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Monday, 3 January 2011

Husband in Hot Water: Man Faces Five Years in Prison for Snooping Through Wife's E-Mails

Could someone face prison time for snooping through a spouse's emails? For Leon Walker of Michigan, the answer was yes. Ha ha ha! Oyibo people will not kill me with their laws. Watch video...


Linda's fan said...

Linda abeg the advertising on this blog don dey too plenty. Initially I didn't have a problem with it cos there's absolutely nothing bad in making a couple of hundred of thousands of Naira through google ads with all the work you do here. However, the most recent redirection to some site brought "to us by" has definitely broken this camel's back. You've definitely lost one fan.

Remember there's no you without us

Anonymous said...

A wife who was cheating with the ex husband for that matter? SMH

Linda Ikeji said...

@linda's fan, so sorry about that dear...when that happens, pls just skip the ads and return to post

Anonymous said...

Lindas fan shut the Fup. Are you God? There is no Linda without you indeed .. get a life

Anonymous said...

yeah I noticed the same thing. Its hard to read a post cuz I keep getting redirected to some other site. I have to refresh the page a 100 and 1 times. Linda is there a way to get rid of these sites that pop up once and for all??

stella said...

please i am in support of linda's fan.please do something about that website it is so annoying and this your new design hinders my using blackberry to access your site.I will soon be gone too,hope you address this thank you

Linda Ikeji said...

Really sorry about it. Will see how I can remove it...even though I'm not sure where exactly its coming from. I find it a little annoying too. Will sort it out...

Surprise said...

The day my wife takes our domestic issue outside of our home talkless of a police station or court will be her last day in my house. Shikena.

33rd Degree Mason said...

Ermmm...i like adverts on linda's blog, but i'm annoyed that there's not enough ads on linda's blog.... i'll be back after my own annoying commercial break guaranteed to make even my blood boil....... okay?

Commercial... [2.5 minutes]
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Commercial...[7 minutes].
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Where's the bathroom? I really must use the bathroom now. The Indian curry I had earlier today was too spicy and is now playing havoc with my stomach.... Linda, since I'm still on your blog waiting for the advrts to finish, can I use your loo to make a very big and stinky "nuclear" shit?

Commercial... [2 minutes]
Weetabix advert.

Commercial... [2 minutes]
Maestro advert (with those two penguins).

Commercial... [forever minutes]
Nintendo advert. Ant & Dec pretending to be friends with cab drivers to plug Nintendo.
*** So irksome.

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*** HIV / Aids guaranteed.

Commercial.... [2.5 minutes]
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*** I'd get more satisfaction from chewing my own toenails.

Okay. The commercial break is over, but, I've lost interest in leaving a meaningful comment. I think the man is very guilty. I'm not going to recommend for the dealth penalty. He should be dispatched to the front-line in Afghanistan to help his country fight the Germans.

I'm jokig ooooh. Whoever no like your blog, make them go surf or take a running jump :)

Anonymous said...

NA WA O! @ 33rd.

Anonymous said...

i hope most men wld b imprisoned.checkin ur ladies mail,text,bag,facebook messages ets is infigding on deir privacy whether in a relationship or in a marriage.know of one stupid man who feels his wife's pants any time she goes back 4m work,Men have inferior complex and r jealous

Anonymous said...

anon at 8:00pm. you are so wrong cos we women do more snooping than men.

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