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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Myne Whitman's new book - A Love Rekindled

A Love Rekindled, the new book from author and blogger, Myne Whitman, is set to hit the market.
The novel is set in the United States and Nigeria, and is a story that entertains, is emotionally engaging, and provides a window into Nigerian culture, places and people. This book was written to showcase local characters in a loving relationship, something that is almost never seen in books. The author also witnessed ethnic violence in Warri and decided to explore this topical issue through fiction. 
Love stories cut across race and geography, and the conflict in A Love Rekindled will attract adult mainstream and fiction readers everywhere. Myne Whitman also says she plans to write more of such books and would make this a series, which is always popular. Her first novel, a self-published romantic fiction set in Nigerian and titled A Heart to Mend, was very well received, and has garnered a substantial following on blogger, Facebook and Twitter. It was also subsequently published in 2010, to good reviews in Nigeria.


Anonymous said...


••• BD •••

Ps, my dear and one and only Mrs Whiteman, can I have a free copy since you and Linda didn't add the link or where to get it from. Amazon? Lulu? eBay?

Abike said...

Aww, nice. Well done Myne

tayo said...

wished we could have a preview on the novel or a link to it online... guess.. Myne Whiteman doesn't want us to read it.... :(

However, kudos to Myne Whiteman...

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