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Thursday, 31 March 2011

INEC Releases BB Pin and Phone Number

You can now send INEC officials messages, updating or informing them on the progress of the voting process in your area.  
BB Pin: 2687A1CA. Call: 070702736719. SMS: 08166662222 or 08120006622.


sexy said...

ha ha, lol! like dat wld stop d rigging!

Cedr said...

Is this only within Lagos,or nation-wide? Thanks

Alleny said...

This guys have really turned elections in Nigeria to Tom & Jerry's cartoon! God help us sha!

Anonymous said...

dont mind them, all GSM service providers will be down,na today,,,,,,PDP shd just excuse us lets breathe fresh air.

Anonymous said...

linda this is no blog , if u need to go tru comments and approve, u re just like those PDP, people, omo igbo.......

Anonymous said...

The beginning of Nigeria was a story that brings wonderful memories to the mind. Though, many of us were not around then, but history became a foundation of what the Nigeria of today was in those years. Nigeria was a land flowing with milk and honey, not only in culture, people, and places but also in resources. The young school certificate holder can boost of a bright future even with the little degree he or she possessed because the environment is like a fertilized soil for any seed to grow.
So beautiful was our land that the sound of our anthem is a source of motivation to every mind and an encouragement to every citizen. Early morning was a sight of hope to everyone and a tale of great future ahead. It continues until…..

Nigeria of Today
Until we no longer have a security of lives
Until we no longer give from our abundant but borrow to increase our burden
Until we see children as a curse from God because the future doesn’t seem to exit for them
Until a Dollar became hundreds of Naira with corresponding increase in inflation
Until what should have been basic amenities are the achievements of corrupt politicians
Until government, which suppose to be a place of service but now a place of sacrifice
Until hospitals, good roads, infrastructure and other things became unattainable and unobtainable
Until our educational institutions became camp ground for thugs, sexual workers, cultism etc.
Until the land, whose origin was Peace and Unity, but now War and Hatred
Until lack of power supply now became a source of enrichment to those at the corridor of power
Until……it continues and has no end

Nigeria of Tomorrow
What seems like a puzzle definitely has an answer but the answer cannot come from corrupt system that produces corrupt people that ends up to loot the nation’s treasury in a corrupt ways.
The answer can only come from the mind of those, who have long dreamt of the great Nigeria that calls to arise, o compatriot!
The answer can only come from the mind of those, who see government as an avenue to serve and not to sacrifice the treasures and potentials of this great country on the altar of corrupt bi-lateral trade with the aim to move our treasure to their secured oversea bank accounts
Unknown to them, Generators are back-up for emergency power shortage not like in our Nigeria, that it is the source of power
Unknown to them, those stolen money only contribute to the development of other nations where they kept the money
Unknown to them, government is an opportunity to serve without seeking any personal favour but the welfare of those that entrusted you with power
Unknown to them, that weeping may last but for a moment but one day, the eyes will be clear to see the truth
Finally, I am starting a movement of mind that will be motivated to move to their desired destiny in putting this country to the path of glory again.
I may be a minority but making impact is not of the class you belong but of the character of your mind! My desire is that by 2027, Nigeria will be entrusted in the hands of credible people, which I wish you can be part of today.
The expected change can come long before then even if it looks dicey but I have a great hope that when it is our time, things must turn around for the best.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time…….will you rather join us or join THEM?
Oluwaseun Odunayo Adesanya
For President 2027
Federal Republic of Nigeria (Tel: 01-8832567)

Chilling said...

Well, until Monday because the elections have been postponed. Jaga Jaga Jega

Imaobong said...

shhhhhhhhhhhh...abeg tell them to put on their phone *number ever switched off*....shame!!!

Anonymous said...

Please inec warch over rivers state governorship election because P D P have been saying that even if apga or a c n win or that there will be riging , that no party will win government in power please inec chairman do all posible effect . From nkesi igwe
rivers state.

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