gates with Nike Tijani
Toksy Bello (M) with Princess Deun (R) & friend.

Lonzo Nzekwe, Designer Austin Uzo, Sam Okone & Valentine Nzekwe


Anonymous said...

Wheres Omoni and the other cast members??

Anonymous said...

wow!dis is so great,kudos a dose guys,and who is dat blonde girl,her outfit is a go NO!!!and who is dat blonde girl,her outfit is a go NO!!!

galore said...

Happy to see VICTORIA INYAMA,,,na wa ooo,,she just check out like Andrew liv Nigeria shaaaHappy to see VICTORIA INYAMA,,,na wa ooo,,she just check out like Andrew liv Nigeria shaaa

Lagos Buying 30 Year Old Trains from Toronto said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or do most of the guys here look gay??? Whats with the fella in a red jacket and matching bottoms..... Yikes!!

SitePaddy said...

exactly i was going to ask too. where are the people who actually acted the film? and is this for anchor baby cos the film has been out since last summer but i dnt know hw dey do premieres sha

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Monalisa Chinda looks really good.
Linda, can you please advice
E4 PR's Egor Efiok that she needs a personal stylist? I am sending you to her because i know she is your friend. That dress is a NO NO pls!!!

Anonymous said...

The guy in Red is Sam Sarpong. Him and Lonzo are the only cast and crew at the premiere.

Alicia says... said...

Ellen Thomas, hahahaha

Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok said...

@ Anon 6.33pm, you're very correct oh. I don't like the way i was looking either. I do have a stylist, but there was no time to meet her, as i was busy taking care of other stuff. You won't believe i bought this dress at the last minute (didn't even try it on) and the shoe from Selfridges barely an hour to the premiere and was rushing like crazy. I didn't even have my makeup done by my professional makeup artist who did Monalisa's...shows you how crazy busy i was that day. Anyway, not really an excuse; i'm into image branding and make other people look good, so i should get it right most times. No yab me too much sha mbok, lol! E go beta next time. ;)

Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok said...

@ Linda, how now? Long time and missed you. Who gave you that worwor photo of me btw? lol! I'll email you some more now. Take care hon, talk soon. Xx

Anonymous said...

@ Egor don't mind that Anon aka Alicia, you looked good. You are not a slim broad so what does she expect you to wear? Skin tight? Don't mind her jor! I love your dress and i love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Sam Sarpong is the guy in red jacket. I think he is a model for Tommy Hilfiger. he is Omoni's husband in anchor baby. Anchor Baby, is one of the best movies produced by a nigerian. i still talk about this movie. when is the next one coming out?

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