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Monday, 28 March 2011

Video: Libyan Rebels 'Take Gaddafi's Home Town'

Libyan rebels claim to have taken Colonel Gaddafi's home town of Sirte, as they push westward towards the capital Tripoli...


Chilling said...

All i want to hear is that Gaddafi has been captured/killed so this conflict can end. Even though i know it won't end that easily because there is so much oil for the Western forces to control. I just read that Gaddafi is protected by 40 virgin female bodyguards in his fortress. Bizarre!

hot N cold said...

How do they protect him? Can they resist bullets and bombs?

Anonymous said...

well, according to reports, the rebels have been stalled 60 miles away from his hometown, so it has not been taken! Anyway, gaddafi is not the only terrible leader still ruling- what about Mugabe? I blame the West for formenting trouble in Libya and in the end, we will have an Islamic government in place

Chilling said...

I don’t know if the West will allow an Islamic government to take the reins once Gaddafi is gone. What i know is that the next President will definitely be their stooge just like Karzai in Afghanistan.
Libya is among the world's biggest oil economies with about 3.5% of the global oil reserves and what does Zimbabwe have? Zilch! The West wants to weaken the governments in the Arab world so their brother Israel will be the strongest in the region and so they can control the flow of oil there.
I don’t know how his virgins will protect him but i know they will be in the line of fire before they get to him. When they get to him, even his underground bunkers will not save him. My thought is that they don’t want him dead just yet. They will want to capture him and give him the Saddam treatment.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Gaddafi for handing on to power the way he has- though it is a big pity that the way his end is coming, because even though Gaddafi may be a bad leader, I can guarantee you he is 100% better than all Nigerian leaders we have had put together- in Libya, petrol is readily available, the roads are well maintained, there is constant power, a very good system of education, social welfare and the Libyan economy was really booming before all this craziness started- the problem was that Gaddafi thought he was still living in the old days and could handle the demonstrations like in the past- by getting his henchmen to kill the demonstrators- unfortunately the story turned out differently. In the end, the west will have no role on Libya's future government since the Libyans themselves will vote in fundamentalist governments- I will be happy if that happens as it will be a big lesson for the Brits & French to learn that you should not meddle in another country's affairs. Actually, Chilling, the west don't give a shit about Israel either- the US is their only western ally- you forget that the Europeans murdered more than 6 million Jews during the second world war, so in reality they don't like Israelis. As for the point you made about Afghanistan, an Islamic government will come back to power via democratic means, so the west will not be able to do anything about. Karzai has turned out to be extremely corrupt and the west can't remove him as they placed in there in the first place!

Chilling said...

Anon 10.29; The USA is Israel’s most vocal supporter. If you think the UK, France, Canada and Spain don’t support them, you are joking. They all do, albeit by stealth diplomacy.
You said “the Europeans murdered more than 6 million Jews,” that’s a false statement. Go back to history please. So England, Bulgaria, Russia etc were part of the Europeans that murdered the Jews? One person was solely responsible for this and his name is Adolf Hitler. The shame was on him and Germany not the rest of Europe. Remember some countries like England provided refuge for fleeing Jews.
Do you think the West wants to remove Karzai? Hell, no. They are all sharing in the poppy/drug trade business. Plus he’s a CIA spy.
There will be no Islamic government in Libya. I want us to come back to this when everything has settled. The USA will not allow it. They will install a stooge who will do their bidding!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments Chilling- I graduated with a degree in History so I do know a few things- if you look at Europe's 1940s history, you will see that the Netherlands, France, Poland, etc all sent their Jews to concentration camps- these countries were invaded by Germany and the Germans forced them to send Jews to concentration camps. Records released by the French govt even indicated that some French citizens were active in persecuting Jews and the Vichy government of France even collaborated with the Germans to send Jews to their death. As for the UK, it could have done a lot more- the UK blocked Jewish immigration into Palestine, for example. Yes, I would include countries like Bulgaria and Russia- the Russians also killed a lot of Jews during that period as well and infact, Russia has a strong precedence in its history of massacring Jews. Anyway, if you ever decide to take your interest in history further, I would recommend the London School of Economics and Political Science's History courses-

Anonymous said...

Enough is enough- I just think Gaddafi should just go now- what is he holding on to power for? Was he born with it? 42 years is a long time and he should just hang his boots and go- it will be for the Libyan people to decide the future of their own country.

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