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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oprah not taking paternity test

“I will not be taking a paternity test, ever!” Oprah Winfrey snapped to The Post outside the Four Seasons hotel in Manhattan after being asked if she would take a DNA test.

You see, the man pictured above, Norh Robinson, an 84-year-old Navy vet who lives in a VA hospital, had told The Post over the weekend that he is her real father. The father who was present in her life was her mother's husband...Vernon Winfrey.

Hmmmm, you see any resemblance?


Anonymous said...

who cares jare... if oprah has family problems, let her sort it out. i'm not a fan of oprah so whatever

Anonymous said...

hmmm.lets see how she handles her own problem.since she is good at judging others

Anonymous said...

Where was he all these years? Or is he trying to buy into her fame? Oprah, I agree with you in totality. Do not take the test. Stick to the father you have known all your life. To all of you so called fathers who abandon your children and responsibilities, this is a lesson to you all.

Anonymous said...

The man is a thief! He must have read about her ailment and wants to inherit in case she dies off. Doctors will treat her so that she will live longer. Ole!

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