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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Style Star: Funke Fowler and Eku Edewor

Left, business woman and socialite, Funke Fowler at the opening of her Heritage Surulere Store. Right, TV presenter, Eku Edewor at the Rick Ross Lagos Concert.

Feel free to analyze...and remember, you are Joan Rivers...for a few minutes...*wink*


Anonymous said...

L-I-N-D-A! u say make we be like Joan Rivers for few seconds abi minutes sef...well, Joan, would first have given off her raspy laff [like as if one has a cold & sore throat]..then make a joke out of the ensemble, like EKU be like ojuju calabar with all the pancake & skin toning.. abi nah the lightning or camera cause am...then what the heck is Fowler doing with the baggy jump-suit which made her look like someone put her into a brown sack used for storing potatoes!

DISCLAIMER; All missiles should be directed to Linda becox she gave me the 'authority' to be a Joan no missles should fly my way o BIKO...*LMHO!!!*


kai! u are a wicked tease*grinning*

Anonymous said...

I think funke should have let her hair down instead. Not sure about her jewelry & her choice of shoes.
But i think both were appropriately dressed for the occasions attended.
PS...Joan rivers is annoying.
& why in the world would kelly osbourne have the mind to yab any one's dressing? Has she forgotten so soon???

Chilling said...

I always like what Funke wears as she oozes effortless style. If i wasn't reading so much about Eku i'm not sure i'll notice her in a crowd. However, she looks good most of the time and really rocks her minis and shorts well in most pictures. I think it's only her make up i don't like. Less is more!

skankmypeaceofmind said...

eku really needs some colour on that skin. she is looking very pale as the days go by. i hope she isn't fighting the sun with skin lighteners

gist man said...

The two of them are cool. They turn the table of style effortlessly like the power steering of Roll Royce Phantom.
I like seeing ankara on Eku and Funke has the innocent look with her signature style.she is indeed a complete work of art.
Big ups to our women.

NINA said...

the two looks work for me...isn't this Eku girl naturally fair skinned? i dont get the sense she is whitening her skin...well i dont know her so who knows...

Anyway, i like the way nija women play with fashion and put together their ensemble.i like the creativity.. it doesnt always work for some....however i will still give an "A" for effort.

doll (retired blogger) said...

eku is a fashionista..she always looks good

Anonymous said...

Isn't Eku biracial? Hence the light complexion not skin bleaching.

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

eku is always on point...she's not afraid to experiment. funke always has the same look, nothing bad with that cuz she usually looks good.

Anonymous said...

This Fowler lady is probably the most stylish woman around in my books.
She is so effortlessly stylish.
I have never been a fan of the Eku woman and never will be.
Her style just does not work for me.

Anonymous said...

hmm see correct chics. time to start my diet again!

Anonymous said...

The same faces all of the place. Their must only be like 10-12 women in Lagos that seem to appear everywhere

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