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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New video: 9ice - Energy


  • At 10 November 2010 at 14:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ..Abeg nice don't mind Toni Max-Payne..i like u joor..!! u get enery my man! Incase there are haters here...if don't like this song..dont worry you will like it during the Christmas..!!

  • At 10 November 2010 at 15:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good job 9ce...I guess. After listening to Onyeka O's interview and how she said the world is excited about our musical products because we bring something different to the table, I look at all these new music videos with a more critical lens. Whats different about putting a fancy car and some scantily clad, open mouth girls (they are pretty by the way) in your video. We've seen it too many times. Even Kanye them are bringing new flavor to their vids. Naija artists/Vid directors show the creative talent that I know you possess.

  • At 10 November 2010 at 18:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    this is a video of 9ice's song not about Toni Payne. why do people like to say something about her. nobody knows what really happened between them so stop judging. the video was alright, i expected more for the song.

  • At 10 November 2010 at 18:56 , Anonymous Surprise said...

    The music too sweet no be lie. I like the video die.

    Linda, biko, explain those parts that were sang in vernacular so that your followers who do not understand the vernacular can grab something.

  • At 12 November 2010 at 12:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Cmon, y cnt nigerians b original? this video is hardly any different from Taio Cruz's dynamite video. Get oriinal 9ice!!


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