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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Bootylicious Nicki Minaj

Nicki shows off her *** in a black lacy body stocking in new photo shoot to celebrate her debut album going platinum.
I still insist that ass ain't can?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It aint real. Linda, email me if you want that kind fake ass as well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The newspapers say her bum is real. It is not too big. Anytime, you are in London, go to restaurants in Edge---- area. There is a lady with a natural fat buttocks and tiny waist.

You will pop your eyes in amazement. If I were her, I would have it operated... It is massive. No offence o. Nicki Minaj is OK to me.

Anonymous said...

Injected bum or pad pants? Fake boobs too.

Anonymous said...

it aint real at all. she's got a surgeon by her side. by d way, y are guys dis days so crazy abt nikky minaj? hisses!

Anonymous said...

trying too hard to be lady gaga.she shld try and be normal for once.

Zanaya said...

Yeah if you google it you see before and after picks of her..And her behind definitely doesnt look the same..You know she trying to be "Barbie", and Barbie has fake body parts too(lol)...So I guess its part of her embodiment?
check this one out:

Anonymous said...

lol she injected it obviously but dat doesnt mean dat dere aren't people with natural ones cos i have loads of friends that have bigger ones than nicki minaj

Anonymous said...

Just looking at that booty is giving me shivers! I hope it's real!

Anonymous said...

why all the noise about going platinum? many have gone platinum before her and many will go platinum after her.
i really don't understand why all these media outlets are making noise about how she has gone platinum.
anyway....she annoys me.
she is trying to oversell herself by constantly putting her body out there.
a pet peve of mine with female "artists".

Anonymous said...

it might be fake, it might be real.I really don't care as i don't know who she is.
However, if you have a problem with that size, then you need to take a trip to SA and the lovely women over there.A nite out in nite clubs in Jo'burg will make you a convert.
This ass has nothing on my south African sistas.

Anonymous said...

Why are you disgracing womanhood by dressing like that? If you dont't know, you really look ridiculous and please this is a new year try and behave yourself for once!!!.

@Anonymous 3.24pm are you talking of Edgeware in North London? If so i would go and confirm.

@Anonymous 8.09pm you are right SOUTH AFRICAN ladies really really have very big and massive back side but small chest size.

Anonymous said...

Which SA ladies? Abegggg. Nicki Minaj's butt is as big as they come for a TRIM and FIT girl. All the SA ladies you are talking about, have you seen their big bellies? and their fat flabby arms? Nicki's ass is special because she is not fat. Check out her vital statistics. If we are talking fat girls with fat asses, there are plenty. But those are unattractive.

sopsybugsy said...

Or maybe she has got STEATOPYGIA - excess deposit of fat at the gluteal region and around the inner part of her thighs until her knees...

u gotta love Nicki Minaj ;)

Anonymous said...

anon 1:36, you have been seeing the seedy SA ladies.
Get in touch and i will hook you up with backsides that will make your jaws drop.
Nothing flabby, no big bellies, just real african curves.
get in touch.

~Sirius~ said...

All fake everything.......whatever works for her

She was actually a really pretty girl.

Google nicki before and after images and see for yourself

Anonymous said...

Real or fake, does it matter?. Why men want a massive pack of fat that is good for nothing but farting and pooping beats me. Of what use is big behind to mankind?. It is just a damn exit area. I tire for people o.


Anonymous said...

It's so obvious that her booty is so fake. Her, lola luv, Amber Rose, and the nasty looking Ice T's wife.

I mean there are booty pills out there that claim to enlarge it naturally so maybe that's what all these women use because there's no way in hell all of that come from eating soul food, fried chicken.
I see so many white girls with all these booty and I know it's not all natural.

Real booty, Bey, Jlo, Kim K and her sisters.

Anonymous said...

i need to be with you nicki minaj to see if that booty is real and the boobs

Anonymous said...

i would like to bang nicki minaj booty anytime to see if its real

sherman paul said...

want she really needs is a hard back shot with all that ass i'll fuck her

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