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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Danfo Driver back in Studio

The duo of Mad Melon and Mountain Black better known as Danfo Driver are back in the studio putting finishing touches to their forthcoming album which is expected to hit stores before the end of the first quarter of year 2011.
The album will be Danfo Driver's fourth (4th) LP and the album is coming on the heal of their unsuccessful third album which was release in 2009, entitled New Chapter which Meshango was expected to be the magic hit track but failed to open the desire resurrection in their fledging music career due to some reasons best known to them. Although the album got the duo an award in Nigeria Entertainment Film Festival and Awards (NEFFA) held in Abuja and was also opportune to perform in major European cities all in 2009.

The forthcoming album is expected to be presented to the public on their independent label “SUO Entertainment”; they decided to have their own independent label due to the bad relationships experienced from record label owners in the past.

According Danfo Driver spokesperson, “the upcoming album will contain different blends of regga and dancehall rhythms and we are also looking forward to collaborate with some other artistes on this project”.

It will be recalled that Danfo Driver came into limelight with debut monster hit album “Danfo Driver: True Story” in the year 2003 with the hit track “Am a Danfo Driver Suo”, then sophomore album “Danfo Travel: Success Story” in year 2005 with another monster hit track “kpolongo”.


Anonymous said...

their music is some of the worst naija music i've ever heard.
i guess they appeal to people that like that "street" type of music
(sorry, idk what else to call it)

Anonymous said...

Dont be a hater my friend. I bet you cannot sing better than a 2 months old baby talkless of calling danfo drivers music "The worst naija music"

Anonymous said...

Haters can rot in hell

Charlie said...

Lol... Smh

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