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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Wizkid Interview by Factory78


Anonymous said...

nice interview but I'll just like to point out that wizkid stole the verses of holla at your boy from this yanki song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=depOL5JsTXk&ob=nb_av2e

Unknown said...

Anon 11.37am, thanks for pointing that out. After listening to his interview,here I was thinking he deserves everything good that comes with hardwork. Little did I know he was a phony. Stealing other people's work is just sad. SMH. No originality whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Stay in school buddy! You are gonna need your education to read and digest your contracts in the future.I like the fact that you speak well compare to 2face,d-bang,and p-square brothers who can't express themselves.

Anonymous said...

he "co-wroted" some songs off banky w's album??? na wa...ur dad is right, pls stay in school.

i love his music though xx

Anonymous said...

he didn't only steal, he in fact, took the beats, moved it on .. but you can't blame him.. u don forget how banky W take enter 9ja scene.. copying riri..

Femiluv said...

He's well spoken, and has a good personality!

Habiba said...

All those beating themselves cos he 'stole' someone's song, if I remember correctly Banky W broke into d music industry wt a remake of Riri's song. Who complained?? Isn't he a star now?
As long as Wizkid's album isn't full of stolen songs he hasn't committed a crime IMO. U ppl shud free him jare.

Anonymous said...

Pls, free wizkid. He's doing his thing and he's in sch too. U guys shud take it easy. lol

Anonymous said...

Abeg, I like Wizkid o. Fine boy with no pimple.

Artists do that to each other all the time, as long as that's not what your whole career is based on. when Banky W did Rihanna's song, that one was awful but this one sounds better than the original.

Yeah, I agree stay in school but can you do both?

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