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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

10 things to do after Kelly Handsome disses you - M.I Abaga

Singer, Kelly Handsome, recently released a track titled ‘Catch Me If You Can', where he dissed M.I., Chocolate City, 2 Shotz, Kenny Ogungbe and the guys at Mo Hits. 

MI initially felt betrayed by it (above) but then decided to take to twitter to make a response to the diss.
He titled it 10 things to do when Kelly Handsome disses you. Check it out below...

#10: Wonder why ‘kelly rowland’ is dissing you and why she sounds like a Nigerian man
#9: Refer to show promoters as ‘Maga’ making phrase maga don pay.. Relevant and correct to self!
#8: Rewrite fast money fast cars.. Calling it.. Fast money fast cars;the fab life of kelly handsome!
#7: Collect all future awards saying.. I don’t deserve this..is kelly hansome here(he is not!)
#6 Promise world 2 grow taller; seek out height doctor, or taller shoes e.g goth shoes 4rm camden
#5: Write open apology to kelly hansome, post on www.360nobs.com sayng sorry 4 being succesful
#4: Wear fake mustache for a month, disguise self, song is prolly so hot and everyone will know it!!
#3: Attend recovery group of artists recuperating after their own disses, eg..mohits, terry g etc
#2: Listen to song over and over till you know all lyrics and can appreciate artistry in song
#1: Remember.. You are still beautiful.. And God and ur parents love you still..

Source: Questionmarkmag.com


F said...

LOL... That staus seems sarcastic o; I don't think M.I. actually felt betrayed... It seems like the kind of thing you say as you are laughing your head off... The list made me laugh as well. The guy has a sense of humour. Kelly Hansome makes good songs but his gra gra don dey too much nowadays.

Anonymous said...

lol...love it!

SOLA said...

na wah for this Kelly handsome o!
Why is he trying to diss everyone just to make a name??


emeka said...

sola....kelly is not dissing anyone.he only replied dem...listen 2 oyoyo by 2shotz,fast cars fast money by mi,who born d maga by wande coal.....kelly is not bad at all..get 2 know him,i guess u would luv him.

Anonymous said...

i tink dat guy is a junky, he shud luk 4 beta tins 2 do instead of crackin his dem skull on anoda man's sucess

Maxwel said...

I dont know why nigerians jugde a person from one side. What i mean is that it is wrong to judge a person after hearing from one person. Kelly handsome never dissed anybody instead he is replying them. All those artist first dissed kelly, so let stop attacking him for replying them.

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