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Friday, 7 January 2011

Comedian I Go Dye beaten up at PDP rally in Delta State

Francis Agoda, popularly known as  I  Go Dye  was few days ago beaten up by some security personnel at the President Goodluck Jonathan-led Warri campaign for former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan.

Here's how Vanguard is reporting it
I Go Dye and his friends including I Go Save, Oguns Baba and his manager  were allegedly brutalised by a group of  military personnel led  by a senior officer  at the Warri Stadium when they were about to mount the stage to perform.

We gathered that trouble ensued  when the comedian was called on stage by the compere, Ali baba,  and was  on his way to the stage when the overzealous colonel approached him.  I Go Dye responded  by introducing himself and those with  him to the colonel, including Oguns Baba, a fellow comedian, I Go Save  and his manager but  unknown  to him the army officer had a different agenda.
The officer pushed I Go Dye backward which led to the comedian losing balance and fell on  the ground but before he could regain his balance, other low ranking officers attached to the colonel descended on I Go Dye and beat him mercilessly.

The beating continued unabated  to the extent that Oguns Baba’s head  was torn  by the rampaging soldiers.
We gathered that all entreaties to the officer and his men to let  go off I Go Dye and his colleagues fell on deaf ears which led other  artistes at the venue including the compere, Ali Baba walking out of the venue en masse.

Also in a show of solidarity, market women and other who had gathered at the venue left in protest.
The incident which occurred at the Warri stadium venue of the final campaign for former governor Emanuel Uduaghan re-elections bid for Saturday’s  re-run election  led to droves of people leaving the venue of the campaign.
I Go Dye who confirmed the incident to Weekend Groove on phone said he had already informed  his lawyers to take legal action against  the Nigerian Army unless  they send a written apology within seven days.

“ I confirm the story to be true. The soldiers beat me blue and black. Right now, I’m on my way to the hospital; And as I am talking to you, I have also instructed my lawyer to file a suit against the Nigerian Army unless they apologise in writing within a period of seven days,” I Go Dye stated.
Also confirming the incident, the Master of Ceremony, Ali Baba described what transpired at the Warri stadium as the height of callousness.

“I had just called up I Go Dye to come on stage when a certain Colonel BA Mohammed  approached  with his friends including Oguns Baba, I Go Save and his manager. I Go Dye had thought the Army officer had wanted  to ask him some questions but pushed him which led to his losing his balance and hitting the ground. What followed that incident  was a like a scene from horror movie,” Ali Baba stated
“ It was  the height of callousness. I didn’t know that  an Army officer of the rank of a Colonel could display such callousness. The incident led all of us to leave the stadium because the officer refused  to apologise.”


Surprise said...

The army colonel shoule be reprimanded to serve as a deterrent for future occurence.

I go dye na paper weight? Why a mere push go make am hit the ground? lol

Anonymous said...

i'm confused...why did this happen? i don't get.

Anonymous said...

Jeez! sorry guys! but why?

Unknown said...

This is cruel, brutal, vicious, ferocious, fierce,cold-blooded, wicked, inhumane and ruthless of that Col.
By the way what Has a written letter of apology got to do with a decent lawsuit against these inconsequential and irrational Soldiers?

Anonymous said...

His name is I Go Dye. Well they wan beat am dye. Pele o. sorry o

Anonymous said...

Sorry, o. My brutha, after this ordeal, I think you should consider a change of name. I Go Survive. But, how come military deals with law & order in Nigeria when there's no martial law? Na wa o.

Uche said...

If any member of the military in the western world should hit or beat up any member of the public (which they call undue force) even when the victim is wrong, he/she would be suspended from the force so as not to impede investigations and then if found guilty he or she would be fired and have a CRB(for the U.K) certificate of Physical assault and moreso sent to prison. He/She would not be allowed to work in any area of the armed force in the future. However this barbaric behaviour is so common amongst the nigerian police, army,navy and air force and the nigerian public has not spoken out with a loud voice against it. We are not a 'sub-species' country and deserve what is obtainable in other parts of the world. The comedian should sue these people blindly and the judiciary in conjunction with the legislative arm of the country should draft a bill against all brutality on civilians by these so called fools in uniforms which the executive should look into. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

The most likely reason for this is that the colonel may have seen or heard one of the comedins' jokes about the Nigerian army and have been waiting an opportunity to show them what they think? ...the soldiers should be expelled from the force

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