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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

In America Premieres Tomorrow

In America, starring Jimmy Jean-Louis from “phat girls”, is the story of the inspiring friendship between two young women, Sade George and Sonya Muhammad. Sade is an “illegal immigrant”, a medical student from one of Nigerian universities, who abandoned her education in the fourth year and seized the scant opportunity to flee her birth land for the perceived opportunities in America.
What happens when the lives of these two young women cross? The result is a soul-touching friendship that tests the limits of political laws and redefines human dedication.

In America will premiere tomorrow Thursday, 8th of September, at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, The Palms Shopping Mall, by 6pm. In America is the 2011 winner of AMAA Best Film for African Abroad


Anonymous said...

I will check this out.

Unknown said...

I think this movie is going to make a lot of sense.eager to watch itI think this movie is going to make a lot of sense.eager to watch it

BimentalCo said...

i bet this movie go make sense, i just need where i can get it so i could upload unto my entirely free blogsite:

great work Linda

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