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Friday, 9 September 2011

Nigerian Islamic court sentences two to amputation

An Islamic sharia court in Nigeria has sentenced two men to amputation at their right wrists for stealing a bull, with the amputation to be carried out in public if it is given final approval.

The sharia court in the village of Nassarawan Mailayi in the northern state of Zamfara on Thursday ordered that Auwalu Abubaka, 23, and Lawalli Musa, 22, have their right hands chopped off for stealing a bull worth 130,000 naira ($867, 628 euros).

However, the two men have 30 days to appeal their sentence and the state governor must approve any amputation. Such sentences have only rarely been carried out in Nigeria.
"Based on the admission of guilt by the two of you of trespassing into the house ... and stealing a bull whose worth is well above the minimum value to warrant amputation, I hereby order that each of you should have his right wrist amputated," Judge Muhammadu Abubakar said.
"I hereby order that the sentence be carried out on October 8, on market day for members of the public to witness."
The convicts were arraigned on August 8 following complaints to the police by a resident accusing them of stealing his bull from his house, which led to their arrest, court documents showed.
Sharia law is in place across 12 states in predominately Muslim northern Nigeria, but it is selectively enforced.

It provides for amputation of the wrist for theft and it would be the second time such a sentence is handed down in Zamfara, the first of Nigeria's 36 states to reintroduce sharia law after the country returned to democratic rule in 1999.

In 2001, a notorious cattle rustler had his right wrist amputated following conviction by a sharia court in the state capital Gusau for stealing a bull after the then state governor approved the sentence.

The amputation drew outrage from local and international rights groups, which led to the overturning of more than a dozen amputation sentences across the 12 predominantly Muslim states.

Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation, and its 150 million people are roughly divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominately Christian south.


AY Parodies D'Banj's Oliver said...

SMH @ stone age justice...

Free Unizik cut off mark said...

Please don't make this public! But then that is a lot of money o!

Free browsing said...

Now that is telling. I would have been disappointed if they are going to be chop off, for looking at girls.

Freeman said...

Tell not to please? They are going to turn beggars all there life.

Wisdomkid said...

This people are creating more beggars,and putting them into the street.but am kind of skeptical here,
are this people humans?
Who will be the chopper?

Anonymous said...

So what would they do to our leaders stealng billions.....these people and their hipocracy....a family of 8 was killed what justice will they hand down?

Anonymous said...


No, they are not humans. That is what Igbos have been saying for decades. Why in Nigeria, are we tolerating this sharia bullshit. Yes, I said it, sharia is bullshit. I don't respect it and when its mentioned, I get irritated. I took a class in islamic jurisprudence and it confirmed everything that I felt about the religion.

These potential amputees will end of being beggers for life. As if there are not enough beggers in the muslim population in Nigeria. Everywhere I go in Nigeria, the beggers are muslim/northerners even in the East. I pray for the day that northern Nigeria disappears. The place is a drag on Nigeria.


Islam should be banned as one of the world religions. These people are beyond barbaric. Why are they sooo mad all the time? why are they always figthing one person/people or another? if you want to preach the God of peace to me, why not start by curbing the animals amongst you?. This is inhumane. Will they let this madness and jungle justice happen in naija? we move 2 steps forward and the extremists amongst us draw us 10 steps back. Let him who is without sin amongst those who judged these men cast the first stone...insanity at its pea...Chop off a human beings hand??? seriously?

Nkiru said...

I bet my two cents that they'll be in Lagos before Christmas begging for alms.

Anonymous said...

And some people say we must unite North and south??? Una no de learn from Sudan? we don't share anything in common with Northern Nigeria, split the fu*****ing country and find peace, if they want to chop of their hands and legs, let them go ahead and become a nation of people with no limbs....dumb mfuckers!

Anonymous said...

Jungle justice. Pls what kind of life is this eh? And d stupid state governor will approve

Sweetheart said...

well done Linda. where is my comment?

sleekreek said...

In dis jet age,,,i cant believe this......what about the governor that has to sign??is he free of corruption/money laundering??he should have his two hands amputated from the elbow region......Muslims,Northerners...they are just a crazy category of people,,,the God they serve likes to drink blood not even sucking.......after the amputation,,the number of beggars in Lagos will increase....

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