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Friday, 25 February 2011

'Kidnappers haven't invaded Lagos' Police PRO + My robbery story!

Samuel Jinadu
"There is nothing like that in Lagos. It is just a ruse. It is false alarm. Kidnapping is not the order of the day in Lagos. There maybe an attempt. I remember there was a case of one business man that they attempted to kidnap and we paraded the suspects before the press. So, it is not normal to say there's random kidnapping in Lagos. Police are up to the task. There should be no fear whatsoever. People should sleep with their two eyes closed. They should be free to move about and pursue their legitimate duties. We will continue with our stop and search and we will comb everywhere. No cause for any fear at all." New Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Samuel Jinadu

No cause for fear in Lagos? I hear you, Mr Public Relations Officer. I was almost robbed in traffic on Tuesday night, 9pm, around the Mile 2 area, on my way back from my TV show auditions. The lone robber put his hand around his belt area and asked me to wind down my car window or else... So guess what I did? I calmly put my car in reverse and drove back, slightly bashing the car behind me. As the driver of the car (a man) came out to inspect the damage...the robber disappeared. I've been robbed a few times in traffic in Lagos and decided to implement this strategy whenever I find myself in that situation. Either I slightly hit the car in front of me or the one behind, to get their attention, otherwise no one's going to come to your rescue.


DairyFarmer said...

hate the fu***ng Naij cops anyway..... "If I see a snake and a cop, I will kill the cop first b4 I kill the snake"

Pointless Celebrity said...

Pepper spray. Teargas. Use it.

Flamethrower, taser, stun gun or a .45 is most effective in stoping carjacking.

How to prevent being carjacked:




••• BD •••

Surprise said...

The Nigerian Police will never agree to the fact. Even if you show them a glaring evidence, they will still find a way to dance around it.

Linda, I am happy for you for not falling to the bait of that fake lazy man that pretended to be armed robber. May The Lord who saved you from this incident continue to save you.

You need a driver please. You have a busy schedule. You cannot do everything yourself.

Anonymous said...

you go pay for the driver?
or you want the girl to live above her means?

naso said...

hahh...linda u sharp ooo...i like ur scopes...looool..notin do u

Anonymous said...


Surprise said...

@anon 1.52 pm...Why not. I can pay for the driver. But you know I'm not Santa Claus o. I have to get value for my money. Nothing goes for nothing. Lol

miss k said...

ok, did this surprise guy not come here and say he was a yoruba man with a wife and two kids?? so wt's with d under g runs??

Surprise said...

@miss k....I have 3 kids and not 2. The under g runs is to help the helpless, as in bfless. You like.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kidnapping is not related to Robbery. Robbery is damn everywhere! Not just in Lagos, but especially in NY, LONDON and every other place you can think of.. Kidnapping is not so much in Lagos, else everyone that makes N100k per month would have been a potential victim.

Anonymous said...

@ Annon 10:15 AM:

What? How do you differentiate between a robber and a kidnapper? Aren't they one in the same? Kidnappers eventually rob one of freedom, life, money et al.

In the case of Linda's attempt, she thought it was a robbery but it might have actually been a kidnapper. Yes, kidnapping in traffic a very possible! Thank God for her quick thinking!

So kidnappers and robbers are the same because they both deprive you of something, an they are both THIEVES!

Anonymous said...

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